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    Today was the last day

    I'm tired of going through this thread and deleting the convo. The guys who started it wanted it to be a photo thread. If you post commentary on this thread I will no longer delete the posts, I am going to start putting the member who posts it on moderation.

    I'm not giving any more warnings, this post will stay at the top of this thread for a year so everybody knows. Post a comment you go back on moderation.

    Some of you guys just aren't fucking getting it. If you are a regular member and you post in here without a picture I'll ban you, if you are a senior I put you on moderation, if you're a senior on moderation I will ban you.

    I'd pay attention to this.


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    That's what she said to use for a name.
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    You missed out!

    She's in New England now.

    Quote Originally Posted by TinyTitLover  [View Original Post]
    Who is this? Why have I not seen her before?
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    Good times. Sometimes they don't know they take it in the mouth until they take it in the mouth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack234  [View Original Post]
    That hot chick from Boston with the red hair and Rhianna tattoo?
    Who is this? Why have I not seen her before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MongeringMicky  [View Original Post]
    Fond memories.
    Who is this?

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because the subject of the report was in direct violation of a posted Admin Restriction on the author, the thread, and/or the subject. This behavior will not be tolerated, and a 2nd violation will result in an automatic banning.

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    Unexpected Double

    Sometime last fall Nikki brought Rhonda over so fuck it I fucked both of them.
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    Whatever hapened to

    That hot chick from Boston with the red hair and Rhianna tattoo?
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    Tall Shy MILF

    Not a Tampa local, but I caught her out and about one day.
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    Jessica Dime

    Jessica Dime in the woods.
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    Another old UTR

    Miss this one. Tall blonde, gorgeous face and personality. I would bend her over work her holes over with my tongue. She was absolutely delicious.
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    She could be so sexy.
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    Fond memories.
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    Has anyone seen this sweet angel? She was my fav atf and was always dtf. I haven't seen or heard from her in months. I know she isn't with LEO. Maybe she went to rehab? Idk but if you do please lmk.

    Sorry for borrowing your pics pal.
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