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Thread: Santa Rosa

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    Lily's spa

    Hey guys found a gem. I went to Lily's spa I was out there on business and let me tell you. The girl that took care of me was beautiful and in to it. CFS and all the fixings. She was a bit pricey but well worth it.

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    Cleveland ave motel 6

    All, I was out of town in Santa Rosa. Ca. I looked on BP and I decided to call a girl. Had a room at a motel. It seamed like a good Idea. So I give the girl the address and my mistake was to give her the room number. She said she was walking and that she would be there in a minute. I went out side o the street. As I was on the phone with her. She didn't know I was outside. She told me to stand by the door of the room and describe my self. As she is saying this, I see a police car park across the street under a tree trying to hide. My room was facing the street. As an tells me that she is sitting by the pool to open the door so I can see her. Dumb cops I was by the pool on the street. She asked me again to tell her what I'm wearing and if I'm white black or Latino. At this point I started to play their game. And gave her atotaly difrent description. They say o. That spot. For 1 hr to see if I came out of the room. When they finally left I went in to my room. About 30 min later. A blonde came to knock on my door. Aski g if I still wanted her. I didn't answer. I could see 1 uniform next to her. They where there for a few min. I heard the uniform say let's go they gave us the wrong room #. When they left I packed my bag. Checked out and went to a motel down the street. Be careful guys. These cops are out to get us. I made a mistake by giving my room # was a close call.

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    Did a quick lap while in the area

    Saw a cop hassling a pretty WSW and then saw the giant WSW that I think has been wearing the same sweat suit for the past few years that she has been out there. LEO killed the ave. There is nothing left out here. I'm glad I moved away but at least you guys have the massage parlors even though they can be expensive.

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    Santa Rosa

    11:00 pm. 1 Leo hassling a BSW.later another Leo parked across from Travel Lodge. Saw large WSW unpromising. No street or foot traffic. This little town just too sleepy.

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    Found one

    Driving down the avenue I saw a thick BSW, so I pulled off into a parking lot and waited for her. When she got in she offered. 6 for hh. She was nice and non rushed. Even had her own room at a hotel nearby, ended up staying a little longer than hh but she didn't mind. She smoked 420, which I have found to be the best SW when they smoke 420. She started with CBJ, then went to mish and finally doggie. While in doggie she let me play with her ass. It was really good and would definitely repeat if I see her out again.

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    Where are they

    Can someone message me if there are any other locations to stroll other than santa rosa ave? I'm not originally from here, so it's hard to find out these things, you know you can't just ask someone where the SWs are. A year ago the ave was pretty busy, but now it's completely dead. There is not one SW out ever, so I'm guessing they have to be somewhere. Plus I saw, a while ago, a midget out there, she was definitely working, and I wanted to stop but was busy, and figured I would catch her next time, but haven't seen her since, does anyone know about her?

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    Santa Rosa

    Agree with Invisible Man. Santa Rosa blvd used to be such a good stroll. Spent an hour last week cruising the whole blvd at dusk. Saw one BSW south of Todd, but not worth picking up. Will try earlier in evening next week and leave a report. AMPs still providing good service there and in Rhonert park.

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    The Avenue

    It has been years since I mongered in Santa Rosa. Cruised the avenue for an hour. Nothing but cops, and on BSW off track. I miss the good ol days.

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    Shh-brothel in Santa Rosa

    Masquerades as a massage parlor, has very strong security and an "in" with the cops, it's been there for years so it's unlikely to be busted any time soon. they're even listed in the phone book! I'm not going to blow their cover and give their name and location you gotta pm me. everythings on the menu-HOT providers, usual prices.

    I'm not affiliated with them but it's one of the few I found while I was in SR for 8 months


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    Quote Originally Posted by MidnightHunter
    Between downtown and todd ave, sometimes there are none, but sometimes there are a ton out there.

    Good luck
    Sweet, next time I'm in the area I'll glance around
    Thanks man,

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    Between downtown and todd ave, sometimes there are none, but sometimes there are a ton out there.

    Good luck

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    What part of the Ave? Or are they on other streets too? I used to see girls out there in the Early 90's, but then there were none the few times that I looked about five years ago. Hadn't checked the area since.

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    I was out a while ago and met a hsw, I think. Really good,. 4 for originally a bbjcim but half way through she demanded I screw her, I wasn't really wanting it and told her I didn't have a condom, she whips one out, and starts fingering herself and begging me to screw her. So I give it a few minutes and then she returned to the BBBJCIM and when I dropped her back off she sicked my finger and begged me to return. I think it was a 40 well spent.

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    Santa Rosa

    Lots of street action on Santa Rosa Ave lately. Seen 6 out today (Sunday) from 3-5 pm. Didn't partake, between jobs right now.

    2 BSW's today, very hot- expensive looking. One was wearing leather boots up past her knees and a very tight microdress. The other had a nice set on her.

    The rest were WSW's, hit and miss.

    These girls are pretty sly-they don't lock eyes with drivers very often but if you pull off to a side street they'll usually hop right in.

    This being a hick town LE doesn't seem to be much of a presence right now.

    With the economy I'm sure the WSW's will be reasonable pricewise.

    Side note, about a week ago witnessed a ROB from a BSW on a John. He yelled out "B*tch" and she took off running from the front seat of the dudes car.

    Be careful out there.


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