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    I wonder if the Hotel Manager was in on it?

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    Like I had posted earlier. This one is a thief, plain and simple.

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    One and done.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrLoveDoctor  [View Original Post]
    We don't Support pedophiles.

    I hope they are all taking it up the ass in jail right now.

    I'm pretty sure if one sting is going down, there's others not far behind. Just a warning. And tbh I just saw mugshots when I posted it. Didn't read.

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    That not careful

    We don't Support pedophiles.

    I hope they are all taking it up the ass in jail right now.


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    I see YPD arrested someone for solicitation, but cannot find any info from the media. Not everyone in Uncle Jerry's place gets publicity and this seems to be happening more and more. Not sure exactly how YPD has been doing this but expect more.

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    Austintown won't be out done

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderKid24  [View Original Post]
    Pretty sure, I seen the ad on stg it was a pretty girl advertising and her location said liberty, it was only up for a day or so. I'd venture to say any it not most know this site exist. Usually they are the dumb asses who see a hot as chick and believe she's selling her pussy for 100 bucks LOL.
    Both of these ads said they were in Liberty. I texted both and both replied, neither gave any indication they were cops, neither asked for anything specific. I asked them both for their age and both replied they were of age, 19 and 21 specifically. So basically neither gave me any obvious red flags. Both had ads up for two days only and now they are gone. I have not tried to contact either since.

    The first 3 pictures are of Aleah, the last 2 are Alexis. Both sent me an additional pic for verification.
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