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    Quote Originally Posted by Asd12  [View Original Post]
    I'll be visiting downtown Phoenix next week and would appreciate recommendations on the best club in the area. Would like a place with good looking women and good mileage in the VIP, even if it is on the pricier end. PM me with any specifics.
    My recommendation would depend on what type of women you desire. But either HiLiter or Bourbon Street would be my choice for you. Both are reasonable for VIP.

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    Visit to Bandaids

    I came down from the mountains for a few days and needed to get some entertainment. I can usually find one or two out of all the heavyweights. I had several good dances from a slim (B naturals) Hispanic with no noticeable accent, also a short little Hispanic (cute A's) which I discovered was un-shaven. I also tried a blond from Germany who had no idea what she was doing. First dance she just shook her ass in my face, then when I turned her down for a second and ask for change she said why? I said I like the front not the back. I then agreed for the second and she just flopped her tits on my face.

    I did stop at Highliter for a bit. It seems like they all hit me in the first 10 min before I have time to relax so I tell them maybe later but they never come back.

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    Visiting PHX

    I'll be visiting downtown Phoenix next week and would appreciate recommendations on the best club in the area. Would like a place with good looking women and good mileage in the VIP, even if it is on the pricier end. PM me with any specifics.

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    A little PHX strip club humor in The Onion

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    T&A changes

    Didn't feel like battling traffic out of downtown so I made an easy detour over to T&A. Used to hit this place up a lot in the past. First daytime visit in a while though.

    Not really liking the new vibe at all. Can't get draft beer because it's broken or something. Can't get 2 for 1 on bottles. Don't do VIP discount anymore. Unfriendly staff all new to me.

    Not sure when exactly the new ownership took over so maybe this is old news to you all. As for me I think I'm done with the place.

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    Went this past week at lunch and there were a dozen or so please; good number of girls that were lookers and I left happy and relieved, contrary to what many have reported. I recommend a Cuban named Anna (short, amazing booty and a tattoo on her leg / thigh) and brunette named Lala (mid to late 20's, very bubbly and great bod); Jojo is also fun but never got the vibe for extras. Out of the 4 dancers I got floor dances from, 3 were what I would consider good, normal HL mileage. Earlier in the week I went to Bandaids in the early afternoon and found it to be shit--5 ugly dancers, 3 of them obese, although I believe Budweisers were $3.

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    Day Shift ITC

    Morning Gentlemen-.

    Will be visiting your fair city from Chicago later this week. Looking for any advice re: day shift mongering / ITC action. Based on reports seen here, looks like Bandaids may be my best choice.

    Please advise--certainly willing to share info / deets on options here in the Chicago area.

    May you find what you are looking for-B.

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    Club Updates

    Highliter: It seems that recent and ongoing undercover police action has killed this place. The girls aren't even allowed to sit on your crotch on the floor or during table dances and you keep your hands to yourself. All the best girls have been fired or quit. Only about 1/4 as busy as usual. Got a lame table dance and one song in the VIP room that made me think the girl was a lesbian. Much better places to go at this time.

    Bandaids: I'm not a regular here so don't really know how to work this place. There is a group of very aggressive latinas that only want to get handsy, nothing more so far. Good table dances for $10. $3 beers. Worth a visit.

    Le Girls: Seems like most of the girls work both the nude side and the topless side depending on where the customers are. Friendly atmosphere. Some very hot spinners here showing it all. Dances start at $20 for an air dance, $100 for 3 songs in the curtained area, $300 for 1/2 hr more private room. This doesn't let you test-drive a girl cheaply to figure out if she's worth the big bucks so quite a gamble. I didn't get any dances. Worth a visit.

    Sonny's: Pretty far south in Chandler. I decided to check this place out on a Sunday afternoon. A couple hot girls and a couple not so hot ones. Pretty relaxed vibe. Got a decent table dance for $20. Worth a visit if you're already nearby.

    Generall speaking, the Phoenix clubs can be tricky to navigate. If you are too upfront about what you want, all you will get is blue balls. Most the girls like to suggest they will make you happy if you get an expensive dance only to leave you feeling ripped off. In my experience the girls that really want to make you happy tell you with their hands and are happy to hear what your hands have to say as well. Sort of the strip club version of a cop check like with an escort or streetwalker. Of course a big wallet can open a lot of doors too but I don't role like that LOL.

