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    Know what you want, Go where you will get it

    If you just want a decent massage with a HJ happy ending, try keeping to the AMPs that offer a full hour massage as their main stay. If you want immediate FS service, focus on the places that encourage Half hour visits.

    I'm generally a 1-hour sensual massage HJ guy, but sometimes a Hhr place meets my immediate needs and I recognize they serve different purposes for different Mongers. The Half Hour appointment places are showing up more with a trend that gives you less time, at full hour higher prices. In my travels I've noticed that the places that offer and push for half hour appointments generally have FS menus and consequently expect too much tip for just a massage and HJ.

    To me this over charging trend is based on value of time, not just the service provided. Women who make $. + in a half hour with a FS client expect to provide FS and get $. + for their time. If you just want a massage and HJ then it is on you for not taking advantage of what you could have. Unfortunately, you might have to pay top dollar for that HJ, because they see the value of the time spent with you, not the service you request. Why would they rub and tug you for a smaller tip, when the next guy in line is a FS client tipping full price for the same time? So, she'll tell you an overpriced rate for a HJ because she expects to get paid a FS donation for her time. And all that works for her, because, if you go for it, she gets the same bucks, or very close to it, for much less work and less wear and tear on her goods.

    When we get quoted a crazy price for a HJ in a Hhr spa we will have to negotiate it down or take it in the wallet. But I discovered even if you negotiate them down, the savings isn't much. If you are like me, serious haggling really steals some of the fun out of the visit too. And if you only have a half hour, haggling wastes time, kills the mood, and the massage often ends up barely worth it because she's expecting to perform FS, not having to work hard massaging someone, with no fun in it for her, for less money. That is why when guys do get a great massage from a Hhr FS provider they mention it in their post.

    FS women have a FS mentality too. They want the most money for the least work. Why do you think so many FS providers like doggie, or mish, where they let you do most the work?

    If you end up in a FS spa, you might as well pony up the extra and get down to some real FS fun. Why pay a premium for a HJ when you might get FS for .2 or .4 more? You can always consider leaving, or you can suck it up and pay for an expensive HE, but that will probably be with a short lame massage and tame HJ.

    Another thing to consider. Beware, if you go to a FS Hhr place and don't want FS from the woman in front of you, you're possibly insulting her by refusing her FS. Most women I know don't take rejection well, so she is wondering why you came to a FS place and don't want FS? You came to a candy store; why don't you want the candy? And she probably wondering why you don't want FS from her. If she doesn't feel insulted it's probably because she figures you have no clue what you're doing. Either way, the result of this is that her performance might be very disappointing.

    I have also noticed that many FS providers giving HJs tend to rush you to cum and once you've popped and they cleaned you up, announce "all done" before your time is really up. Again, you can speak up and demand more time, but they are already thinking about the next FS customer who's paying FS tips.

    This triple whammy to me isn't worth it. Lame massage, encouraged you to finish quickly, and then cuts your time, just doesn't make a Monger's day.

    Besides to me a half hour isn't enough time to get a good full body sensual massage, let alone tossing in some quality extra fun. I prefer a longer hands on experience, including the oil rubs, the potential teasing, and then a pleasing finish. I'd rather do a 1 Hr AMP visit that offers a great massage with perhaps the possibility of a little more, than a FS Hhr place that offers it all with a lame massage.

    Be sure you know what you want. If you want a great massage, go to a 1 Hr massage place, if you want FS action go to a Hhr FS place. Seldom will you get FS in a 1 Hr place on the first visit, and also seldom will you get a great massage with a Hhr FS place that expects you to show up, get it up, get off, pay up, and leave in a Hhr.

    From all the free intel in these posts, there is no excuse for not finding the place a provider that suits you best. And it is true, if you become a trusted repeat customer at Full Hour AMPs, it's possible to get FS.

    Get all you can and enjoy it as best you can, while you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMatthews521  [View Original Post]
    FYI, the MMS for 108 definitely reads these boards if that changes what review you want to leave. I only know this because she texted me the next morning talking about my post here and offered a make up. Unless someone told her. Very sweet lady though.
    That's great MMS offered you a make up session, that shows her willingness to provide excellent customer service (at least the best she can from a MMS / manager's standpoint). She can probably tell the girls they can improve on things. As long as I'm not shorted on time or given a bait and switch, I can accept YMMV behind closed doors between me and the providers because of chemistry.

