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    What's GS? Never heard of it before here. Did you mean GTouch?

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    Went to GS today. I'm convinced the technique is to go for 45 min if you want 2 pops. Had a great massage from PB. I've recommeded her in the past. She's 40's but very skilled. Have a great New Year! Chief

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    Wagon woes

    Well I went to the wagon last nite and was suprised to say the least. One of my past providors is now temping as the mamasan and from the look on her face she's not happy about it. Anyhow I got Nancy after waiting for twenty minutes for her to wake up and come over to the room and start. She gave a half hearted massage and just as she began to give me a cbj a bunch of drunk bastards came into the place making all kinds of noise. At first we both thought it was a raid until one of them started yelling out loud that he needed to fuck right away because his nuts were burning. To play it safe we locked the door and listened some more until one was taken into a room and the others were told to wait outside in the parking lot and be quiet and wait their turn. At that point I decided to get the show going a pounded away until a happy ending was had. Upon the clean up "Nancy" asked if she could take a 10 minute nap while i waited, that was ok by me so she streached out on the table and went to sleep. As I left a guy sitting in a car practically ran into the place to be next all the while being watched by a man and his kids going into the race car store. This got me to thinking and I've decided that the wagon is getting to hot. Just like the Pink Palm it's getting to be to busy and too high profile. When stupid mongers run in and out of the place tag teaming the girls and yelling about it the cops are bound to follow. For me a quiet place to monger is the safest so for the time being I'm going someplace else.

    Amp mule

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    WW mammasan

    Went for a suarez at the wheel. Got the mammasan and wasn't expecting it. Caught me by surprise as she is a bit chunky and older. Did fs after a decent massage. But, left once in awhile for the door, tried to bargain the price up to $80, and once finished, said she was in a hurry. She went for the abuse once she thought I was a newbie.

    Gotta admit picking up a chick of her calliber should be easy on the outside with the money spent for massage on drinks and a smile (masking the horror of bagging an old gal).

    Ask for the coupon next visit!

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    This last report is interesting. I've never mongered during the day, usually in the evening.

    Everytime I go to the wheel, I always greeted by this 70yr old mamasan.
    I'm not touching that mamasan! Do you guys ask when you're with a provider the day they work? I always ask this, so I know when to come back or not come back the next time depending on the service given.

    Tjinla2001 said:

    She used to give good head and was a pretty good lay for someone who is about 70.
    Wow, I'm left speechless.

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    follow up

    BTW $40 for door and I gave a $50 tip for FS and all the extras. Not once did she mention a tip. She even thanked me when I gave it. Thats class! HAHA

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    WW first timer!!!

    Just moved to TO from San Diego. I have been reading the board for about 3 months now, but never took the plunge. WELL TODAY I DID! Went to WW, damn it was hard to find! Thanks to all for the advice on how to act like you have been there before so they are comfotable with you. I am a tall white boy and I am always thought to be LE where ever I go. Even my weed dealer back in the day thought I was LE for a long time. Ayway.

    Called ahead to see who was working, was told Lisa. Got there and was let in through the gate. Mama was early 40''s with a huge rack. Taken to room and she was really nice about it. Told her it was a while since I had been there, place looks nice (whatever). She asked for the door fee, gave her $40 and she said "no it $50, must be long time you no come here". Gave her another $10. Funny thing was, she came right back and said "here your change". Gave me back the $10, HAHA. Said Lisa be in in 5mins. I said how about you warm me up. She said wait one min. She left and I stripped down to the package bare. She came back in and I acted real cool about it and she smiled. I layed down, and she started to light massage. I grapped the ass and went straight for the snatch. It was all good, told her to drop the top, and off it went. After all the reading here, I was in no mood for a massage, sat up and the boys were ready. She put the condomn on by mouth and started sucking away. Went from doggie to mission to over the table. Not bad good rack. Finished strong.

    Now how about that massage! She gave me a nice long, hard, deep massage even got right on top of me and pounded those little fists in there.

    Overall-good expereince! Her name was Jackie. A little older but was talking dirty like a champ!

    Thanks to all on the board with the hints on how to get it done like a pro!

    Please PM me with any other good spots. I would like to get a great latina with a big rack, or a trailer park trash white girl next! Anyone got those in their vault?

    Sandie Go Man

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    Anybody know amp that does greek? never tried it, but haven't found one that does.

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    Could someone PM me with directions to St. M's
    Read a few pages back, one person was describing this in detail.

    It's Christmas time, must be slow. This is what the providers have been telling me.

    I got the socks

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    Ho Ho Ho Socks

    Got my socks from Tonya today.

    BTW, saw Helen at WW on Sunday.

    Nice body, (fake parts) better time.

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    Could someone PM me with directions to St. M's. I'll be i traveling to the Oxnard area in two weeks and want to give this place a try. Thanks.

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    Is Sue still the Mamasan at St Mary's? She used to give good head and was a pretty good lay for someone who is about 70. I like her thick eraser like nipples.

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    Thank You

    A big thank you for everyone who PMed me with info on the Oxnard/TO scene. I stuck to the Oriental Health Center in TO. Lucy took very good care of me. $60 for an hour and then another $80 for CBJ. My question is has anyone ever gotten FS there? I've never tried, but just curious.

    Also the strip clubs in Van Nuys are full of 19 year-olds who will do a lot for two bills.

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    socks in oxnard

    Thanks for clarification of the socks. I never thought the house would go so much trouble as to give out free socks.

    I guess that would remind you of them, we give you the socks, and we can rock the socks off you!

    Well I guess my next destination is OAcc next week, not that I need the socks of course.

    Also, my fellow mongers, please turn off your headlights when you pull to the curb specially if you see another monger coming out of the house. I thought you were the po-po with bright lights. (Who was that about 3-4 weeks ago at St.M?)

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    I've only got socks in the past from OSpa, and they weren't passing them out a couple of weeks ago.

    Went to the wheel on Sat. No socks theer either.

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