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    Quote Originally Posted by Blundy2469  [View Original Post]
    Great experience on San Mateo "Asian massage" full menu. 40 for hh. Left happy.
    Thanks for the update. Check you inbox.

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    Asian massage

    Great experience on San Mateo "Asian massage" full menu. 40 for hh. Left happy.

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    I have seen the neon OPEN lit up at a few places. Haven't tried yet. Has anyone been active post quarantine?

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    Latina Providers

    Anyone have some info on LMP or private apartment where one could get a decent massage from a Latina?

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    Hello guys. In Albuquerque for today only and looking for the best possible AMP on the east side. Please PM me.

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    I have had several visits with below avg. Results. All try to push prices up and up. On a third visit to all diff. Locations, I refused to pay more than 2. The service at each store was as stated below avg. Very basic massage, no extras. All in the general Uptown area. If anyone knows of better service in this area, I would like to know. Thanks.

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    Looking for new MP

    I've always been using the same MP and want to find a new one but I wanted to get some info on which one is good. I been going to Japanese massage on southern in Rio and their both great just looking for something a little younger. Please PM me for some suggestions.

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    Southern Unser

    I keep driving west on Southern toward Unser and see a Massage neon in a window in the south side. It's in a strip mall that says guns tattoos and massage hahaha. So I stopped in the other night around 8. Met by a beauty with huge boobies, 35 ish. Gave a great massage. Almost put me to sleep she was so good. She was tall so she could rub from my shoulders to my knees in one motion coming back up my crack. She said body 2 body and I said sure and she slipped her dress of and was naked and did a great body rub. She oiled her bod flipped me over then rubbed me with her boobies. She finished me in HJ while she payed on me. Kinda different but good. . 6 for the hour and. 4 tip.

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    Massage Therapy

    When you had a best massage ever?

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    Coors and paseo Garden Spa Massage

    Went in on my first AMP trip ever, went in blind one day hoping with fingers crossed this was the kind of HE massage parlor you hear about in movies and such. First time I went was later at night about 30 mins before garden massage spa closed and was greeted by an attractive early to mid 30's Asian lady who took me by the hand said "30 minute?" and off we went. This being my first time here I was super nervous about letting my hands wander but I'm glad I did because once I did she started wandering down to my inner thighs and around my b-hole making it extremely hard to lay on my stomach if you catch my meaning. On the flip she asked permission to touch me and warmed up some oil in her palms and gave me by far the BEST most sensual hand job I've ever had. She allowed for me to play with her tight round ass over her little shorts and her perfect natural b-cup tits inside her bra while she slowly stroked me to body shaking orgasm. 30 min massage was $40 and HE was $40 as well, I was unsure at first if I was doing it right because we negotiated on price after the fact. I might add as well that this lady didn't speak a lick of English but was happy to use her phone to translate. I've been back there once since and was met at the door by the gorgeous Cindy who had long straight butt-length black hair. She was significantly prettier, knew more English however I went during the day and was a little more rushed. I've read other ads saying she will give you a HJ and keep milking you after till your whole body goes numb and did she ever. Same as before 40 for 30 min and 40 for HE she offered many more services like fully nude massage, CFS, etc. I highly recommend this place and would love to know of more places on the west side like this or providers that take incalls on the west side.

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    Newcomer in burque

    I never been one to dabble in massage. Recently started to try to get in shape pulled some muscles indecisive hey what the hell why not try one of those places. What can I say but man I have been missing out. After looking around I was choosing between leisure and the one Louisiana. Decided on leisure. Went in there was a young attractive Asian woman with fairly large breasts let me directly into the back room 30 minutes. 30. Her massage is pretty awesome she hovers over you with her breasts over your back allowing you full access to beneath her skirt. She offers a pretty good massage if you let her finish it. She flipped me over we negotiated on. 5 for HJ I probably could have gone lower but didn't really want to push it. Her hands were awesome, she gave plenty attention to my boys and taint, super enthusiastic as really have her all grinding against my hand asking me to not stop and to cum. After finishing me off cleaned me up and sent me out with a smile and a small bottle of water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valmont31  [View Original Post]
    Returned to 7010 central. Seems names keep changing but service doesn't had a nice looking latev20's. She was a tad chubby but definitely made up for it with service and attitude. Light rub with plenty of attention to boys and taint. On the flip she pulled her top down for some Russian while asking me what I wanted. I gave the universal finger through the hole sign and she requested 160. I told her I don't go above 140, she agreed and we were off to the races. Bent her over the table and she took a nice pounding. Love this place.
    I'm interested. Where is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulger  [View Original Post]
    Went in blind, no reviews, well worth it! Met at door by Mai late 20's tall slender pretty. Took me to the room said undress for Table Shower and left. There were no towels? She came back apologized said towels in shower room and led me naked down the hall. We passed 3 very attractive girls. TShower she spent a lot of attention to my AHole. Back to room for massage. Good 30 min start, she let my hands go up her skirt, she had on yoga pants under. She propped my hips up and started RIM for 10 min and stroking from under. I blew my load before we could talk about menu. Will go back.
    Bugler I'm interested in visiting. Can you pm me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajlee133  [View Original Post]
    What do these numbers mean in the reviews? 3 x96,27 x5 etc? Streets? Ave?
    Street numbers. The moderator blocks exact addresses. PM me for details.

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    What do these numbers mean in the reviews? 3 x96,27 x5 etc? Streets? Ave?

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