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    Today was the last day

    I'm tired of going through this thread and deleting the convo. The guys who started it wanted it to be a photo thread. If you post commentary on this thread I will no longer delete the posts, I am going to start putting the member who posts it on moderation.

    I'm not giving any more warnings, this post will stay at the top of this thread for a year so everybody knows. Post a comment you go back on moderation.

    Some of you guys just aren't fucking getting it. If you are a regular member and you post in here without a picture I'll ban you, if you are a senior I put you on moderation, if you're a senior on moderation I will ban you.

    I'd pay attention to this.


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    Correction: Here's Zoe

    Sorry, the picture I attached below was of two other girls from Can Be Bought and didn't include Zoe. Here's a picture of Zoe and some of the CBB girls.

    Zoe is a natural leader which is why she's in the center.
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    She's Zoe from Can Be Bought

    Quote Originally Posted by Skboy  [View Original Post]
    Ditto I'm from Knoxville and she is the one that caught my eye too!
    She goes by Zoe, and she does a Chaturbate show called "Can Be Bought".

    You can find her on Twitter here:

    You can search "canbebought" or "canbebought zoe" on Google to find replays of her shows. They don't all play, but you'll find some that will:

    I think she's trying to build a camgirl network because she brings on different Chaturbate girls to perform on her channel. Most don't last long, but she remains a constant presence.

    I think she's based in Austin, TX. I'm not sure if she does "pay for pussy", but, well, we all know that every girl has her price.

    Since this is a photo thread, I've attached a picture of Zoe from her Twitter page.
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    Thin Redhead

    Quote Originally Posted by JustAPerv  [View Original Post]
    Forget about Jade. I want to know who THIS babe is, and how do I contact her?
    Ditto I'm from Knoxville and she is the one that caught my eye too!

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    Not Jade

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlanga  [View Original Post]
    Is this your girl Jade?

    Looks like she doesn't have too many $350 regulars.
    Forget about Jade. I want to know who THIS babe is, and how do I contact her?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlt0111  [View Original Post]
    A porn star I the making, I basically had my paychecks directly deposited with her, no regrets!
    Is this your girl Jade?

    Looks like she doesn't have too many $350 regulars.
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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted because it appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. All commercial advertising must be posted at our new site, The USA Adult Classifieds Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

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    Jade is a drug, the best 350 k I've ever spent

    A porn star I the making, I basically had my paychecks directly deposited with her, no regrets!
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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because the subject of the report was in direct violation of a posted Admin Restriction on the author, the thread, and/or the subject. This behavior will not be tolerated, and a 2nd violation will result in an automatic banning.

    That's two, do it a third and you start a new user name.


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    Current Favorite

    Finally she gives me her butthole, Ass so phat I nutted like a horse. Anal creampie and gaped glazed bubble butt.
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    Pretty SW. Can be a lot of fun but has a nasty habit and very sticky fingers. Plenty of reviews about her & her sis.
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    Old utr

    Pics of any old utr I can't seem to contact anymore. She really loved getting her asshole fingered. And occasionally enjoyed the hard cock in there as well.
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    Vegas stopped by

    The added weight on her looks good.
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    Another hottie

    The referral method is the best, I creampied another one of Jade's friends after doing a double and it is actually on her site. This one is married now and out of the business but her videos are still there for sale. Another quality pussy referral that has paid off!
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    Virtual gangbang

    About half of the private messages I receive are about Jade and her sister Julia. Jade is very innovative on how to keep you interested over a long period of time. She has a very savvy business sense as well. I thought I would share one other service she offers to her regulars that really hits my buttons. She would often set up in a nice hotel, have her favorite regulars stop by for a virtual gangbang. The only difference is we would never see each other. A new dude every half hour or so with a common theme. Everybody comes in her pussy, her ass, or mouth depending on what that group is into. I am a creampie guy so I make sure I don't miss that one. Throughout the day she sends you a picture like this saying "I got another one", until it's your turn to hit that sloppy mess. I have to admit, it's pretty fucking hot, she even got her sister Julia doing it for a while.
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