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    Christie's on Baseline Le Girls

    Fellow hobbyist from Vegas here, guys. I won't get too detailed, since that seems to be the trend in the Phoenix forums with various undesired parties peeking in.

    I had a great time in your area recently and will likely check this place out again once I'm back, which I plan on being a somewhat regular visitor to for various reasons. Got a couple numbers from Christie's, but it was my last night so I'll have to follow up on my next trip and see if anything comes from that. Sounds promising though. I texted the one I liked better and got a reply. We chatted for a little bit. There were lots of attractive girls there and I liked the ambiance. It was comparable to some of the bigger name clubs in Vegas, but I felt like the girls were not hustling as hard and the place is just the right size. Some of the Vegas spots are too big and it's hard to get good coverage there.

    The night before that, I went to check out Le Girls just from looking at the appearance on Yelp. There were a lot of attractive girls working here too and the place was kind of nice, though lacking the ambiance I liked at Christie's. It was more nightclub like to me. Two different girls walked me to an area in a separate room that they said would be private enough. The girls were very suggestive about this but I was already drained from something else otherwise I may have explored options. Anyone with experience here?

    From your reviews, folks, it sounds like I need to hit Bandaids and some of the other lower-profile places. In the Vegas forum I try to post publicly but because of the apparent circumstances in the Phoenix market, a PM would be appreciated by this relative newcomer hobbyist to your area.

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    Update on club refurbishings

    Thanks for the kind words, folks.

    Update on club refurbishing.

    Bandaids remodel.

    I actually was a little surprised when I saw the sign before the temp closing. Probably hinting about my age but I think I've see 3-4 Bandaids interior remodels over the years. Primarily the lounge area.

    I drove by Bandaids during the remodel and workers were digging up part of the driveway. A couple of weeks later I finally stopped by for some stimulation and noted what there was some changes in seating and lighting including the long-overdue signs for the restrooms. I don't know about the women's room but it appeared the men's room was improved around the toilet and sink. My bet is that were were some water or sewer line issues that needed to be addressed and ownership took the opportunity to do some additional work.


    Remember this club at the intersection of Grand Ave and 35th Ave under the Indian School overpass? The building has been vacant for maybe 3 years. I'm certain it will not be a club any longer. The building is being totally redone. Extensive exterior glass nixes the strip club possibility.

    Pink / Christies'.

    I was curious. Drove by and parked on the west side. The building has been greatly expanded to the north. There is a doorway on the west side which allows a good view of the interior. It's completely gutted down to dirt floors. Only a cinder block wall shell but I thought I saw structural steel laying on the north side of the building. I suspect this building will also be repurposed. The parking area is even smaller with the building expansion.

    Mink's / Exotica.

    Drove by and the building has no lighting and signage has been removed.


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    Random info

    Apache Flame was offering a VIP card for 100. Not many perks though. Free entry for only a year and can bring one guest. No drink discount. Cover was 7 on a Sunday night which was less than the 10 I expected.

    TA now stops serving drafts after like 10 pm. Those free beer chips / cards aren't any good after 7 pm either.

    Bandaids remodel may have improved the seating. Now everything is cushioned chairs but I can't remember what they were a month ago. New carpet? The only changes I recognize are lighted signs over the bathrooms, bathroom fixtures, and a new round stage in the center of the room. Can't say I like it though it probably created room new tables in the back. Somebody said drink prices were higher. Seems like it's all the same to me.

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    Not Good

    I stopped by Bandaids yesterday. I have a few regulars that I enjoy "company with" and went in to see if they were working. Within one minute of my sitting down a tall, big thighs ebony named Stacy sat on my lap. I said I was looking for another dancer and she said "maybe I can change your mind. " Her hand went to my crotch and then she opened her top to allow me to fondle her headlights. For the next few minutes she continued to progressively pursue me going to the VIP with her by touching and rubbing on me. I then saw a dancer that I wanted and told Stacy it was time to move on. She said she needed a tip and I said no way. She argued for a while and then got up and got a bouncer. After she talked to him for about two minutes he came to me and said I understand you have been "handsy" and you are now being watched. He didn't threaten to kick me out so I stayed quiet. Be aware that Stacy requires money to have her sit with you.

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    A few trips on the last few weeks

    Another scouting trip to the BM, Sugar 44 Bandaids, T&A and Chicas. Mostly daytime, either a Monday or a Wednesday.

