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    Seeking Arrengements

    I've been using the Seeking Arrangements site on & off for the past 6 months with not much luck. Most are fake or scammer & I truly believe the site itself post fake profiles to get more subscriptions. A lot give you the sob story the first time you chat about they are short cash & need money today! Nope, not this guy. Tit for tat baby. There are several that don't even have their own place nor a car to meet you somewhere. Some work, have kids, go to school, etc and never have time to meet up so I ask why are you on the site if you never have time? WTF? I'm not in this game to work around their schedule. If they want compensation then they need to bend to my schedule. If not, I'll move on to the next. I have found that most are girls that want money for doing nothing. I have found a couple good ones so now that the site is back up, I'll ask if they want to see anyone else. I really don't know where else to look since all the sites are down I still have a lot of contact info from before but we all know that they are constantly changing their numbers!

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    Recent adventures

    Hello gents, welcome back! Been taking a break, as many of you have, but ventured out last week for a bit of fun. Texted up Autumn the no rules redhead. (that's how she's advertising, anyway). Requested rate for an hr, no rules. Rate seemed reasonable. Jumped in the shower, then into thr mongering rig for the hour plus ride. Texted several times, radio silence. Made the trip for almost nothing. Gave her 20 minutes, still nothing. So, texted Katie, and Rory. I figured one of them would be looking to have some business. NOTHING! So, I texted Roman Stonequeen, and to my surprise she texted back! Even had an incall. Seemed to be doing really well. Got the address, arrived, and caught up for a while. Then on to the fun! Sucked one out real quick, not spilling a drop! (She loves to swallow the baby batter, LOL). Rested some, then back to the action. CG. Then RCG. Squirted several times. When I was ready, she gave another snarley with reckless abandon. She has a way of popping the head down her throat, and just letting it rest there. Just fabulous! Another nut down the hatch, and she was too full to eat lunch! Cleaned up, out the door, an hour plus a few minutes. Side note. Katie and Rory both texted me, much later in the day. Katie a one liner, Rory was apologetic, as we have been trying to hook up for a session. As for Autumn, still no word.

    Once again, my adage proves itself out. The ones that have a long ad describing that they are real, not a fake or flake, USUALLY ARE!! Be safe gentlemen! MegaWatt out!

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    I have been watching Skipthegames. Very limited postings there so far and I didn't trust the new ladies without any way to verify. I mostly just used BKS in the interim but my last few providers were not as good as their pictures. Its nice to have this site back up! I also noticed eroticmonkey was still up, but I am not sure if that site has any direct reviews or if it was all taken from TER. Maybe we need a new thread to replace the BP section once we know where the girls are posting. I am ready for younger non-MILF talent if anyone knows a good option. (Also posted in Raleigh).

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    Its back up!

    Oh happy days. Jackson came through! Glad to have the site back up and running! Monger on fellow degenerates!

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    Backpage Alternative?

    Now that Backpage and Craigslist have bit the dust, are there alternative sites that anyone recommends? I will be in town in a couple weeks and want to research some local talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicSteele  [View Original Post]
    Anyone partake in this one yet? I am interested in how she is with others because I know how good she is to me. She says her busy schedule has slowed way down and is interested in picking up some more regular outcallers. Better check her out before she goes back to her busy schedule. Contact info is on her pics as usual.
    Tried to set up an appointment. She went so far as to text to confirm an hour before game time, then ghosted. Won't be wasting my time on this one again.

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    Another one to try

    Several of our local providers are posting on . However, their site is running painfully slowly right now as they struggle to deal with the spike in traffic down that BP is down.

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    Little Help

    From a provider I follow on IG in Ral area.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 43832CB1-DEBB-4A44-8E08-A00956993491.jpg‎  

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    Anyone heard from.

    Daniella or Ruby since the blackout?

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    One of our favorite cash & dashers

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    Try this and this

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    Yes and no

    Quote Originally Posted by MrFrankPicard  [View Original Post]
    All of the information was from other sites including TER.
    Erotic monkey really isn't a spoof site. It does take information it can find about the provider and ads it to her ad, esp ter reviews and ids, but the provider has to setup an account first. I know in the past the girls didn't really keep up to date locations, but I use it now and know of a few others that are. I think that's where we'll end up migrating to.

    Also p411 (while a paid site) sent a letter out to all of it's members recently saying that they are a Canadian company, they will not be shutting down or blocking access to the us and pretty much the government can bite them LOL.

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    It's a spoof site.

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyTouch23  [View Original Post] is still up! It's a start LOL.
    All of the information was from other sites including TER.

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    Promising sites

    So far the only two that seem to be active and utilized are


    Happy hunting.

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    Still alive! is still up! It's a start LOL.

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