    I think we all know providers, spa owners, pimps, MMS read this and other review boards, but I don't think it should change what or how we write our reviews. We need to realized and accept the possibility for YMMV in many of theses FS spa visits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMatthews521  [View Original Post]
    FYI, the MMS for 108 definitely reads these boards if that changes what review you want to leave. I only know this because she texted me the next morning talking about my post here and offered a make up. Unless someone told her. Very sweet lady though.
    I have seen references to 108 multiple times, but can't find any specifics about it.

    Appreciate any help.


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    FYI, the MMS for 108 definitely reads these boards if that changes what review you want to leave. I only know this because she texted me the next morning talking about my post here and offered a make up. Unless someone told her. Very sweet lady though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RChangDatyKing  [View Original Post]
    I used to go here for good legit massages but haven't been in awhile. The ad makes it look like there are plenty of hot 20 somethings (at least one new 22 years old. LOL) doing massage (yeah I know they are fake), but any recent intel is greatly appreciate it.
    I called the number and asked for the new 22-year-old. The person admitted the ad is fake and there are no 20 somethings at their shop. She said all their masseuses are in their mid to late 40's; which probably means late 40's to 50's. It's a no go for me.

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    7 Spa Anna

    Hello all,

    I've been lurking for awhile and decided it's time to sign up and contribute. Thanks to all who post and provide valuable info.

    I went to 7 Spa the other night for the first time. I was greeted by Anna wearing that same grey dress that has been mentioned. She's a hottie, who's probably in her early 30's, but could totally pass for a 20 something. She directed me to the room and said to get undressed and she'll be back shortly. Took my clothes off and got on the table face down. Anna came in and started a very light touch massage. It felt good but had zero therapeutic qualities. She started teasing my crack and ball sack from behind though, which felt good. After about 10 minutes of this she had me flip and asked what I wanted. Her English is quite limited, so had a bit of difficulty communicating with her. I told her I wanted a BBBJ, but wanted her to get totally naked and have full access to her body. Was eventually able to communicate this to her and we agreed upon an appropriate tip for this service. She then slipped out of her dress revealing quite the hot little body! Anna has a great ass, a flat stomach and nice C cups (as another member mentioned, I too am not sure if they're real or MM). Additionally, Anna was sporting a full Bush and also has really nice legs and feet (for all you foot fetish guys). I'd give her BBBJ a 6/10 - it was good, but I've had a lot better. No DT to speak of, but she did spent a lot of time enthusiastically licking and sucking my nuts, as well as licking the shaft and tickling my head and frenulum, which I love. She worked me over like this for a good 10-15 minutes until I eventually ejaculated a massive load all over my chest and the massage table. While cleaning me up, she commented "too much". Hopefully she cleaned the table up well after I left (I'd feel sorry for the next monger if she didn't). All in all a good time and I found Anna to be a real sweetheart, who's super hot and enthusiastic.

    Mr MuffMan.

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    Just curious if any other fellas on here have been able to get more than just a HE from this sexy lady seems like more can be had if a report is established. Thanks again I have visited her once and walked away satisfied with the standard rub and tug.

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    Ariel on RR

    Has anyone tried this new provider. Her ad say she's in MV, but I wonder if she's part of the Old Town Crew based on her introductory rate and how ad is written. Any intel is greatly appreciate it.

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    Happy Foot Massage on Convoy

    I used to go here for good legit massages but haven't been in awhile. The ad makes it look like there are plenty of hot 20 somethings (at least one new 22 years old. LOL) doing massage (yeah I know they are fake), but any recent intel is greatly appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeeezNutss  [View Original Post]
    After CuriousJo8 posted his report on Eva & Michelle, it made me curious how 4 hands would be. Text MMS and asked who was working and it was Eva, Kiki and Cherry but no Michelle which I new she wasn't going to be there as you guys reported that she was going to be out a week and MMS confirmed it. For sure I wanted Eva in the mix and of course I've already experienced the infamous Kiki (Emma) at MRC so I opted for these 2 lovely girls.

