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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Asain bodyworks

    I apologize I meant Cambridge Street.

    Has anyone been there before do you know if it's FS or HJ?

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    Asian Bodywork

    Has anyone been to Asian Bodywork on Chandler Street if so is a FS or HJ?


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    Called up last week and was told they relocated to Stafford.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm42  [View Original Post]
    Place on Milton closed down. Anyone have any info on if they moved somewhere else? That was my go to.

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    Place on Milton closed down. Anyone have any info on if they moved somewhere else? That was my go to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm42  [View Original Post]
    Anyone ever try this place?
    Answered in the Boston forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IammeIam  [View Original Post]
    Isn't that (envelope) Linda?
    As the show once said. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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    Anyone ever try this place?

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    Isn't that (envelope) Linda?

    Quote Originally Posted by ARegularGuy  [View Original Post]
    FYI, here's the T&G photo from the 4/2 story on Worcester Bodywork AMPs.


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    Chen Chen Lisa

    FYI, here's the T&G photo from the 4/2 story on Worcester Bodywork AMPs.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lisa.JPG‎  

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    Met an old friend today.

    Being a holiday (for me) and looking for a little fun I decided to check back to Brook St. What a surprise to see sitting in the window was Amy. Now some old timers (like myself) may remember her from FBW awhile back (maybe 8 yrs +). Then she left there to go to a small place in W. Boylston. Stayed there until she went to Brook St. Now I hadn't been back there in 2-3 years, so wasn't aware she had returned. She said she'd only been back a month or so, but (at least for now) will be staying put.

    I won't go into the details, you can PM me if you really want to know. Suffice it to say she and I had a VERY good time, and I look forward to returning.

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    Had another great experience with my atf. Went the full hour and then some. Should have done the 90 minutes, but didn't have enough time today. Standard service, release and tip for this visit. Will be back again shortly.


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    Rose Day in Hopedale

    Drew Yuyu,

    Nice looking mid thirties is my guess. Zero massage skill, kind of wish-wash and press, wish-wash and press a few centimeters this way or that. Was Offered HJ or BJ on the flip took the HJ which was a good two handed dream with access to her super soft DDDs popping out the top of her bra. Probably not a repeat but a nice diversion for 30 minutes. BTW, they want 50 for 30 minutes, that's also a factor.


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    Can't update

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJohn28  [View Original Post]
    I went to can't last Friday evening. After walking in I was welcomed by a decent looking slim provider. I asked for Nikki and she quickly said she was Nikki. Previous description of her matched and she spoke decent English too. After the usual rub I caught her non existing ass and she started bargaining. I have her 1 $$. She only signaled HJ and BJ to which I said I'll walk out if that's the deal. After haggling a bit she agreed and went to get the cover. After she put it she wanted me to go at it and refused to offer CBJ. I was already pissed off and said whatever and got on the job. She would position herself away from me making it difficult to completely go in. After every 3 strokes she would check on me to see if I already nutted and keep saying usual too if stuff (and I know I'm not big). Anyway after few minutes of mechanical humping I was done. Damage 1. 4 HH.

    She told me that was her last day and new girls were coming. The place reeked of sea food and there was no way I was going to stay in longer than 30 mins without stinking like a dead fish.
    I stopped in at can't a couple of days ago (expecting Nikki as I got along great with her) . And you are right--new girls (Hanna and Amanda?) were working there, BUT, if I understood them correctly, they said they were leaving in less than 1 hour "going back to New York". This was at 4 PM, after less than one week (working so I was very surprised. Suspecting a rush job would be in the offing, I declined to stay. If anyone can confirm that they did leave and\or have been replaced that would be useful info. BTW Amanda was a very attractive woman, long dark hair and very curvy. If somehow she is still there that may work out well! --PH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaSean  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone confirm Linda is back?
    Saw her a week or two ago.

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    Agree Site Not The Problem

    LustyB, I wholeheartedly agree with you. This site is not one of the reasons for the current mess of things. You hit the reasons smack on. This site is no secret, it is an open site and it is a great site.

    I don't believe TonyT1962 knows that this site has been around for many many years. I know users who have been on this site for over ten years. Whois says the original site was started in 1997,22 years ago.

    The posters' writings could or could not be fictional. Just like the posters who do, and have done for many years, reviews and blog posts on a lot of other sites. Posters on this site are resilient. They adapt, and a large majority of the content of what is posted in today's world, is quite different and has morphed from the content posted in years past.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

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