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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaPop  [View Original Post]
    Any good ed pills I can get locally when I'm on the hunt?
    Try one of the online places, blink health or for hims. You can sign up online and fill out some questions you can actually opt for shipping or pick up at a local pharmacy once they approve your prescription which only took me about an hour during the day.

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    Go for the injections

    Quote Originally Posted by PapaPop  [View Original Post]
    Any good ed pills I can get locally when I'm on the hunt?
    Forget the pills, ask your doc for the injection. It's like you are 18 all over again but without a refractory period.

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    She's a thief

    Quote Originally Posted by Scooter6  [View Original Post]
    Almost certain I saw her last night come in the BP at JTB & PH.

    She's a regular there according to the owner (who is a friend of mine) - she wanted to use the bathroom and wanted him to charge her phone while she did.

    Then looked in her giant purse and couldn't find her charging cable. So he gave her her phone back -- then she took 2 steps towards the door and then said 'hey I need my phone back' then 'oh wait you gave it to me didn't you?' LOL I was laughing at her.
    I saw her not long ago and it was a disaster. She directed me to a private residence. We went into the bedroom and she went to use the attached bathroom. She was obviously on drugs and when she came out she accused me of "going through her things". Before we could start anything, her roommates (a male and a female) came home. She left the bedroom and told me to wait. After 15 minutes, the female roommate knocked on the door and said "She wants you to go to the back bathroom, fully clothed. " I got dressed and did so. Jackie entered the back bathroom with me and suggested we go to the Extended Stay motel where she said she had a room for the week. I took her there with a sinking feeling that I was screwed, and not in a good way. We went into the motel and she had me wait in front of her room while she 'went to get the key'. You can guess what happened next. She never returned. It's obvious I paid for her to get a room for the night and even gave her a ride there. She had the nerve to text me later saying I wasn't there when she returned. That was bullshit because I waited an embarrassingly long time and actually went down to the front desk to see if she was still there, which of course, she wasn't. Lesson learned. I've decided this hobby is no longer for me. It's not like I'm even enjoying it anymore anyway. But at least I can save others some time and money.

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    Katie Flowers Modeling

    Any of you guys have any experience with Katie Flowers from Eros?

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    White Busty BBW

    Hey all. I'm up from South Florida for a few days. Anyone have a busty white bbw they can recommend?

    I don't mind a big belly so long as the chest is huge. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaPop  [View Original Post]
    Any good ed pills I can get locally when I'm on the hunt?
    There is an entire threat dedicated to this subject. You may also want to peruse the General thread here locally as this has been discussed before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaPop  [View Original Post]
    Any good ed pills at gnc or sex shops?
    GNC Amino Acid L-Arginine get the large 1000 MG bottle. I take 4 of them before working out or going to play around. It helps to open up blood vessels, it works.

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    Ed pills

    Any good ed pills at gnc or sex shops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by InTheSand  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know what happen to Lauren?
    Was kinda wondering about her myself. This spinner gave an excellent BBBJ and had one of the tightest pussies ever! No anal which was a shame as she has a fantastic ass but with a pussy as tight as her's I made an exception and saw her on a few occasions and would do so again if she was still around. I also never had a single problem with her, showed up coherent, freshly showered and with in a reasonable time frame. If anal had been on the menu she definitely would make the atf list. JD.

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    Ed pills

    Any good ed pills I can get locally when I'm on the hunt?

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    Anyone seen this chick? Curious how close to the pics she actually is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockEye69  [View Original Post]
    That seems strange of Addison, I've seen her a few times in the last couple months and always have had a good experience. She's always been a little flaky and kind of a ditz. She doesn't strike me as druggie, maybe antidepressants or some kind of prescription shit for mental disorders. I know she lost both of her sons due to motorcycle accidents, one several years ago, the other recently. She is trying to remodel some of her house by herself. I hope she is ok, I enjoy seeing her and am hoping to soon.

    Yah she was fixing her plumbing and talking about that pos house for about an hour before she finally led me down to the fn dungeon too.

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    Avoid her at all costs.

    Quote Originally Posted by JaxFight  [View Original Post]
    Those all look TGTBT, I would advise caution. Thanks for asking Uncle Moggie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallerOne  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have a dream with these two ladies?



    Thank you.
    Both real, good locations. What you see us what you get. Cute.

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    BBW Latina

    Does anyone know what happened or remember a bbw spanish provider that use to live at the apartments off Atlantic and century 21. She advertising massages but with an open menu.

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