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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiCub09  [View Original Post]

    Saw this fine petite tight little lady yesterday. I'm Relatively new to this site BTW. Thought I'd jump in and talk about my most recent dream first. Anyway, she's cute af, maybe 5'1 5'2. Great smile and very sweet personality. She did smoke in her room, but that doesn't really bother me too much. She is a very sensual GFE, which is what I look for. Great kisser and damn the BBBJ was fantastic. Lots of slobber very slow, perfect blend with hands, and didn't ignore the twins. No rush. Had to dive in for some DATY, which was delicious. I can go all day if she's clean and groomed. And she was both. She was into it, couple O's, grabbing pillows, whispering some naughty stuff, etc! I slid in for mish and it was wet, tight, and amazing. This girl is a doll. Stay safe! I'll have more to post and will help out as much as I can. I have somewhat of a resume from all this fun LOL. I'll gladly share soon! Take care gents and spying ladies.
    Phenomenal find. Thanks for the detailed review. I saw her yesterday. You were spot on. GFE and much better looking than the providers discussed on her regularly. I'm surprised she offers a qv with her looks and skill. Guys, she was shower fresh, freshly brushed teeth and with soft smooth skin. She was a real surprise. I'll see her next time I'm in the area.

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    I saw Laura tonight. Very easy setup. Her apartment was tidy. We all have our preference but I found her very sexy. Greeted me in sexy lingerie, minimal makeup. Very sweet lady. I was looking for 69. Started with nice kissing, then 69, then BBBJCIM. Wonderful time. She says she's moving to Frankfort soon. You guys better see her now. I wish I could keep her to myself.

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    Got to meet her today, meet me outside and we walked up together so had time to talk and get to know each other a little. I had a request we talked about on way up. It was a first for both of us. It set the mood and went well. Worth the visit.

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    Neveah / Felicia

    Quote Originally Posted by HardDude1  [View Original Post]
    Do it! She is great! Small tits but I like small tits as well. Very friendly as well.
    I remember seeing her a lot back in her Cardinal Valley days. Her pics look like she picked up some weight is she photo accurate these days? Her head game was top notch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FromTheHills  [View Original Post]
    Long time lurker here. Any info on this girl?

    Thought it might be another fake ad but it appears she's wearing a Uk tshirt in one of the pics and it's a 859 number. I feel like I've seen her advertise before but I'm not 100% certain.
    She is legitimate. I saw her a couple weeks ago and it's one of the best provider experiences I have had. Great BBBJ. Responsive to DATY. Dirty talk was on point. Overall she was very passionate and into the experience. She was hobbling a bit at the time because of an injury to her knee, but rest assured this had absolutely NO impact on her performance whatsoever. I highly recommend her. It was a great time and I definitely plan on seeing her again when my schedule allows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigmotravel  [View Original Post]

    With valentines day almost here I am thinking of taking some roses to this tall drink of water.

    Since she is located near me any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and stay safe.
    Do it! She is great! Small tits but I like small tits as well. Very friendly as well.

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    She's well reviewed on here.

    Quote Originally Posted by BgWincty  [View Original Post]
    Just search for Allie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonKeth12  [View Original Post]
    So I keep seeing good things about Erika. I'm taking it that she worth the visit.
    I saw her when she first started and she was great but I just saw her again this past week and she is going downhill. She was on something when I showed up and had sores on her body and she was just not clean. I mean hygiene wise. Just not a good session.

    As always YMMV.

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    Fake Ad

    Just a heads up. These are photos of a provider in Nashville:

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    No meth mouth

    Quote Originally Posted by DaShelby44  [View Original Post]
    Are her teeth in good shape?
    Her teeth are fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickPinto  [View Original Post]
    Highly recommend.

    I have had the pleasure of visiting with her a half doz times. She is very attractive and has an amazing body for a gal that is 46 years old. I would put her up to gals that are half her age. But, more than that she has a great personality and she if fun to be with. Not to mention she has excellent skills. She would be someone you will feel comfortable taking to dinner at a nice restaurant. Set up easy, she is in motel out by the IS / Newtown. Room is neat in clean. Treat her nice, she is a doll.
    Are her teeth in good shape?

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    So I keep seeing good things about Erika. I'm taking it that she worth the visit.

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    Somerset Girl

    Keep us posted Knucky if you decide to TOFTT. I tried to contact two weeks ago on Saturday but no luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyKyGuy  [View Original Post]
    But besides letting her know your personal info it can also be accessed by LEO if she ever gets busted and they decide to dig deeper into her finances. It's unlikely but not impossible. And even if they can't charge you it doesn't mean the info won't be released.
    Oh absolutely. This is perhaps naive of me to think, but the few women I've done electronic payments with aren't really on LEO's radar. I don't do this with just anyone. It'd still be cash only for untrusted or not well known situations.

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