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    Hurry Hurry Hurry Rush Rush Rush


    I had the pleasure of meeting with this young lady recently. Her rates were 80/140. I opted for a qv since I had not met with her before. We set up a meeting time and before I could get there she texts and asks how much longer would it be before I arrived. Before I could text back, she calls with the same question. When I did arrive, she was standing in the parking lot of the motel directing me to her room. Now the fun begins. While I made myself comfortable, she was on the phone. When she noticed I was undress, she undressed. She is a very lovely woman. Great tits, nice soft ass, clean kitty. She almost immediately bent over. I asked for some head. The covered BJ lasted less than 30 seconds then she bent over again. 3 minutes in, she starts rushing. 4 minutes in she says my time is about up. My watch works fine. I have been in the room only 7 minutes at this time. I tried to zone her mouth out and have a happy ending, but she was relentless with the rush. Another minute, I just pulled out got dressed and left. Less than 10 minutes total.

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    Anyone had the pleasure?

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    Saw Angel last week. OMG she is amazing. She is so beautiful and sexy. Nice body. Opted for a qv since first time I visited with her. Got to her room and She took her clothes off. Started with a BJ. Really great skills had to get her to stop before I came to fast. She then proceeded to get on top. She is awesome. I can't wait to go see her again. Make sure we don't let this one get away. We need some nice regulars in the spartanburg are. The hotel she was in wasnt the best but The hotels are starting to give the girls a hard time. Tell her Tim sent you. Her number is 864xxxx201.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzineMan  [View Original Post]

    Seen her before and everything went OK. Went to see her again with some trepidation after the recent reviews on this forum, but she put in a lot of effort to give me a good time. She looks like her pics and is only a little overweight. Nice to talk to which is a change and she acknowledged she read the Spartanburg forum reviews and upped her game accordingly.

    The Spartanburg STG seems to contain quite a lot of scams and Southern Belle was certainly worth avoiding the i85 trip to Greenville.
    I've seen her a couple times before without little problems, but last week when I went to see her I get there and she doesn't have any condoms at all (she could have at least told me to stop and grab one) so I had to settle for a BJ. I tried to see her tonight and her communication was terrible. Told her what time I was coming before hand and she went silent when it was time to meet, after a hour or so she replied back hey then when silent again after I replied back. If this is what I have to go through to see her I would rather cut ties and try elsewhere.

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    Larger In Life


    After my last undesirable experience with a woman who posts in Greenville and lists their location as Greer, I tried again. This young lady doesn't mention a name or her weight. Her rates were 60/80 qv / hhr. I opted for the qv considering the last experience I had in Greer. I arrived and was greeted at a opening in a privacy fence. She is the same young woman in the post, but probably 100 pound larger. She was very nice but seemed nervous. Once we got down to business, she seemed ok. Covered BJ was ok. She then just bent over on the couch while I hit it from behind. Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. So, if any of you like a big woman. There she is and reasonable rates.

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    Last Resort Layla


    This is Layla. I call her Last Resort Layla. She posts in Greenville and lists her address as Greer. She offers a $40-$50 Q. V. Her pictures are very nice. The reality of it is, under all the wigs and makeup she really doesn't look like the pics. After 8 tries, I was finally able to set up a meeting. She gave me the neighbors address. I texted her when I got there, she told me she wasnt there. She had to take her sister to the emergency room. Would I wait 15 minutes for her to get home. Since I drove 30 minutes from Spartanburg to get there, I waited. She texted every 2-3 minutes after that begging me not to leave. When she texted me and told me she was home, then she gave directions to the right location. She greeted me at the door. She didn't look like any of the pictures. When I walked in, I saw nothing but a mess. No furniture except a very small bed and a tv stand. Trash and clothes all over the place. I did notice the wig she is wearing in the pics hanging out of a backpack laying in the floor. Down to business. The covered BJ was horrible and lasted all of 30 seconds before she asks am I ready. I asked for more. I got another 30 seconds. The very small bed was hard and uncomfortable so I asked for doggie. A few minutes in, her phone dings and she reaches over and grabs it and returns the text. Seconds later, the phone rings and she answers it and held a conversation. When she hung up she asked was I finished because she had to leave. I got up and asked for something to clean myself off with. She searched and found a napkin. I got dresses and left. Was this a lesson in you get what you pay for? No, I have met many women for $40-$50 who made sure they got the job done. I won't be asking for any more services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiggingDeep  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have any idea where Mia went? Last heard from her 3/31
    No, but sure do wish I knew. The number she used in her ads was some kind of app number. She gave me her real number; I've tried contacting her a couple of times recently, but no reply.

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    Does anyone have any idea where Mia went? Last heard from her 3/31.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gigabyte40  [View Original Post]
    The phone number in that ad is for Alicia. She works out of a hotel in downtown Spartanburg. Pics in that ad are definitely not current. She's small, but demons have done quite a bit of damage since those pics were taken.

    She's sweet and fun though.

    Thanks gb40! Been curious about her myself although I typically shy away from those that only post Spartanburg rather than Greenville.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fubar1020  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have any info on this posting?
    The phone number in that ad is for Alicia. She works out of a hotel in downtown Spartanburg. Pics in that ad are definitely not current. She's small, but demons have done quite a bit of damage since those pics were taken.

    She's sweet and fun though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MotownMichael  [View Original Post]
    Pretty sure she is fake. I just messaged her and she requires a small deposit. I offered to FaceTime with her but she started making excuses. I tried calling her but she blocked me at that point. I did call her using a different number and she did answer but I'm pretty sure that's not her photos. Probably will ghost or block ya as soon ya send anything.

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    Bella Nichole Spartanburg

    Has anyone seen Bella recently? Haven't heard of her in a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zauriel  [View Original Post]
    What is her name?
    Her name is Brittany.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaArmy  [View Original Post]
    This is a great one in Spartanburg. She is sweet and sexy. I've visited her several times and happy every time. We need good go to providers in Spartanburg.
    She actually responded?

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