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    Non-Pro UTR Doing Outcalls this Weekend for 250.00 one Hour

    Hey guys if you are looking for a UTR 34 yr old thick white girl then I have someone for you. She normally doesn't do outcalls but has access to a car this weekend. Several guys including myself have hooked up with her. You must live within 30 miles of Elgin and must be a Senior Member or a Regular member who is willing to put down a deposit of 50 for travel.

    She has a juicy box; small tits with pointy nips;.

    She loves DATY and BBBJs.

    No Russian.

    You must live in a safe place; Be over 30 yrs old.

    I have referred guys to several girls on here. Seems like 1/2 the guys are just wasting the girl's time and pissing them off. So if you plan on contacting her I want the last 4 of your phone number that you will be contacting her from. If you turn out to be a shithead then I am blacklisting your ass. Other than that I am really a nice guy but just tired of guys that aren't serious or too scared to meet girls.

    Inbox me if you want her contact info.

    Here are a couple of pics of her. She has baby damage at the belly. She has big hips and is not a spinner. She is very pretty and mature. She is very quiet except for during sex she gives feedback.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2019-05-25 (2).jpg‎   2019-04-12 (1).jpg‎   2019-04-11c.jpg‎   2019-04-11a.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickSwagger  [View Original Post]
    I met Ola and wasnt a fan.

    Too much botox and not enough curves at the waist. Also fake boobs.

    A tall black haired girl answered the door. I got to find out who she is she was hot.
    The tall dark haired girl was likely Klaudia. I saw her and posted about her a few weeks ago. Worth a visit. Read post #9092.

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    Ola, Klaudia

    Quote Originally Posted by MickSwagger  [View Original Post]
    I met Ola and wasnt a fan.

    Too much botox and not enough curves at the waist. Also fake boobs.

    A tall black haired girl answered the door. I got to find out who she is she was hot.
    That would be Klaudia, I know nothing about her: https://www.yesbackpage.de/105/posts...934-7993-.html.

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    I met Ola and wasnt a fan.

    Too much botox and not enough curves at the waist. Also fake boobs.

    A tall black haired girl answered the door. I got to find out who she is she was hot.

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    First time

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to know if anyone has seen or has info on this girl. She looks super hot!


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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted about the NG girls. Gave them a try this week. Ola is amazing! Truly a great experience. I will be going back often. She is as good as it gets. Plenty have posted details and my experience was similar.

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    Fellow dreamers, I found an ad from Karina. It sees she's back in Chicago. I called her yesterday and sounds like her, but can someone confirm that is in fact her? She gave a an address that I've never been before and it seems sketchy.

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    Lisa in Lansing, again

    I just wanted to note that Lisa remains an outstanding deal, IMO. I've been with her many times and will do more. I reviewed her previously here. Everything I said there is still true, but during a period where I was avoiding BBBJ, (and I hate condoms), she evolved a technique with her hands and fingers that is just amazing.

    She is very reasonably priced, and is a real sweetheart.

    Latest link (she's never changed her phone number in nearly a year): https://escortalligator.com.chicago..../post/32886775.

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    One last note: there were 2 or 3 comments that have since disappeared, which referred to bad odors. Going by memory, they were in the 3/28 and 4/28 time-frame.

    (Yes, I've been following her. I really do want a do-over.).

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    Another OLA comment

    I haven't praised my visits to Ola for over a week now. I have visited her again (and again). And I have it figured out now why Ola keeps getting better with each visit, as if that is possible.

    So, in a dream, Ola quickly figured out what I like- titty face, Cowgirl, BLS mixed in with BBBJ. LFK with some DFK. So after the first visit, it was much better. But then there was even more this last time.

    Ola must be used to us old guys having a difficult time "finishing" our time together. That, and there are some guys who "finish" their visit so soon that they get another visit during their time, so Ola is used to dealing with these guys and once we are engaged in our conversation, Ola tries really hard to be extra "charming" to help us out. Well, with too much down time in-between, a guy like me wants to finish his visit at the end of the hour. So it was a good day for me with this buxom blonde beauty. Try as she might to be extra "charming," with me dreaming of her building up speed and contact and DFK and titty face during conversation, today I was expecting it and seemed to be ready. So her extra charm lasted the whole time. If all that code is too hard to read, here's what it means- Ola really really wants you to be happy with your visit. If you need more hand-holding, or if you need more hugs, or maybe something else, she will accommodate. Just ask her to "change subjects" and she will.

    We didn't talk, but I got a brief glimpse of Lara. Beautiful girl, leaving for Poland very very soon. I am kinda stuck on Ola now, spending an hour staring at her lovely face and figure. So if you loved Lara, you will love Ola also.

    Ola is leaving in June, supposedly at the end of June.


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    Need information please

    Have anyone experienced this lady. I saw a couple review.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MannTheMoon  [View Original Post]
    She is real. Very sweet girl. Younger and a little giggly and definitely chubby. She gives a minimal massage and is up for just about anything. Her BBBJ skills are stellar. Outcall only, requires light screening.
    Thanks for letting me know. I will wait to see if she loses some weight during the summer. .

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    Seems highly variable

    I saw her, so she's not a cop. She's a thin, good looking girl, though not necessarily the one in the pics, according to comments. You will want to read the comments, they're all over the place.

    Based on those comments, apparently this chick can be pretty good or pretty lousy. Her recent ads often say "GFE special" - see here - I wonder how that is.

    So, when I saw her, back in March, I was going through a phase of really preferring safe sex, and I hate condoms, so I asked her to do a long teasing handjob. She was very displeased. Part of that, I think, was that I asked about BBBJ and she quoted a good price, which I then turned down. Part of it may be that she refused to sit next to me on the bed, (who fucking knows why? I didn't smell and I don't bite. I've had no similar problems with any other girl! So she was bent over and complaining about how it hurt. I think her back probably did hurt, given how she was bent over, which influenced everything. But all she had to do was sit down next to me and that would have been ok.

    She refused to show me her ass, (even though she wasn't wearing pants), and actually started counting down: "You have 6 minutes left. You have 3 minutes left. " (I'd paid for a 1/2 hour and took every bit of it.).

    Oh yeah, there were 2 other chicks in the bathroom, talking loudly. They came out at the end and were dressed for business, but were never offered.

    However, BBBJ was on the menu and the price was pretty reasonable, and she was very good looking, with great skin. To the point that I'm considering going back and trying something more conventional. I'm back into BBBJs again, and I think I've found some condoms that will work better for me*.

    Especially because she claims to be so tight that she says "No big dicks allowed" - I can believe it, she is very slender.

    * I'm looking at condoms at https://www.myonecondoms.com/ - I'm thicker than average, and regular American condoms don't really vary much in that dimension. This place has many sizes in order to better fit a given man's penis. You actually measure your erect penis and plug the length and girth into a form that tells you which size to order. I'm still waiting on the ones I ordered to get here, so I can't give any reviews.

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    She's great. Can be GFE and even PSE. She "can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. " I mean that nicely of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by SlimBo9  [View Original Post]
    Coming into Chicago tomorrow. Any intel on this one: https://www.adultlook.com/p/2984142.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightShrute  [View Original Post]
    Pictures are of Keilih Victoria. Google her. She IS smoking hot.

    Props to EggCorn for doing excessive detective work to find out who the girl really is.

    If the openly advertised rates didn't send up a warning signal. Then the exact street and building address should have.

    She was discussed last November, several posts.

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