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    Had a real nice time with this girl. And I mean nice. Blond hair blue eyes. Smaller size. Central St and a side street not too far from the housing authority or where those cars are parked. Anyways. Great BBBJ and rode me like crazy. She was determined to get me to cum. Her ass was nice and tight like she works out. I didn't see any signs of tracks. Says she normally does the online thing (don't they all say it? Asked for 80 but we agreed on 60. Must not have been a good time for her. Tells me no phone but works online? Anyways, thank you Albany for not letting me down.

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    Blast from the past!!

    You guys will have to go back 10 to 15 years to remember this one. Lisa from Schenectady. Tall good looking blonde with amazing skills. Worked the Schenectady streets for a while. You could spot her from a mile away with that blonde hair! Anyway ran into her yesterday. She is off the streets and doing great. If you were cruising the Schenectady streets.

    In 2004 to 2009 you would definitely remember this girl.

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    Bri. ? Need her number

    Was strolling through Schenectady when I came across a pretty girl named Bri. She looked around late 20's. Drove past her near the church by the traffic light when I got the wave. Turned and scooped her. She was wearing tight pink jeans that accented her ass nicely and a hat which hid her face. Pleasantly surprised when she got in and seen she was actually pretty. I think she was Puerto Rican? We drove to a spot I know of and went through the check. We agreed on. 20 for a quick BBBJ. She worked her tongue amazingly. After dropping her back I forgot to get her number. Would definitely pick her up again if I see her.

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    The burgh

    I happened to have to drive down towards Lansingburgh yesterday. Walker on 2nd by where it why's off after the river side. Like 2nd and 104-5. She was a bit bigger but not fat or anything. Definitely walking. Possibly another one more in the 118th street area. Haven't seen one in a while. There is an LEO presence but it's not connected, getting speeders down the 2nd street straight away.

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    Kari, restoring my faith in the trade

    Tuesday, 11 pm, Central. A few out, but none that I was about to invite into the Mongermobile. Was about to go home after an hour of circling when I saw what I thought was a 50 yo WSW, blond hair, slim, 5'6" on Quail. I wasn't in the mood for a hardened street walker who's only reason for being out there was to separate me from a few of my hard-earned without giving service. This one looked timid, so I looped and scooped. Got a big surprise when she turned out to be half the age I thought she was. Probably mid-20's. She immediately said "you look kind", which is true but not something one expects to hear from the mouth of a SW. She was very pleasant, polite, quietly-spoken, smelled of nothing. No cheap perfume, no skank-ass, no 3-day old BO.

    She said her name was Kari and that she used to escort until BP and CL closed down. I can only find one review for her, and that's under SW and 18 months ago. It's favorable.

    After a few blocks of pleasant conversation, she asks me what brings me out, and I said I wanted a BJ. She laughed because she wasn't expecting me to be so direct. I took her to my spot without argument, and gave her. 30 No complaints, she took it and started a nice BBBJ. Junior wasn't cooperating because of some meds I'm on, but it still felt great. I got a bit of roaming in and man, she has a firm little body. She asked me how I wanted it, which was a nice touch. I told her to just keep doing what she was doing because the BJ was excellent.

    Of course, her phone has been stolen. But I'm certainly looking for her again, and going for FS this time.

    More nice chit-chat on the way back, and she didn't play with my radio!

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    I'm pretty sure I saw this one walking Central around 11 pm Sunday evening. If it wasn't her, it was someone with an identical body. I didn't partake, but she looked decent.
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    Hot Black Girl on Central

    Was on Central yesterday between 430 and 530 saw this black girl real nice body, nice ass and tits with blonde hair just walking not sure if she was working, does anyone know who she is or number PM me. Also saw Candice and Sky. Herd that Keri red head is in rehab for people who know her, good for her she is a good person hope she comes back clean.

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    Candice is Back

    Ran into Candice on Tuesday around 1 oclock in Albany. Would have never recognized her if she had not spoken fiirst, she has that voice, she has gained like 20 25 lbs. Dyed her hair red and had on make up. She was looking good. Has kicked her habit looks healthy. We did a date like old times, haven't seen her in a few years way to skinny and sick looking. Did a BBBJ with spit real nice. She has no phone. Worth dating if you see her.

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    Electric City

    Active last night. Multiple looks and skeptical but little johnny won. Didi was her name and poor performance. Did start good with the BJ but she pulled off early with just hands. No CIM. Seems more bad than good lately.

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    I've noticed it also. Its been terribly dry in Troy lately. Hopefully it starts picking up soon. Good luck hunting, stay safe. -Horn.

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    Summertime Blues

    Far as I'm concerned the streets in the capital district this summer have been dead compared to other years. Did maybe 5 new dates and they were one and done. Not worth a second date. I still have numbers from previous years to keep busy during the colder weather thank God. Maybe fall will bring me some Luck.

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    Albany has been pretty dead this week. 9 pm on Tuesday I saw a tall, thin, dirty blonde but at 10 mph she failed the adam's apple test. I did not partake.

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    Shill account for a chick

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    Today slow

    Was in Cohoes area at a bit after 4 PM, so thought I would cross the bridge. Nothing out. One good looking 30 something on a front step chatting with others on W side of River near 115th? Wearing a red short sleve pullover shirt. She was not working as she was not looking around but taliing to two others on steps. Too bad.

    Schenectady also dead as a door nail in late PM near 6 PM.

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    Shill account for a chick

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    Slow going out there even in nice weather

    Been off site, but reporting again, new name.

    Lansingburg. Usually nothing, but last week, some looks, but from way too bigs sitting on front steps of bldgs.

    Schenectady. Some skeletons out now and again, horid, and Lena mostly out, but she has just got too big for my taste. It is an image thing.

    Lena is usually out afternoons, but I think only for a few hours and heads home by twilight or earlier. Most every day now, it seems.

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    Dani # ?

    Dani from Schenectady gave me her number last spring but it never worked. If anyone has a working phone number, that she answers, I would appreciate it. Please PM me. Thanks.

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