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    TOFTT Everything gone wrong with Katie

    I had a date a date with Katie.

    Things went wrong to the get go. At the time there were no reviews on her. Now I see there are some now.

    First off when I was driving to her she called me like 5 times on a 15 minute drive. When I got there we sat down and talked a little and I was starting feel comfortable. I give her the amount we agreed upon. Before she starts the time she asks if she can do something that gets her really horny and I said sure. So she leaves the room and comes back with crack. I have never seen anyone do crack until now, but I can tell you she is lousy at smoking crack as she is a provider LOL. While she is doing her drugs, she asks me for a tip. She never really got undressed much and gave me the worst BBBJ. We stopped for a bit and then her sister apparently comes knocking on the door bringing her kid. I never saw her sister or the kid, so I don't know if this is part of her scam too. So she shortens my time and promises to give me a really good deal next time. I know that will never happen. As I am getting dressed apparently my wallet fell out of my back pocket. She gives me my wallet to only find out when I got home she took my cash. Fortunately, I only take money for the date and a little extra for tip if I get good service, so she didn't get much.

    If your into worst possible experiences this is the lady for you.

    FYI, there was another ad on STG of a girl who was standing in the same room as the pic below. I texted her and she told me she lives in the exact same area where Katie is. It looks like the ad has been taken down before I wrote this. I thought people would like to know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpazzBoy78  [View Original Post]
    Anyone know anything on this provider?
    Quote Originally Posted by SpazzBoy78  [View Original Post]
    I have tried searching and have found nothing.

    I was wondering if anyone had any info on this provider?
    She agreed to a 60 dollar date near the beginning of last month. I met her outside her hotel, and she brought me up to her room. There was a kid sleeping in one of the beds, and she asked me if it was okay. I told her I wasn't comfortable with the situation, and she walked me back downstairs. She didn't seem angry or surprised, just kind of sad. Some guy who she may be living with left the hotel just before she came down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpazzBoy78  [View Original Post]
    I have tried searching and have found nothing.

    I was wondering if anyone had any info on this provider?
    Great interest in a provider + little to no researched information = TOFTT

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    Megan. Muskegon

    Finally had a chance to meet Megan. I chose the hour session. Seeing her made the wait very worth it. She is very easy to talk with and when it comes down to business -no complaints here. BBBJ, DATY, finished with a couple positions then we stay in bed and got to know each other. Definitely will repeat.

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    Paradise Vs Desert

    I do agree, GR and Saginaw are paradise comparing with Lansing and even Flint. Long drive to both cities for me but we'll worth it, especially GR.


    Quote Originally Posted by AlanSmithee  [View Original Post]
    Honestly I'm really surprised you posted that, it was way beyond what was really warranted from the post you replied to. Honestly if someone's crying that much about wanting reviews about people and complaining when the info they get isn't what they want to hear, really it's up to them to just go forward regardless and not ***** at the people actually providing info.

    And I've seen some people remarking that GR is getting dry, compared to Lansing it's basically a paradise.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Any info on this one

    I have tried searching and have found nothing.

    I was wondering if anyone had any info on this provider?

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    Any info on this one

    Anyone know anything on this provider?

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    Ivy (Ivyy)/Barbie

    There's not much to say. She got back on drugs when she gave up on attempting to live the straight life after getting her hand chopped off in a factory job, so she's back to hooking. Still kind of saggy skin. SS is 70. I feel like she used to go lower, but she wouldn't budge. Allows DATY, but no FIV. She's a nice girl, but she's never been the best at what she does. If you thought she was great before, you'll probably still like her. We had a conversation about her on this thread a week after I saw her if you're interested, but it was mostly about the accident.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ODM1NDI1Y2VjMjU3MDlhMGNiZjVhMTE4MDY0YzMzM2FjNjNhN2I.jpg‎   NjgxNDg1ODlkYjUyYWNjZTVjODIyYjJmZjAxMTU5NWYyYjEzNDM.jpg‎   NjIzMTM0NTM2MTk1NDVlMDdjNDRmNDU5YTBkMTRiZDQzZWNhYzM.jpg‎   NzEyODQ3MmUyYjJlZDdkMTBhYTg0MjNiY2VlOTFhODYwNjYwNmM.jpg‎   NTk1NDczODI4NzY0ZjQzZTM2MzFkMjUyNTRjMGQ0MGU4MGYyZTM.jpg‎  


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    Thanks for letting us know. From what I've read, she use to be on drugs big time awhile back. She could be back on?? To each there own.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bb993  [View Original Post]
    Tried on Thursday night with Ivy. Agreed on a place, a price, a time. She said she was waiting on a client but didn't know if they'd be a no-show or not. She said either way, she'd let me know. My appointment time came and went, so I left.

    Got a flaky text from her hours later apologizing. She may be cute, but I don't like to waste my time.

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    Sweet Cheeks Julia

    Had an hour with Julia. I had same experience as all the other reviews on here, so she is very consistent. Gave a great massage. Took a few minutes to get comfortable with each other but as soon as we did the conversation was easy. She asked good questions in order to establish my expectations. I was extremely sore so really was looking for a great massage. Went the entire hour. Flip was as expected. Some nice teasing. Girls came out right away. She does have some really nice boobs. Enjoyed the HE as it was not rushed or mechanical. She is a good read of people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchMon356  [View Original Post]
    Still waiting on a review about your time with Ivy?

    Another guy on here said that, he was going to see her and post a review and never did. Were waiting to hear about your dream that, you claimed that you were going to have with her because NO one that has claimed that they were going to see her recently has actually left a review. We'd like to know what happened and how things went. Please and thanks. Guys have been saying that, they were going to post there experience with Ivy, but they never do. There is NO current review on her since she's been back.
    Tried on Thursday night with Ivy. Agreed on a place, a price, a time. She said she was waiting on a client but didn't know if they'd be a no-show or not. She said either way, she'd let me know. My appointment time came and went, so I left.

    Got a flaky text from her hours later apologizing. She may be cute, but I don't like to waste my time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RckFrdGuy75  [View Original Post]
    All set up 3 min away no answer.
    I was ghosted from Tiffany last Thursday also. Not cool!

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    There must still be guys out there who's doing deposits, or they would stop asking for it? Because if they didn't, they should already know that they won't get very far.

    That's just like one's who ask for a picture. I tell them this. I am not on the site asking for donations, nor do I have an ad online like you do asking. Therefore. I will not send you a picture! If you require a picture, or comeback with you have the right to refuse service? I also have the right to not waste anymore of my time with you, there's others out their, and my bills are covered. Good luck with your scam.

    I personally don't have time with girls when they think that, they own us or think that there in charge.

    There the one that needs the donation, and I also thank them for saving me my time and donation.

    Can always be replaced!

    You stay safe as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arish  [View Original Post]
    Hey Dutchmon356,

    I agree that there are more women out there that will allow you to do more. We were already in the act when she didn't let me touch so I Just finished and out my review here. Some are winners and some are losers. She was a loser so I just won't repeat. I know she has had some bad reviews but wanted to see for myself. Thanks for the information! Stay safe!

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    I'm confused.

    So who is the one in the link that you put in your post?

    Is it Sam or Lily? If it's Sam, could you please leave a link for Lily?

    Thanks a lot for the review.

    Quote Originally Posted by JPetry11  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday I drove to GR from the Lakeshore for an appt. At Serenity. * I wanted an hour, but only was able to get a half hour. * So, to not waste the 45 min drive over, I thought I'd see if I could get something else scheduled short notice to*make up for the missed half hour. * So I searched postings and saw a recent one of Sam from Massage Envy. * I liked the look of her pictures and took a chance. * I called and left a message. And she texted back fairly quickly. * She agreed to see me right away and sent me the address. I was there in 15 min's. * Location was a better hotel on 28th St toward I-96. * She didn't respond to my arrival texts at first. * After 10 min's of silence, finally a response and the room number, saying she was sorry and she had to switch rooms. * I got to the room and knocked, she opened and let me in. * She shuts the door and walks into the room and past me. * I'm looking at her, kind of confused, because she is not the person in the pictures. * Don't get me wrong, she was sexy. Short, pretty face, long hair, great figure. * She then says "I'm Lily" . I'm confused and freaking out a little bit since I had been talking with Sam. * She said Sam couldn't be there and she sometimes passes off clients to her. * She talks to me and calms my worries down and I agree to stay. * I'm glad I did. She was eager to please and a lot of fun. And that body. Great chest and ass. And a little dirty talk. * Started with a massage to calm me more (I love to be touched & touch) lots of roaming* - then a BJ and multiple positions. All covered - $. 5. * She said to call her anytime to see her and called my phone to leave me her number. A different number*than the one from Sam. * She says Sam is available with her for 4 hands. * Maybe, I would still be interested in meeting Sam based on her pictures. But more than likely would just repeat with Lily since we've met and I know how that goes and how sexy she*is.

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