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    Fallen- Richmond

    Well after my mishaps a week or so ago I decided to see fallen here in Richmond after some promising reviews. I had been chatting with her for the past month but our schedules never seemed to sync up until this afternoon. After texting her I got a pretty prompt reply and she asked for 20-30 minutes to put herself together, she was on time and I met her near the 90 exit, she was a little paranoid when I parked right in front of her room (just by random) but soon after confirmation she opened her door and told me I was the 3rd guy to guess her room exactly. We made some small talk and got down to business. Started with BBBJ and moved to mish where I enjoyed it so much I wasn't even thinking about another position all the way to the finish line.

    As stated before me she does have dogs, but they are no worry in anyway, but like most of these low budget hotels the room did have a strong presence of smoke. Overall I will definitely repeat and finally Richmond has some solid options now.

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    This one is a scammer, and no I didn't get taken LOL!

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    Fathers Day gift to myself

    As a gift to myself I decided to see The Wonderful Ms. Allie that everybody talks about. What can I say that hasn't already been said. She was a Sweetheart. Clean, fresh out the shower, and great personality. Had a very good time. The ONLY other girl who comes close in personality and overall skills (in my experience) is Katie in Lexington. Allie made a great Fathers Day gift. Will repeat! Katie and Allie can take all my money. LOL!

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    Megan Leah

    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedKicker  [View Original Post]
    Anyone seen her ad on stg? Anyone purchased curious if it's really her and legit.
    Yeah I purchased her portfolio and it seems legit. A few vids of her performing FS and a ton of pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defcon3  [View Original Post]
    That would be Kori. She has been around for a while. Cute little spinner, nice bolt ons. She likes to take the occasional vacations to the graybar motel. It has been a couple of years since I have seen her. She was good not great. Unfortunately, I can not tell you how she is now.
    I seen her at her incall at the time she posted the ad. She was definitely one of my favs back in the day. She has lost a ton of weight. She actually acknowledged that and said she was "sick". But she was still a cutie with nice bolt ons. It was a qv dream with a BBBJ to CG finish. I'm not sure if I'll be seeing her again until she Puts back on a little more weight.

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    Hey mongers, long time lurker here just my second post. Does anyone have a good lead on a provider in Georgetown? I have heard mixed reviews on the couple I know of but would love for someone to point me in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadwild  [View Original Post]
    Mongers help me out. Anyone have current contact info? PM please.
    I hear that she quit the game. I wish her the best of luck. She was a Sweetheart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesRoberts  [View Original Post]
    Ok so I did finally got to see Amanda. Once she realized I was a senior, and read my review, the set-up was easy. Met at motel in G-town, very friendly and very apologetic for the previous misunderstanding. She says she's very new and got spooked due to seeing uncle LEO in the hotel parking lot. Pretty open menu with her, awesome BBBJ and no gag reflex. She does this reverse cowgirl thing, which was fun watching that nice ass bounce. Standing doggie next, she likes it hard. CIM to finish. I had a great time, and will likely repeat.
    I'd love to see her, but not sure about the whole $300 thing. Do you really have to pay that much, or is that just for Greek Island? Just curious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirsTimerKy  [View Original Post]
    Curious as well.
    I've read a few posts on ebony ladies in the past. I've personally noticed that most of them either charge way too much for their services, or have a chip on their shoulders when you text them. I'm sure that's not the case with all of them, but that's why I haven't gone after any lately. There was an ebony girl that I use to see last year by the name of Foxy Roxy. She was a very sexy chocolate spinner with great skills and a great attitude. I saw her twice, then she disappeared. If you do get to see any ebony girls, please post your experience. Maybe more guys would try if someone else takes the first leap. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinyTittyLuvr  [View Original Post]
    I too stopped seeing her because of her issues. But I have been seeing her again. She has improved. Doesn't live with Mom. Gained a little weight. Looks better. Still awesome in bed. No issues. But it's hit or miss to see her. She still has other people to deal with.
    Thanks for the report, but how can the rest of us get to see her? Where does she post? What's her number? Is there any contact info you can share with those of us who would like to see her? Link? Anything? Thank you.

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    Anything goes. Actual info

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyRhettson  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know anything about this one?
    This is "Denise". She is famous in the local swinger scene. She has been pleasuring cocks in Lexington for at least a decade. She has a massive following on Twitter, and sells vids of her encounters.

    I actually reviewed her about two years ago. You can find my post under Backpage reviews #10161. I saw her multiple times after that. She does have a husband who films her swinger activity, but whenever she was working as a professional he was never around.

    My personal take is that she is an absolute freak. When she says anything goes she means it. I could never find any of her limits. She provides the closest to a porn star experience I have ever found in Lexington.

    I've remained in contact with her by text, and she freely sends pics of her recent swinger fun all the time. Denise is an actual nympho who occasionally dips her toe into these waters. She is not an addict with a habit to support. You will not be able to schedule last minute with her like the other girls because this is not her job. It can be a little difficult to arrange, but the payoff is massive.

    She is open to a gangbang, so if some of you can show a little patience it is well worth it. I'm looking for four senior members with solid reviews who are interested. I can't stress enough that she is an absolute freak. Greek, DP, toys, she is up for it.

    Send me a PM if you fit the bill and we can get the ball rolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DdubLexman  [View Original Post]
    I've seen several, but it seems most seem to keep changing names or not giving names (online at least). It makes it a bit tough. I repeat with a few so I'll post reviews after next visits.
    I'll be up that way Monday and Tuesday. Up for any recs-.

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    Bree repeat

    I visited Bree a few days ago for another qv. It was all I had time for. I really like the way she services the BBBJ. She kneels and uses her mouth and hands expertly. Her mouth has excellent suction. She definitely has skills. This time I brought a condom and tried her out mish on the edge of the bed with her legs up high and wide. She made the appropriate sounds like she was into it. Could have been good acting but, sounded real. There's nothing wrong with that young kitty.

    I stood up to change positions to try doggy style because I wanted to bang that ass but, she knelt in front and started a CBJ and I got side tracked. I do like a good BJ after banging that kitty so I let her remove the cover and get after it BBBJ. I warned her that I would cum down her throat and she stopped long enough to say that's okay. When I started to pop though, she stopped suddenly and moved her head out of the way making me spill on her gorgeous tits before she could move completely. Some went on the floor like it did the first time I visited. Smh. Damn! She quickly got a towel and cleaned us up.

    I guess I was taking too long for my qv and that's why we didn't move to K9 and why she finished me like she did. We've been texting a few times since then. Her trying to get me to come help her out when she needs more money but, I had to decline for the simple fact that I visit when I'm ready, not per request unless it fits my schedule. I told her that she would get a ten rating from me if she could stay on it and let me cim. She feels that good to me. I realize she does tend to rush her service a tad and YMMV but, I like her and I'll repeat. Just wish it wasn't in that infamous exit 87 dive. Perhaps I'll see how it goes in the hh visit. I will get that K9 next time and perhaps just finish there. LOL.

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    Cassie / Carly Luv

    Mongers help me out. Anyone have current contact info? PM please.

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    Any thing goes-waste of time

    Quote Originally Posted by RickPinto  [View Original Post]
    Actually, not much goes on. She is a waste of time. Talks big game. Long in the tooth. Has a husband. PM for info.
    They are swingers. She always talked a big game. Husband likes to watch and film her with different guys. She was a lot of fun 8-10 years ago or so. I have no recent experience.

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