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    Nicole's ad attached: Pics a little on the flattering side in my opinion, probably a few years old too.
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    DFK so-so.

    BBBJ so-so.

    Facial didn't dodge it anyway.

    Nicole is back. Maybe not the biggest rush job but she sure is a ton of distractions. She will not shut her phone off, and is not focused at all. She is probably closer to 150 pounds too. Bi*tch actually left the room on me 20 minutes in, after a few disruptive phone calls during trying to get my dick sucked, she scooped the cash and said she had to bring it to her 16 year old daughter, WTF! Made it sound like an emergency. She threw some clothes on and left me. 5 minutes later she was back, she was surprised I had gotten dressed. She assured she would pick back up and take care of business, but talk about mood killer that it was.

    She was trying to get me back going with more rushed and panicky blow job, and her jaw got sore. She takes direction half ass, not as subservient as I like but not a total cu*nt who acts like a drill sergeant either. I was calm, cool, relaxed, and she was nothing but. Talking when she should have been quiet, moving when she should have been still, questioning when she should have been allowing, just not sensuous whatsoever. I'd rather have one that laid like a corpse, and peel their clothes off and spread position their legs and body to fuck them than what she was. I finally got her in mish and tried to pound her, but these bigger girls just don't pound as well as the little tight spinners. Too much body mass absorbing the thrusts.

    Not my body type at all, and she had razor burn down around her pussy, so even though I think she would go for some pussy eating, I passed. Finally I went all out on this bi*tch hard as I could go, with some grinding in circles, pulling some hair, telling her what a who*re she was, then pulled out and beat it on her face for 5 or so minutes. Then blew my load all over her face. Got the job done but not someone who I would go back to unless hard up. Kind of in the same category as Petite, only would go back if hard up and want a budget fuck. Nicole does have a friend though who is hot hot and has one of the nicest pinkest pussies you could ask for. I asked about her friend but Nicole claimed she no longer had contact info for her. Wish I could hook up with her friend again.

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    Katie and Nicole Taking Incall Appt...........................Call Now - w4m (madison/east)

    Saw Nicole yesterday at lunch for 30 mins. Pics are accurate. Tall slim pretty girl. Very nice. I felt a little rushed, because she had scheduled someone right after me. Excellent oral skills.

    Wait for her specials...go for the hour and make sure she doesn't book another monger for right when you're done and I think she'll be great. No anal and no CIM. Good DFK. Likes DATY.

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