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    I was in town today and a buddy of mine and I decided to check out Dancers' Ranch. We arrived early, so we didn't have to pay the cover. The ladies weren't dancing yet, so we sat and had a couple of drinks, waiting for the show to start. After a long half hour the first dancer started. We saw at least four ladies there at the end of the bar talking, and a couple more in the back. There was some very nice formed ladies there, in different proportions. After the third gal finished dancing, one gal came over and chatted a bit. She was able to get my friend to buy her a drink, and a few minutes later they were off to the private dance room. (Not the VIP room). It is 20 dollars for one song, and he ended up getting three songs, and paid 60! When he came out, he wanted to leave, before he spent more cash, LOL. I will say the female bartender is REALLY hot, has a nice A $$ and nice top too. She is actually better than a couple of dancers, but she won't do any dancing there. But there were only maybe seven guys there at that early time of day. We left around 6 pm.

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    Looking for extra

    What's the best club to get some extra action, either at or after? Dancers seems pretty friendly, and with all the shootings at Woodys I'm leaning that way. Just wondering if I can get a hero with some personal experiences.

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    Dancers Ranch

    Stopped by the Ranch last evening for a quick visit to say hi to the girls I haven't seen since I have been in Florida for the winter. Nothing much has changed. May stop back again tonight with some guys.

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    Dancers Ranch

    Little local bar, $5. 00 cover usually 5 to 8 dancers, real range, one to check out is Nikki, lots of fun, just got new implants and very proud of them and very good with them. Very generous and open to suggestions.

    Getting to be lots of AA chicks from Peoria, Quad Cities, Milwaukee and they can be fun.

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    Was in the area and had heard this is one of the few places in the area so decided to check it out. Was there for a very short time as I was not impressed at all. Had one girl approach me with a hard sales pitch for 30 min time frames. After I declined she sat back down and played on her phone again. Few customers, few dancers and it was fairly late on a Saturday.

    Only good thing is there was no cover, but was not pleased. Regardless I will be in town again soon and will give it another chance. Hope this time it is better. Any other options out here?

    I liked the Davenport area clubs better but those will be out of the way.

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    I'll be staying in Grinnell for a week. Any suggestions for clubs? Looks like Des Moines or Cedar Rapids are the closest clubs. Was hoping that there might be something a little closer.

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    Dancers Cedar Rapids

    Saturday night, first time in years. Went because I heard they'd remodeled and improved the place, also had a Pennysaver coupon for free cover. Not too many dancers all were attractive, different shapes and sizes & flavors. Sat back from the stage for a while to see what they had for girls. Finally one came up to me "Jade" and started grinding on me at my table, I hadn't even seen her on stage yet. At some point she showed me her hood piercing; I can't remember if that was when she was giving me the lapdance or when she was onstage and I bellied up to it with couple of singles. Right away I agreed to $25 private dance where I saw and touched more than the girls are supposed to allow in this place. It was very dark in there though and she's a was a black girl so sometimes her glow in the dark hood piercing was about all I could see. She did put it on my face, and I got to feel it with my fingers but no FIV. Got take-out from it, so no complaints from me here!

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    A visit to Dancer's Ranch

    Well about a month ago I had a friend visiting me to help with a home project over the weekend, so we decided to go visit Dancers on a Saturday night. We arrived late that night, about 8:00 pm, so we missed the happy hour. There were a few customers, not a lot for a weekend. We went in, sat down at a table, and watched the dancers for a little while. It took about two beers before the first girl came over and sat down. One thing I like about this place, is that the girls are friendly, and take their time to sell a private dance. She sat there with us for at least a half hour, or at least it felt that way to me. Eventually, she left, and we sat there for about another fifteen minutes or so, when another came over and sat down. Long story short, I bought a couple dances from her, and she stayed there until closing. I thought maybe I would have a chance to get some take out for the night, but when the dancing ended, she darted off, and didn't see her until we had to leave. The other girl who was with my friend, tried to get him go buy a dance, all throughout the evening, she would stop and talk, then leave, then come back and chat some more. This went on until we left. He never bought a dance all night, and I called him a tight wad! I don't mind paying for a dance, when they act like a normal person, not like they're above us mongers!

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    Is Woody's still closed? I know there was an "altercation" a while back, just wondering if they are going to reopen.

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    Dancers Ranch in CR

    I have been to Dancers Ranch many times, the place seems to attract the older guys there. The ladies are a little older, since they serve alcohol there, so they are at least 21. In my opinion, the ladies are more friendly, and they just opened up a private dance area, where the pool tables used to be. The prices for the private area are reasonable, but once you pay for a certain time frame, that is it. You can't buy an extra 15 minutes, you start all over when your time is up.

    Sorry, I can't remember the costs.

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    Lumberyard II

    I stopped here about 6pm today, and it was pretty quiet, only a few customers. They had a fair number of dancers. All of the ones I saw were cute girl next door types except one really hot blonde. I decided to have a private dance and discovered that I it was 2 for 1 during happy hour. Took 2 from " Monica" and discovered this is a "touch club". Hands can roam, the vagina is off limits, and no licking or biting. Great dances! Wow

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