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    I saw her ad close to where I can get to without raising suspicion (work or home) and contacted her for a car visit first. I like to get to know.

    We met and I was a little hesitant so I just opted to check her out and her me, then drop her off. I gave her a tip for her time and she then decided to take it further regardless and the little man starting the thinking for me. While testing the mic, she deep throat'd it and she was off. She was very good and after I cleaned up. I provided her with some additional and she looked surprised. She never asked for anymore than the small tip I gave her.

    By the way. She took it all and was a pro. Stayed on until she was sure she cleaned up everything lingering in jr.

    Funny weird though. She stated she started a job nearby at the same exact place a girl I tried the day before stated she was starting to work. Freaked me out a little. Note. The 1st one didn't pass my test and we just did a mic check and gave her bus fare.

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    Saw her a few weeks ago off JTB. Had her own room. Bf was off on some ship. I know her personally so set up was easy. . 8 qv but went way over time. BBBJ, cg, rcg, mish, and doggie. Funny she's a thumbsucker when she is cumming. Will definitely repeat when she has her own room again. No smell. Let me cum on her face.

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    Saw her off Atlantic and Century 21. Nice apartment. Shares it with an older woman. Comms were good. No track marks or smell. Looks just like her pictures. Everything covered. You can tell she's new to this. Started with CG. Then RCG. Love this view then finish with doggie. Didn't watch the clock. Kinda paranoid at first til she meets you. You will enjoy her body even though she doesn't get into the session. That's my only complaint. On the fence on whether I will repeat or not.

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    Asian sexy and lots of fun

    Tried to set up appointment with her but she asked my age, and race then quoted me $$$ for a qv. I politely said 🖕🏽And declined. Pretty bold for not having any reviews. Anyone else have any luck?

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    Saw her Friday morning. She looks rough. Comms were good. . 8 qv. Location is apartment off Phillips highway and university. Sharing with someone's grandfather. Room was ok. No smell. CBJ my preference. Mish and doggie. She does have track marks on her hand. Also she is pregnant if that's your thing. Maybe 4 or 5 months. Don't think I will repeat. YMMV.

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    Saw this one 3 days ago. She answered right away. Early qv. Very paranoid if she haven't seen you before. Location off Shindler. She gave me the address when I got there she said no thanks. I was like WTF. After going back and forth for 5 minutes on text I asked do you want the date or not. Damage was. 8 which I was shocked. Last time I tried she said $ and I declined. I head back and she walked me in the back door. A guy definitely lives there but I didn't see anyone the whole time. There was no BJ. Only a handjob. Everything covered. Started with CG. It was good. Switched to doggie with her standing. Her bed makes a lot of noise. She's a bit smaller than the pictures let on. No smell or track marks that I saw. Will repeat at some point.

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    Fun size

    Saw this about a week ago. Lives in a nice area off JTB. I'm a little uneasy about going in a private house. We chatted about 10 minutes in the car so I decided to keep the appt. . 8 for the qv. There was a guy in the house but never came outside the room. Felt safe the whole time. Definitely a fun size. Only thing is she has no tits. Didn't bother me. CG mish. She can ride good. She likes to kiss you on the neck and play with the boys while riding. I will repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMnnos  [View Original Post]
    I also admit, I give Mandy credit on looks, but even with one positive review I still consider her a crook. Out of curiosity I reached out to her to see what a QV was and she quoted me a rose amount for an hour visit. That there just threw me back to reality. If I was going to get ripped off, it wasnt going to be for a substantial amount so of course I passed. If she DID play straight, like guys have mentioned, she would be rolling.

    Wish she did play nice. Her looks reminds me of Daniela Ruah who I find pretty hot. But it is what it is and Mandy may never really change. She may be a flavor I'll never taste and I won't have my dream of bangin a federal agent.

    If sheeps clothing comes in any size it would be in MX3.
    She is hot enough to be a model. Too bad she doesn't play nice. A looker like that with great attitude would be worth a premium price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FilthyFcker  [View Original Post]
    Yes but she does take it up her ass so that kind of balances out the other hole with bad teeth. Are /923069467068.
    Wish I'd seen this sooner. You got backdoor out of her? All I heard was no.

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    Just remember

    If you decide to see her, don't think she provides the same level of enthusiasm as she did in the pornhub video. The experience I had was meh, at best. She also didn't look as good to me in person. Maybe it was because I caught her at about 2-3 in the morning. There was also an odor at the time. I had tried to see her for quite a while before actually being able to and finally got the chance. It was one of those- is this what all the fuss was about! Big let down, IMHO.

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    "Design not to partake " so no go LOL? Asking because I'm setting up something now with her.

    Quote Originally Posted by JaxonMonger  [View Original Post]
    Easy com. I ask for verification 30 minutes before arrive and get real picture. Design not to partake.

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    Yeah, Mandy x3 is a bit of a funny bird

    Quote Originally Posted by RickDugan  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for posting this Quebec and fair enough on all fronts. I met Mandy myself one time a couple of years back, but I was there to see someone she was rooming with. We had to wait a few minutes in my car while Mandy finished up with her customer and, while I did not talk to him, I did see him leaving the room and he didn't look like a man who had just been ripped off. I just can't imagine that every experience with her is as bad as those posted on here. As pretty as she is, a girl cannot last in this business in this area without some repeat customers. The market just isn't big enough for a constant flow of new blood year-round.

