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    Today was the last day

    I'm tired of going through this thread and deleting the convo. The guys who started it wanted it to be a photo thread. If you post commentary on this thread I will no longer delete the posts, I am going to start putting the member who posts it on moderation.

    I'm not giving any more warnings, this post will stay at the top of this thread for a year so everybody knows. Post a comment you go back on moderation.

    Some of you guys just aren't fucking getting it. If you are a regular member and you post in here without a picture I'll ban you, if you are a senior I put you on moderation, if you're a senior on moderation I will ban you.

    I'd pay attention to this.


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    I don't have a report just a couple photos.
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    New model Star

    She was skittish so I had to promise I'd only put PG rated ones out this time.
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    Deleted by Admin

    I'm curious, can you not fucking read or is English not your native language?

    If you answer here I will ban you


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    Had the pleasure of photographing Savannah and her friend Diamond. Enjoyed their company afterwards. I will write about that separately on the Bradenton Forum.
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    Ashley is found in Nowatney, sometimes.
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    Jennifer B?

    It has been a long time since seeing Jenny.

    She has been referred to as "The Amazing Redhead" by some here.

    She had a way of keeping me too excited to remember to take any nude photos of her.

    Is anyone here in touch with her?

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    Bridget Surething

    Photo of my favorite Nymph.

    Bridget's incall is in North Port. A little bit of a drive, but always worth it.
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    Brandon Nikki

    Sweet girl nice cowgirl bbfstc. Just sharing picture she has ads.
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    Flo the Ho

    I lost track of this one. She called herself Flo. This photo is almost two years old. It was posted here. I did not take the picture myself.

    Any information about Flo would be helpful.

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    Luna Lace

    Photographing local escorts has its challenges. Luna is one of the exceptions. She eats the camera (among other things).
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    Good as always!
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    Anyone seen Kacey lately? I hope pic attaches.
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    Another pic of SugarLilly.

    Had to try out her Nuru. Something about two naked bodies sliding around on each other. I left very happy. Also enjoyed showering together afterwards.

    Have fun!
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    Still in the game

    Amanda very nice kitty.
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