    Got there and was greeted by the sweet MMS with a hug and kiss on the cheek. I must say that she is the sweetest MMS that I have ever met from all the other AMP's I've been to. But anyways, I was expecting to be sent to the other side, 107 but MMS led me to the first room next to the front desk. MMS told me ahead of time that they weren't that busy so I guess that's why she had me stay at 108. Paid MMS the HF and leaves the room. I then get undressed and sit on the table. In then a few minutes, in comes Eva in this nice tight light blood dress looking cute like always. She greets me with a hug and we do a little LFK while stroke' and o junior and asks me if I'm ready to have a good time LOL. She then has me lay down on the table as she's placing the pillow for my head which I'm thinking the party is going to start first before the massage. Eva then leaves the room and comes back with Kiki. Kiki is wearing a tight short black dress and they come on each side, Eva on the left and Kiki on the right. They both start undressing and reveal their nice bodies. Kiki wipes down the boys and junior real quick and right away Eva comes towards my face and we start DFK while Kiki starts caressing my body. Kiki then grabs her glass of warm water and does her BBBJ thang which was awesome. As Kiki is doing that, Eva comes down to and starts licking and sucking on the boys. Wow, this was a great sight looking down on these two hot Asian women just going at it! Kiki then spits out the water (in her famous bucket) and then continues to feast and then comes on top of me and offers her kitty for me to dine in, can't say no to that LOL. We're doing this for a good 10 mins and I'm just in heaven and trying not to blow my load. Kiki then gets off the table and grabs the rubber and as she's putting it on, Eva comes to me and we start making out again. Kiki then goes on top of me and rides me CG. I feel Eva getting horny watching Kiki riding me so then Eva comes on top of the table and plants her kitty on my face and wants me to dine in. I'm making out with her kitty and I'm having a view up top where Eva is just feeling herself and caressing her nice MM kitties. Both girls are just moaning pretty loud which was just turning me on. I feel Eva shaking as I'm guess' and she O'd. Kiki then gets off and says to fuck her K9 and so Eva gets off and I get up as Kiki assumes the position. I start pounding away and Eva stands next to me and tells me to fuck Kiki harder as she's slapping her ass. Man I felt like I was in a porn movie haha. Eva grabs my head and we start DFK' and as I'm pounding Kiki away and then I work my way down and sucking on Eva's titties. I then tell Eva I want to fuck her now and so Kiki pulls out and turns around and takes the rubber off and wipes down junior as I'm still on the table on my knees catching my breath. Eva then gets on the table and gets on all 4's and starts sucking on junior. It was such a great view seeing her sucking on me and her ass is up in the air. Eva is just sucking away and just love the way she gives BBBJ DT. Sloppy and going to town with it. As Eva is doing that, Kiki goes behind me and starts kissing the back of neck then comes to the front and licks on my nipples and my hands are just roaming on each of these girls tits and nipples.

    Eva then puts on the cover and has me fuck her missionary. I go inside her and she's just looking at me so sultry and I start pounding away as we're DFK'n. As I'm pounding away, Eva is behind me and playing with the boys and kissing on my back. Eva tells me to not stop and wants me to fuck her harder and so I oblige. She's moaning and tells me that's about to come as I see her head go back. I then tell her that I'm about to blow and she tells me to lie on my back and wants to suck me. I assume the position and Eva takes the cover off and starts doing her mind blowing BBBJ, just slurping away with HJ and can just see how wet junior is from all her saliva. Kiki then comes towards my head and starts DKF'n me and then puts her boob in my mouth and I'm just sucking and licking away. I tell them that I'm about to blow and Eva just starts going faster with her BJ. I then unload in her mouth while she's still sucking me slowly and gets every drip out.

    Then the usually clean up, wipe down as I'm lying there in awe and catching my breath. They both say it was so good and they both start to put their clothes back on. Kiki says thank you and gives me a kiss and heads out the room. Eva has me lie back down on the table face down and says that she'll give me a massage. Applies the oil and I must say that she gives a good back massage. Kiki comes back in the room and starts massaging my legs and they're both massaging me for a good 10 mins. Eva then gives me a kiss on my back and says 'ok honey' which is the que that time is up.

    I get up and start to get dressed and as I'm doing so they both come to me and start flirting some more and giving me kisses. I'm like, another round? LOL Eva was like, no more time honey. But she then lies on the table and spreads her legs and I come to her and start dining in LOL. She didn't stop me so I stayed there for a good 5 mins and she then tells me to stop and come back next time. They both lead me out the door and offer me water and both give me kiss and say their good byes. I see MMS sitting at the front desk and I go to her gives her a hug. She then tells me that Michelle will be back in a week and shows me a pic of a new girl coming next month and she'll text me when she arrives so that I can try her out. I grab some candy and off I went. As I'm waking out another monger was coming in, bet it was King LOL!

    I must say it was a great experience with these two girls at the same time, and it probably won't be the last I do 4 hands again! LOL.
    Very nice. What ways damage for all that fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AssMan6969  [View Original Post]
    I'm sorry to read about your unpleasant experience, M44; this unfortunately goes with the territory and something I think most of us hobbyists experience from time to time.