    I'll also add that when I saw her in person as she was getting ready to leave the room, she looked good in a sexy, hot mess, alley cat sort of way. I have also been tempted to pull the trigger, but everything posted thus far has held me up. I may soon bite the bullet and give it a try.
    I thought after seeing her and giving a decent review that she would be a little different, as far as response time and future meet-ups. However, it is still hard to schedule and it always seems something weird is going on with her. Hence, I stopped trying. It's a shame how some of us who are fairly well-to-do take chances with these girls. I mean, with their lifestyle, we could lose everything if we're not careful. The drugs, the shifty characters, and whatever else always concerns me. It's like the girl Serena or Keyla, Cuban girl, Mandy and her friend Morgan hungs with, she just got popped with a lot of heroin and other paraphernalia she stole from a dope boy-a distribution charge, so she might go away for a while. I read the LEO report and she had a crack pipe hidden in her va-jay. Scary because we did car meets! These girls are dangerous and they care nothing about how we can be adversely impacted by their poor judgment and lifestyle.

    I'm also noticing more and more that guys are posting about LEO hanging around hotels now and engaging guys after they either arrive or leave these venues. Makes me think they've developed new techniques to get people, especially since hooking has gone more and more underground versus the streets. Anyway, sorry for the rant, I guess I'm finally getting to the point where I tired of taking chances with this dangerous group of people, Sooner or later we will get got if we stay in the life long enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloros  [View Original Post]
    Do you have a link or a way to search by chance?

    Interested to see these videos.
    Here you go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slumpin904  [View Original Post]
    Well alright I figured I'd make a post about some of the ladies that I've seen in Jacksonville over the past years may bring back some memories to some people and some I'd like to figure out where they are LOL.

    First up Lisa yeah not much I can say other than speechless my favorite hands down. Saw her a few times, 1st time I paid alot 2 $ hh and now she does 120 hhBbbj cfs.

    Met up with Peytonj a few times the last time I saw her she was all bruised up so I haven't bothered with her since then. BBBJ cfs. 8 to $.

    Also met up with her little friend destiny when she was off of Townsend and Arlington had a great time. No BJ at all but I managed. $. 2 cfs.

    Another one would be a girl named Paris little blonde girl who stayed off of Sunbeam with color tattoos and gauges in her ears. I wish she still did her thing but I'm pretty sure she's moved on to other things. BBBJ $priceless LOL I don't remember.

    The next girl some of you may know as Tanner Cruz (brittany) well that was her pornstar name at least I'd say she was my second favorite behind Lisa until the past couple years she's gained a lot of weight and went downhill. BBBJ $. 2 hh.

    A girl named Danielle who was a Latino girl with some tattoos curly hair not really sure how to explain her other than that she was amazing I met her in Orange Park she had a friend named Lala in the hotel with her she asked me if I wanted Lala to join us and I said no like an idiot and haven't been able to get in contact with Lala since then pretty sure she moved on. But yeah got BJ and then busted after 10 seconds of k9 LOL BBBJ cfs $. 4 hh.

    The blonde girl Heidi that looks like a Barbie doll she is covered BJ but she's f* gorgeous so I manage. She is in jax every week or so. 8 cfs.

    Black barbie (not sure her "real"name, skinny ebony I'd never go back to. She's posted on and off for years. BBBJ 8 cfs.

    Also had the chance to meet a GORGEOUS big lipped blond named Sunnie, forgot about her. Yeah I like her more than Lisa XD 2 $$ expensive though she's very under the radar.

    And probly 4 or so more that I don't know the names of as they came and went didn't really stick around.

    Now I'd like to ask for some input on a few specific ladies.

    "Lyric" aka hazel. She looks amazing I've seen her at a club way before I knew she did this.

    This "smores" girl I keep hearing of. Every ad I click gives me 404 error so no way of getting her #.

    Any good Chiquita or Paris Monroe dreams?

    And FINALLY Alexis Andrews the pornstar. Has videos allover and I spoke to just never got to meet. She asked 300 hh I replied 150 qv she said fine but I couldn't follow through that night.

    Thanks ill be checking back in!
    I used to see Paris every week. Super sexy and very skilled. She moved but she will come and visit once or twice a year and I normally end up seeing her a few times when she visits. Sometimes she will have a friend that will join in. Really great girl and sexy as hell. Allowed me to set up cameras so have some great videos to remember her by.

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    Blair location

    She gave me the 1st location half mile from her real location. I guess so she can see my car, then direct me to actual location. I felt safe on her private resident (APT), with female roommate and small dog. The roommate seem to knows what she does but didn't care. Blair said all covered but be able to negotiate for BBBJ on second visit. I would repeat. YMMV I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by DWaltonXXX  [View Original Post]
    Blair looks super cute, but I got the same thing and then it turned out that she wasn't even there yet. After I had driven through rush hour traffic in 100 degree weather. I noped out of there. I don't get paid to wait on flaky providers.

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