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    Bri / Hannah

    Quote Originally Posted by JohningAround  [View Original Post]
    Same here. No history no nothing anywhere. Looks TG2 BT. If you take the plunge let us know!

    I found one like this awhile back named Annabelle. Ended up an amazingly hot, sweet escort. So you never know.
    She used to go by Hannah. I can not recall if the pics are accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse81  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone had any experience with this one?
    Same here. No history no nothing anywhere. Looks TG2 BT. If you take the plunge let us know!

    I found one like this awhile back named Annabelle. Ended up an amazingly hot, sweet escort. So you never know.

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    I really want to pay her a visit but can't find anything on her. Has anyone seen her. Looks fun! I'll report back if she's legit.



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    Can't find any info on this one.

    Has anyone had any experience with this one?

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    Anyone seen this one?

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    Haven't shared in a while so I figured I would do a little catch up. These are my current visits, but I still have that itch to scratch! My ATF was Kate in rock hill, but she has retired and changed her life in good ways. Anyone have any recommendations for anyone like Kate? Small petite enjoyed BBBJ was down for pretty much anything definitely the best I have ever had.

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    Alexis Lynn

    Alexis Lynn.


    Alexis is adorable she is the definition of petite her pictures are 100% accurate (she did have a baby in the past year so she has a little baby belly still) I enjoyed a double with her and Monica one of the best blowjob duo's I have ever had. 100% will repeat.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 3045745_110225.jpg‎   MjgwOTEzZWZmNGVjNTdjOTVmMjkxYmVlZmNmMDYyYjQyYjQ1MDU.jpg‎  

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    Ava (I have known her by a couple different names).

    (704) 222- 3764

    Another one I have known for a couple years. Pictures are 100% she is very attractive can be flakey at times but when she shows up she gets the job done, Pretty open menu 8/10 BBBJ a lot of fun enjoys many positions, enjoys a good cuddle afterwards one of my regulars when she actually shows up.
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    980 330 9926

    I have known Monica for a long time 9/10 BBJ skills, she can DT and hold it and really seems to enjoy it my go to when I want an enthusiastic BJ.
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    The pictures are 100% her she has a banging body very attractive. Not GFE everything covered, limited menu and limited positions. She is sexy but mechanical, probably would not repeat but who knows she is just so dam sexy.
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    Cali girl.

    Had a great experience with her the other day, very friendly and into the session. Met at her place and immediately got into it, worked our way into Greek both doggie and mish. Finished and had a nice chat before I was out the door. I'd post a link but her ads have all gone down (anyone have any info on that? The second I see her posting again I'm planning on booking an appointment, definitely a go-to.

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    Lady G

    Dreamed of Lady G this weekend, it was a ok. She is not GFE, but very accommodating and the head skills are over the top. Also, in my dream, there was covered full service with mish & cowgirl. FIV is discouraged and reverse CG is not allowed.

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    Had a very bad dream with her, service not delivered as promised.

    Very rude and just wants $.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoredRuthers  [View Original Post]
    Hey folks, can you msg me recommendations for good hotels to recommend in Charlotte.

    Ideal <100 $, no credit card, no deposit.

    Daily or weeklys, have a few friends asking from remote areas, hopefully get some good talent in town for ya.
    Try the oak den off wilkinson near the billy graham overpass. The new goodwill is across the street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodTimes35  [View Original Post]

    Had a very bad dream recently with this group. Dreamt I would TOFTT. Where do I start? I dreamt I made an appointment with Lexi. She asked me multiple times if I was LEO. Gives me one address and when I get close sends me to another in the same neighborhood. Knock on the door and a thin young blonde cute girl answers the door. Says her name is Alli. Takes me to a room that is really the garage. Very warm. I dreamt she made me get comfortable first. Then I dreamt she asked for donation. $. 8 for HH $$. 6 for he. Dreamt I gave her $. 8. Went right to work. CBJ and then RCG, CG and finished in Mish. Everything covered. Dreamt I asked about kissing and DATY. Told that was GFE and there was an upcharge. Dreamt I finished my job and she excused herself to get a rag for me to clean up. Next I know older lady, who looks like the girl in the ad but 20 years older, comes in and hands me the rag and says Alli had to step into the shower and I could let myself out. So dreamt I paid for 30 min, out in 15. Very business like. Dreamt I should have known when she sent me to another address. Dreamt it was a total ripoff and should stay far away. Chaulk it up to expensive lesson learned.
    Sorry for your bad luck. Also, we get it was a dream. You don't have to tell use every sentence.

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