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    Good time

    Well its a few days late but better than nothing. So I rolled the dice last Thursday and went and met this lady Was a little skittish about the visit because of a prior report but have been wanting to connect with her for a while now. Well let me tell you it wasn't a wasted trip, I had a great time and she is an awesome lady and very chilled out. Can't wait to go back and see her this week. Seniors message me for any information.

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    Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting Dallas? I have some time here, might be nice to make a new friend.


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    Columbia Chic

    She's been reviewed here at least once or twice, nothing good as far as I remember. Pretty sure she did a cash and dash and one of the fellas. Be careful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soldier8  [View Original Post]
    This chic is in Columbia wanted to know if anybody had any dealings with her any information would be helpful. You can pm me or post here.

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    She's post a lot. Hit her up and said she was located at masters inn so I hung up. Still tempted tho LOL. Any one experienced this one?


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    Stay away

    I had a negative experience with Shay. I didn't even stay. She was very on edge and it looked from my vantage point that she had an urge that needed fixing.

    She is probably a sweet person who fell into a bad habit.

    Cali: is that the massage person?

    I've seen Macy more. It's ok. I know what to expect and she is cool to hang out with. She's in a better place than previous. A mobile home. When I've been there, it's been really clean and neat. Slight smokey smell.

    She's nice and all, I think I can find someone that clicks more but I've had no luck. LOL. It just seems that Macy really doesn't want to be there. I guess that is often true more than I realize, but its pretty obvious. I'll likely go back. She is prettier than most.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky692k  [View Original Post]
    I believe their names are Shay and Cali.

    Stay safe out there. Lucky692 k.

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    Help from my Charleston brothers

    This chic is in Columbia wanted to know if anybody had any dealings with her any information would be helpful. You can pm me or post here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboys79  [View Original Post]
    Please forgive me for not remembering their names, but I'm referring to the twin sisters that have been around here and MB. I was on lunch and stopped at the Spinx on Rivers and Midland noticed two brunettes sitting at a table but couldn't see their faces. Well on the way out I got a very close up view and holy hell! I can't come up with the proper words to accurately describe how strung out these ladies were. I've encountered SW that I would pick up before these two. For any of you considering a visit you might want to move on to your next choice.

    Stay safe fellas!
    I believe their names are Shay and Cali.

    Stay safe out there. Lucky692 k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murphy69  [View Original Post]
    You are kidding right? Ugh that sounds horrible! How would that remain in the region and not get out if true? Like when a traveler comes into region and gets it then heads onward to pass along? I've never had it knock on wood and don't practice unsafe sex but I've heard stories of guys getting it through blowjobs which is scary. Charlotte had a lady up that way this past summer that gave it to a number of board vets. Granted she was offering bareback but a couple guys specifically told me they didn't bareback her and got it through a BJ which was alarming and scary.
    I was listening to Channel 5 News a few month back when they talked about Charleston having its own strain and it was prevalent. I would imagine it has spread out side of SC but they didn't say if it had. Just because you are covered, doesn't mean you can't get it. Passes though contact and men can transfer it to other women. Just remember to play safe and clean well when you are done.

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    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of the dominatrix on here. Looking for one any info is appreciated thanks.

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    Sassy Sara

    Quote Originally Posted by Montster  [View Original Post]
    I probably should have asked first, but she is on the way, so I will let y'all know.

    I am curious to hear how it went with her.

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    I'll answer my own question!

    Says she's at the Embassy Suites downtown. Cool, I'm close. Setup a time, text before and then she want a "Money Pak" card from the Walgreens. No cash. RED FLAG. No Thanks!!

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    I was wondering the same. After a google search I found a post on the Charlotte thread here from two days ago. Said it was a scam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaDoc0183  [View Original Post]
    I know it's been asked a time or two but no one has confirmed. Anyone have an opinion here!?
    I tried to meet with her, but she ghosted as I was headed her way.

    Wasn't sure if asking for a half hour was the reason.

    Conversation was normal up to that point.

    Weird. Don't know if I will try again.

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    Re: TGTBT

    Quote Originally Posted by Princeton73  [View Original Post]
    The first one is Australian model Cassie Fenton. The second one advertises in several cities using different names.
    Thanks for the clarification.

    I guess I had a little head override moment and didn't verify photos before asking.

    Wishful thinking I suppose.

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    Any details on this one? Located Downtown.

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