    I must say, that this has to be one of the most enjoyable, crazy hot reviews I've ever read- anywhere! I was getting all hot & excited just READING what went down with these 2. & while I was reading I was thinking, who am I going to see tonight?

    As for my Last Thursday evening, I had another very interesting journey, and ultimately, a mind blowing evening. It all started off with me driving North up to Z. S. Massage in O-side. Unfortunately, my timing was off and the only lady available, was a no go for me. SO. I decided to take a drive down to Point Loma / Sports Arena & see if Deanery was working. I had tried calling & texting but I didn't receive a reply until later that evening. So I made it down to her building on that side street off of Midway & go inside. I rang the buzzer down at the end of the hallway, & this very unattractive, fat Latina lady answered the door. I told her that I wanted to see Deanery. Then 2 other younger more attractive Latina's (maybe 6's on the 10 scale) showed up & I again asked for Miss D. The second 2 girls became very rude with me (despite me being polite) and asked me to leave and to make an appointment next time. From what I found out later (from Deanery AKA Reyna- details to be discussed later), she had left there on bad terms with this new crew, & she was delighted and took great satisfaction, learning of my unpleasant experience and that I had told these 3 newbies' that I only wanted to see Miss D.

    So once again, I decide it's off to Big O 108 to see if any talent was available (hoping that Eva or a new girl would be). I pulled up to the parking area a few spaces away; there were 3 other cars parked nearby, so I wasn't feeling very optimistic. This is where it's get kind of funny. Back on my B-day, my brother has sent me a huge Kerr canning jar, filled with these dispensary grown Cetiva KGB's. I typically only get high on very RARE occasions. And I thought to myself, that this is kind of a rare occasion. So I took a couple of tokes and went inside. And who was there to greet me in the entry way? None other than Eva, wearing a beautiful tight fitting short Teal colored dress, and a nice set of heels. She comes up to me and starts sarcastically giving me some $hit, asking why I had waited so long to come back and see her. Then she proceeds to lead my into 1 of the rooms in 108, where we hug and exchange a passionate DFK. So here's where it gets kind of comical. In my "DAZED & CONFUSED" state of mind (not helped by the flow of my blood down to my other head), and factoring in the room was very dark, I grabbed my wallet and thought I had taken out (3) . 2's for the hf. But instead I had handed her (3) Benji's. Eva left and then when she came back in she was trying really hard to get me to bring in a 2nd girl. I thought about it, but the other girl just wasn't my type & besides, I prefer focusing all my attention on 1 girl. Especially when it's Eva.

    When Eva finally returns to the room, and I give her the bad news and my $ mistake and she gave me back some of the dinero I had given her. With the understanding that I'll take care of her (with a nice tip) when we were done, which is exactly what did.

    If I thought my last sesh with this vixen couldn't be any freakier with this little spinner, I couldn't be more wrong! She starts off wearing my Cowboy hat again. For maybe all of 5 minutes until things got so crazy she just threw it off to the side. This time, I don't know what got into her, but our sesh turned into more of an S&M sesh, unlike anything I've ever experience before in my life; making those hard slaps she gave me last time, tame in comparison. Once again, we don't even get on the table. We go straight at it with one another on the couch with her alternating between dfk-ing me & slobbering & spitting all over my cock. Only this time, she had a firm grip on my balls and every once in awhile she'd give them a firm squeeze. This went on for sometime. & maybe after about 10 minutes of CW, we went at it in 69. Then gave her tap on that a $$ & told her that I wanted her to get up on top and ride me hard like last time. This time, she gets on top and starts riding me hard, and then she grabs both of my nipples with each her thumbs / fingers and starts really pinching and twisting them super hard; this was actually really hurt. But the good kind of hurt, and on the positive side, kept me from cumming. And then a couple of minutes later, we each had a hand on each other's throats and were choking each other. And then this was when it got really good.

    Eva gave me a slap to my cheek, so I responded with a little smack back to her cheek with my right hand. To where she hauls off and smacked me on the left side of my face, as hard as I think I've ever been struck before- or at least by a woman. I mean this girl knocked me bat $hit crazy, into next week! The funny thing was, we didn't miss a beat, she kept riding me for another couple of minutes. Then it was up on the table in mish. Then up against the wall with her back arched dfk-ing me as I was pounding her. And then finally back to the couch. Where I told her that I wanted to fuck those perfect tits! And if thought her S&M couldn't get any more aggressive / painful, to the point of me almost tapping out. It did! When I first sat back down on the couch, she started with another amazing BBBJ, and more bs. And that's when she starts smacking the hell out of my rock hard erect cock. Right hand smack, then a left. Right again, and after about 5 or 6 hard smacks, I finally had to grab her hands because it was freaking hurting so bad. I don't know man, maybe I totally remind her of an ex-boyfriend she doesn't like very much anymore. Back to Eva finally (after all the rough stuff) putting that perfect rack in front of my rock hard cock. & I'm telling her I going to blow all over those f-ing perfect tits- & I did! Watching her beautiful face as I'm fucking those perfect tits, is about as perfect a visual as 1 can have. I can't wait to see this girl again.

