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    Today was the last day

    I'm tired of going through this thread and deleting the convo. The guys who started it wanted it to be a photo thread. If you post commentary on this thread I will no longer delete the posts, I am going to start putting the member who posts it on moderation.

    I'm not giving any more warnings, this post will stay at the top of this thread for a year so everybody knows. Post a comment you go back on moderation.

    Some of you guys just aren't fucking getting it. If you are a regular member and you post in here without a picture I'll ban you, if you are a senior I put you on moderation, if you're a senior on moderation I will ban you.

    I'd pay attention to this.


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    Has anyone seen this sweet angel? She was my fav atf and was always dtf. I haven't seen or heard from her in months. I know she isn't with LEO. Maybe she went to rehab? Idk but if you do please lmk.

    Sorry for borrowing your pics pal.
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    Tabby & Jayme

    A one time dynamic duo I was fortunate enough to get back to back on the same day. Good times.
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    She was such a good suck and fuck.
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    Few years back fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TalesCt  [View Original Post]
    Colombian girl for 300 Colombian pesos? I'm not sure if anybody else did the currency conversion, but that's $. 79. Was that just to take a picture?
    300,000 Colombian pesos. LOL. Sorry. Whoops. About $ 80 US. Nice catch dude. My bad. Miranda, another Colombian * not from Tampa. Got a PM from LA that I should mention that this pic is not from Tampa but from a visit to Medellin, Columbia.
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    Lsm 2

    Quote Originally Posted by BrickLayer12  [View Original Post]
    Years ago before the new boobies.
    Best Courtesan ever. Pleasant lady that enjoys you. Best $200 I ever spent.
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    Little Colombian hooker. Different shots of the same girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by BrickLayer12  [View Original Post]
    Years ago before the new boobies.
    23 year old Medellin Mansion girl. 300 Colombian Pesos. Pics are from dinner, the next day and when she came to my room.
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    Super 8 on University and Phillips Hyw, Jax

    I used to cruise the parking lot at checkout time. Asked this one for some pics. $70.
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    Years ago before the new boobies.
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    I have no complaint about AshleyW. Won't bother to repeat either.
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    [Deleted by Admin]

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    Coco performed nicely the one time I saw her last year. Would repeat.
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    I found Felicia on Nebraska between Hillsborough and MLK last Fall.

    I enjoyed our visit, got her digits, and was distracted after I dropped her off and did not call her. I would repeat.
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    My photos of Samantha are old and out of focus. She was much sharper and fun.
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