    Let's start at the BM, Day shift around 11:30. Lots of patrons in but only spotted 3 dancers; one bbw, a tall ebony, one that was either native or Hispanic. The ebony dancer had a very nice shape and even tried to chat but she kept repeating "Hm'k" like a broken record, reminded of a character from Southpark. This place had many changes but few improvements. The place itself looks better but I see no point to the added Panty Machine or the back rooms. To make matters worse, the talent seems content on just chilling on the corner glued to their devices. At one point there was a period of about 10 minutes where there was no dancer in sight. Even though there were at least 6 people in the place, and it wasn't like they were on private dances. Anyhow I left after about 30 minutes and felt like my $12 cover was wasted.

    On a different day, after finishing my errands I decided to take a trip to T&A at around noon. This place has also had a bit of a remodel. New tables and a cleaner carpet on the dance stage but seems like they neglected the Bar area. The bartender was a petite red head cutie with lots is body art. As soon as I walked in a see this model type latina strutting around in a one piece sling bikini, but that was the only time I saw her as she disappeared. I grabbed me a drink and headed to the dance area which was deserted for about 10 minutes before an ebony dancer finally came by. She seemed nice enough but seen as the place has done away with the couches and replaced them with cheap single chairs. I saw no point on requesting a dance. Then I see another dancer jump on stage, cute light skins dancer with perki Bs and a thick booty. Once she was done with her set she approached me. She looked nice enough but not enough to want to take to the VIP. After finishing my drink I decided to take off.

    On a different day I decided to drop by Chicas after 4 pm. This was a Friday and the place was packed, not a single place to sit, mostly guys getting off work, still in uniform. Plenty of talent today but since it was so packed they were all in very high demand. I managed to catch my fave Estrella and did get a couple of really good dances from her. After those I left as all the other dancers were busy.

    On a different Monday I drove by T&A again, hoping to see different results. It was around 1 pm, 3 different dancers where circling the floor 2 ebonies and a latina. The latina looked great but she was preoccupied by another patron. The ebony dancers look fairly good as well but not what I was searching for. After a couple of drinks I left and headed to Chicas.

    Arrived at Chicas around 2:30 pm a decent selection on display. Mostly latina, mostly the same faces but I did notice a slim fair skinned MILF. She came by after I tipped her while she was on stage. I was surprised as she was attempting to speak spanish to me, which I do speak but she had a Portuguese accent. I mentioned the accent and she tells me that she's Brazillian. She is very good looking and slim. Does not have the traditional big booty but it was perky and firm. Plus she had great rhythm. I got 2 great dances from her and decided to try something else. On of the Cubans came by. Cute face huge booty and boobs, fake ofcourse but still nice to look at, not saggy nor rock hard. Not bad as far as mileage but very mechanical. Did one dance and she offered VIP which I declined. Then I saw Estrella and I had my next 4 dances from her. Which are always great. After that I took off.

    On a different night, I can't remember if a Sunday or Monday, around 11 pm, I decide to step away from my comfort zone and went to Sugar 44. Place has a nice layout and looked very clean. Pay the cover, I think $11, and grabbed a corona. Saw only 3 dancers, but they were all very good looking. Tall slim lights skin. That college girl look. Then a very cute short latina arrived. She approached me and we had a decent chat. Decided to do a couple of dances with her and they were very nice. Not BM nice but still very good. Then she went on stage. There was what looked like a small batchelor party sitting there so they bought her attention. All in all not bad. I will repeat.

    On a different Wednesday I did a quick stop by Bandaids. This was before their mentioned remodel. Day time shift, about 2 pm. I have been disappointed by this place on my last few visits and today was no exception. I did saw about 10 dancers, a mixture between white, latino and ebony dancers. Between 6 and 9 on my looks scale. One of the latinas approached me, can remember her name but a 8 on looks. Nice enough and mostly speaking spanish, I did one dance and her set of twins were hard as rocks, a side from that not bad but I declined on a second dance or VIP. I did noticed two 9's ebony dancers, and even though I tipped them on stage, they never dropped by. I did get approached by a couple of white dancers but they looked like junkies so I declined. As far as the other latinas I noticed that they just hang around tables and don't bother to approach anyone. I might have to avoid this place for a while.

    Well that's it for now I need meaning to try Vlive and Exxes to see new talent. And also Jaguars on the amateur night. I never saw that place Bunny's open and that place Tubo Tubo was a bust. Stay safe out there and happy hunting.

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    I was in of Thursday. New seating along the wall and new chairs. Maybe new carpet. BUT the raised the price of beer. