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    Thank you old friend.

    I really did not understand how much I took advantage of and needed this site until it was gone. Thank you for the work you put in to getting it back online in the form that it is for us. Peace.

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    Marina GFE

    Quote Originally Posted by MarinaGfe  [View Original Post]
    Thank you A2 I really appreciate you even more.
    Marina is one of the best and well known provider's in Orlando! I only saw her once but she consistently gets many positive reviews on this great forum.


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    Miss you very much

    Thank you A2 I really appreciate you even more.

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    Back on line!

    Moving from hernando to Orlando next week. Not familiar with the area yet but around union park. If anyone can suggest who is a must see and who is a must avoid I appreciate it. Some may be turned off by my lack of posts. I can provide 'references' if needed. Perhaps just overly cautious with paper trails in the past.

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    Sexy Colombian Johana anyone?

    I don't know what it the best place for this query but.

    Can anyone tell me your experience with this hot chick before I take the plunge?

    (I could not manage to log in under my old name but I have indeed contributed to this board!

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    Another Alternative that I have not seen mentioned yet. And they claim to be the "best website" in the adult industry.

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    Some more alternative sites. But just like all the others lots of bots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue  [View Original Post]
    Backpage use to be an awesome site with good information provided by the advertisers. I want to know what they offer and what they are willing to do. Than it just went to phone numbers. I want to read in between the lines. For example a girl could say that she is a goddess, that you are lucky to have me. Or they may say I am here for a short time, catch me when you still have a chance. These girls will have GPS issues. The more direct would be I don't do BB services or say something against time wasters don't contact me. Their was no way I am going to waste time and money on these girls.
    Yes, but what you want- a description or inferences to sex acts and of course rates is illegal (prostitution) everywhere in the USA except for select counties in NV. The problem with BP was IMHO that they allowed trafficking and under aged stuff when they could have implemented procedures to eliminate such from their site.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue  [View Original Post]
    When the site was seized it basically put it out of it's misery. Many (not all) of the advertisers were just not very good. I think the government did me a big favor. I have had far better service with the sister site. Now I only need to go to one site. Plenty of information is provided with pics and you have this site for their reviews. I love it when the advertiser thanks the client for their review. It tells me allot about the girl. That she really cares in what she is doing.
    The changes made in the site, to go to pictures and phone numbers only was BP's last ditch attempt to avoid prosecution. After all how could one prove a picture and a phone number is an offer for prostitution? But it was too little too late. As the indictment doc lays out:

    In January 2017 A Senate subcommittee issued a report "'s Knowing Facilitation of Online Sex Trafficking." Backpage has maintained a practice of altering ads before publication by deleting words, phrases and images indicative of the criminality, including child sex trafficking In response, BP shut down the adult section of its website but allowed the traffic to migrate to other sections.

    As I laid out here:!&p=3797558&viewfull=1#post3797558.

    BP had many opportunities to alter its business to get the worst stuff removed and be protective of women from trafficking and under aged stuff, but appears to have consistently turned a blind eye. It sure appears as thought the passage of this law was the only way to get these guys to stop.

    Now not sure how the new law effects other sites? I guess if they do age verification on girls advertising, take steps to prohibit and report when found incidences of trafficking, that they might survive? But clearly prostitution is still illegal in most of the USA (except a select few counties in NV) so perhaps zealous prosecutors us SEST-FOSTA to shut those sites down. However, many of the remaining sites are hosted offshore (out side of the USA) so it is not clear how the law might apply (or NOT) to them.

    I think many have gotten lulled into a false sense of security with the ubiquity of escort adverts on the internet of recent. Time will tell how this plays out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFresh  [View Original Post]
    While it's cool that the pussy found another outlet on USA, we're now getting an influx of the same over priced, fake garbage that was on BP. The good news is, we can certainly make them starve much easier here if they try and pull the same BS with us!

    Stay Fresh!
    I think this site is definitely better equipped than BP or CL. TER, as well, for those of use that use (d) it. The problem I foresee is that while TER and USASG cater to different groups of mongers, we are definitely all more active and savvy than the average CL / BP browser. I'm worried that the users looking to go on their second of 3 total lifetime visits to providers have the potential to degrade the site with drama and BS that naturally follow large groups of disparate people. I hope this site can maintain its good standing.

    That and the lagging from the huge swell in visitors really got crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonah1  [View Original Post]
    Its time to learn. No, not like a monkey, like a human. I remember saying on here, along with others " Wow, what a deal M1 L was. Those days are gone" Oh really? With the recent events, I have seen an opportunity to get those days back. And oh BTW Michele is back, and her 1. 5 per hr roses are the same. She remains to be THEE deal in all of Oland and more. Lately I mention two things to providers when dreaming. 1. I can see M1 L for less, and she is as good as ever. 2. The competition is fierce. I am getting called, texted, and emailed discounts. So the second thing I say is 'Man the deals and discounts out there". Followed by, "I'll let you know. Be safe. ". On almost everyone, I get a call back with another discount on top of that. I just had one today, that I didn't call, contact me with a second offer. 5 roses less and got a, 'I'll work with you. Were talking 1. 8 all the way down to 1. 0. Guys there is so much competition on all of the sister sights that you need to take notice. One question. What always happens when supply goes up and demand goes down? Prices fall or the seller starves. It works that way with everything, and yes it does apply here too. I'm not saying starve anyone. I'm saying it's gotten out of hand. Way out of hand. 1. 2-1. 5 for a hh. Really. Just say: I can see M1 l for a whole hour for that. Fillowed by: I'll let you know. Be safe. It works.
    It is definitely a Buyer's market out here. I believe that pussy should be gotten between 20 and 50 buck's MAX! This goes for ALL escorts or whatever the hell you want to call them. Idiot guy's paying 150 o 200 for 30 minutes of pussy is crazy.

    In my opinion 150 buck's for an hour is also way too much my friend. I believe 100 buck's for an hour of multiple pops may be appropriate. Super hot chicks deserve no more cash than an average chick.

    These are just my opinions, which we all know are highly regarded on this great forum.


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    Geezus F'in A

    Alternatives, alternatives. Here they come. I got this TEXT message a bit ago:

    Today 6:40 PM.

    Still looking for an escort backpage is shut down lock me in my name's Angie ask for pictures call or text me at 727-565-6713.

    I'm like. WTF.


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    I will give her a try as I had planned to before she left.

    Can you explain what her rates mean?

    Quote Originally Posted by XRaySpex  [View Original Post]
    Gents, this woman is the best of the best. At the moment, her trips to Orlando are increasingly rare. It would be great if we could give her a reason to make this a more frequent

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    Tor Browsing

    It might be time to set up a TOR site for this stuff but the overreaching Feds just cannot help but stick their nose into the oldest profession in the world and say it is ALL "Human trafficking"

    Tor Browsing.

    This is a much more secure way to view sites that are restricted due to censorship. It also gives you access to the evil "Dark web" LOL.

    Enjoy and stay safe. Browse safe.

    Harry P.

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    Wow, I am seeing that too.

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