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    Today was the last day

    I'm tired of going through this thread and deleting the convo. The guys who started it wanted it to be a photo thread. If you post commentary on this thread I will no longer delete the posts, I am going to start putting the member who posts it on moderation.

    I'm not giving any more warnings, this post will stay at the top of this thread for a year so everybody knows. Post a comment you go back on moderation.

    Some of you guys just aren't fucking getting it. If you are a regular member and you post in here without a picture I'll ban you, if you are a senior I put you on moderation, if you're a senior on moderation I will ban you.

    I'd pay attention to this.


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    [Deleted by Admin]

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    4 Gallery.
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    Coat Of Arms

    Just gave this little blonde what she needed.
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    In all fairness, I wanted to make sure I got full money's worth

    So I literally had my phone on video record almost non stop. These all are just screen shots best way to get live action pics in my opinion.
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    Images didn't attach to the last post

    Sorry about the post w / out pics I thought they uploaded but here they are.
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    But wait! There's more.

    From fantasy land glass box, her hotel, my hotel next day and a client of hers who video called during a blow job and I told her to answer it took the phone explained she's busy, he loved it so much he offered to pay if we came and continued at his place for a show. Off we went, she said later she would have let him join in if I had invited but as much as I forked over on the weekend I wasn't going to share. She said on the way back she'd keep me in her mouth the entire way back to hotel and she did. Now no pics of that, it's fire for sure no way I could get that and get pics all while driving.

    Enjoy! More to share coming right up.
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    More photos of Nicole-

    My ATF, she loves the FFCIM and she sings so hot when you find that sweet spot when in k9. Sure somebody has seen her before and can confirm this?
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    My anything goes weekend with Nicole

    It was truly amazing experience and aside from anything I want anytime I wanted it, (some rules and stipulations were discussed prior to) I also ended up getting to know a really cool person. She's in hard times and asked me to get the word out she's wanting to work and make new friends. She's probably going to want to punt me in the junk when she realises I posted these pics but pictures are worth 1000 words then I'd say I'm only working efficiently. It's up to why'all if it's actually effective or not.
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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    Tampa and Sarasota areas, 2009.

    Full GFE, BBFSCIP, facial (she she wiped it off before I could take the pic!) $150 for an hour which morphed into 3 hours, because she was horny as fuck!
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    Dominican MILF Francia

    Francia a. K. a. Celis. Vanity - Celeste.

    Oral on point. Kittie a bit loose. Will let you visit Greece for a little extra.
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    Mea Mea & Heaven

    Blasts from the Pasts.
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    You cannot possibly guess who this is.
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    Heard this I'm an Orlando monger but love this picture file. One spent some time in Tampa. Anyone partake?

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