    If I were to have my own fantasy dream team AMP threesome- I think I would have to go with Lily (MRC) & Eva (108).
    Haha. Your review made me LOL. That's a lot of slapping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCountry818  [View Original Post]
    Is Aleczis still offering massage in the SD area?

    Yes She is. If you send a txt or call her number she has an automated reply that tells you her schedule. I saw her on PD a few days ago as well.

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    Is Aleczis still offering massage in the SD area?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan1979  [View Original Post]
    Depending on the girl, they had legit to a full menu and everything in between, but don't dare leave a review saying anything other than legit or that girl is gone. I haven't been in awhile, but if you don't try nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Any spa that has a door (especially a locking door) is open to anything in my experience. Frosted windows are still private. IMO it's always the girls that will set their limits more so than the spa. Charm, cash and timing is always a game changer.
    I agree 100% that's why I stick with the non FS spas for most of my fun. You build rapport and develop chemistry with these girls and the menu will be whatever you want it to be. Other than a few AMPs that I'm aware of, most will have a front desk person / manager, so an hour session always last an hour and there is never a rush. 75% of the girls (from many years of visiting these AMPs) I've met at these non FS spas has offered FBSM + to full menu after repeat visits. Yes, be charming, a gentleman and make the girls feel safe and it can yield many rewards.

    Yes, NO REVIEWS! Sorry, I will not be giving names of those providing FS at these spas in open forum or PMs.

    Quote Originally Posted by KMatthews521  [View Original Post]
    Just got back from the infamous 108. I was very disappointed with my experience and had a pretty bad time.

    I started off by texting the MMS and asked who was available and she said Eva, Kiki, and Cherry. Now this is my first time so I have no idea what they look like but from all the reviews it wounds like Eva is most like my type and who I had my eye on going into the night. I asked the MMS via text since it was my first time if I could see all 3 girls before and she said "yes honey, of course honey". We set up an appointment. I get there and I'm greeted by Cherry who starts to take me back to a room. I said no, the MMS said I could see each girl first. She then brings me next door to 107 and the MMS comes out and says who do you want. I then said during our text you said I can see all the girls. She said ok, eva and kiki are busy can you wait 10 minutes? I said sure and then she shoves me into some closet / waiting room where I just sit on a chair and stare at a red wall. I tried to leave but she wouldn't let me. Anyways, it ended up being more like 30 minutes and finally the MMS comes back and says which girl (no girl was present), and I say EVA and she says ok EVA and a girl comes in says ok lets go. Now the ad on RR says HHR 40, HR 60. So I hand the girl 40 and she says no its 50. I said the ad online says 40 and I showed it to her. She said that's old, HHR 50. Fine whatever, here is an extra 10. Terrible "Massage". Lasted a whole 30 seconds. She says ok flip. We negotiate a price for a BBBJ. She didn't even really give me a BJ. All she did was suck and lick on my balls while jerking me off. Maybe 1 or 2 licks of the shaft. Other than that all she did was lick my nipples. At the end she says ok come back and we boom boom, my name KIKI! I'm thinking WTF! I SAID EVA!

    2 thumbs down!
    Sorry man! These are some of the reasons why I don't care much for FS AMPs: lots of traffic-going in / out, bait and switch, rushed sessions, poor service because you are new, etc. I wished the PPS / MMS would just be honest if a girl we are requesting to see is busy or has appointments and will not be available. Don't make me wait, then send someone else in.

    Girls at FS spas don't want you to just get a HE, BJ. They want you to go for the full enchilada so they can make the full amount of $$$ for each / every session. Otherwise they would or potentially miss on an appointment that will do FS if they weren't entertaining you for just a HJ / BJ.

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    We have the same taste in Asian women! This would be my choice as well!

    Love your review man, I can see Eva doing that to me on my next visit with her, not sure if I'd enjoy it, but only one way to find out LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by AssMan6969  [View Original Post]
    If I were to have my own fantasy dream team AMP threesome- I think I would have to go with Lily (MRC) & Eva (108).

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