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    Quote Originally Posted by CBusGuy161  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have a link for her?
    Just do a google search for sexy maras escort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CBusGuy161  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have a link for her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas70  [View Original Post]
    She is great true porn star experience first time I saw her she begged for me to take a trip to Greece like you who am I to refuse. She can take a real pounding in her mouth ass and puss.
    Does anyone have a link for her?

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    Do you have a link?

    Quote Originally Posted by CarlSlim  [View Original Post]
    I ended up visiting Maras because she was close and easy to set up a date! Lots of fun!! House was a mess, but she had fish aquariums, so that was cool. And she gave head like she was starved!! Then hopped on for RCG and flipped for k9. When I asked what she liked to do, she said anal, so what could I do. LOL. After a few minutes of Greek, she pulled off the wrap and finished me off with more BBBJ. She was lots of fun!! Sexy, excellent skills, easy to set up, and has a wide open menu!!
    Do you have a link?

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    Does anyone know if Jenna from CL is completely out of the biz, or if she might be still active UTR? She has a new FB account with some new pics. She polished herself up a bit and looks really nice and sexy. I got horny looking at them. I thought she might have added a little poundage based on some pics from earlier last year, but although you can't really get a good look at her body in her newer pics, she could be back to her fighting weight. Her record has her at 5'3", 150 pounds. That can't be right? She couldn't have been more than 110 when I saw her. Her record also shows she went through a substance treatment program in 2017 so that might be why she disappeared. She was 19 when I saw her. I would text her, but I don't have her number anymore. She's the only girl with a kid I saw multiple times. If anyone wants to see what I'm talking about, she is a FB friend of Raven / Lexi, who I know most of you can find her FB.

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    Freaky Tomboy

    I met up with her over the weekend at her incall. She's the girl in the pics, and her body was exactly like the pics as well. Her tits are bigger than the pics in the ad let on. Place was decent, and I would have no problem visiting her area be it day or night. She has a dog that apparently isn't people friendly so before I got there I txt her so she had time to put the dog up. Once inside we went to her room and got down to business. Went right into BBBJ, which was decent to me She took direction and kept varying her technique. After I'd had enough of her oral skills, I had her assume the k9 position for some CFS because she's got a really nice ass. Its a good combo of plump, round, but soft. Her Pussy was pretty tight, and I think she even was getting into it. She curled her toes several times, and without any direction just started throwing the pussy back on my dick as I was pounding into her. She could've been actually enjoying it or could've all been an act or part of the GFE, who knows? (I'm guessing the latter) I had her go back to BBBJ for the finish. After that we cleaned up, I paid her and then I left. Always a plus when they ask for the money after the session.

    My only gripe about the whole experience is that she started to rush me towards the end. I think there may have been some miscommunication on her part because she said the session was supposed to be 15 mins, but I had told her through txt that I wanted hhr. In the end I was shorted 5 mins so no big deal, but I don't like to be hurried. I may see her one more time before I move on to other prospects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayRay1992  [View Original Post]
    She was only away for a few days, contacted her on the 14th of January and she was home and available.
    Is it true she has no teeth? Because she never smiles in any of her pics, and a couple of them her lips are jutting out way too much. Hell it could be a selling point for her for those of us that don't like toothy BJs!

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    When I first noticed this ad I thought she looked doable, but I found an ad from 2016 and she looks kind of skanky to me. It's obvious she is, or was, a stripper. I'm guessing her current ad pics are from 2016 and she has put 2 1/2 years of hard living on her body since then. Maybe someone can recognize the club from the pics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas70  [View Original Post]
    I saw her 2 or 3 times than she vanished. She was a lot of wide wide open menu didn't say no to anything.
    She is the only girl I met from that area. Her head game is awesome. I only went for it 4 or 5 times recently. She is in vacation and her recent pic shows she gained weight and looks so cute. I see her once she is back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleNickle  [View Original Post]
    I was wondering the same thing.
    I reached out a few times after new years and crickets, I was seeing on the reg for a while. She did mentioned her BF was getting out late December so not sure how that went as I've lost contact. She was alot of fun, would bring her back to my place and watch American horror story.

    Hope she doing well.

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    This one looks interesting. Any info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevCicle  [View Original Post]
    To comment further on appearance, be prepared for a fair amount of baby damage as well.
    I saw none.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas70  [View Original Post]
    I saw her 2 or 3 times than she vanished. She was a lot of wide wide open menu didn't say no to anything.
    Yeah I miss her good looking clean and open to most things. If anybody knows what happened to her please share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBlue314  [View Original Post]
    Nice report sir. Some of you new guys should look at the content of this post. Nice information and really gives most the information if not all of the information I like to see in a report. Only thing I noticed was she a rush job, communication good? Did she keep ya waiting once ya got there? What did you pay donation wise? Bareback blow? Cum in mouth, spit swollow, gfe, kissing, pussy tight, rules if any...
    Well, she provides a wide range of service according to her them ad and review, including BBBJ, CIM and FIV. But I play conservative and everything coverred. I don't know how does the donation means here as I usually see 0. 5 HH. Actually 120.

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    Anyone have any recent info on Ellie?

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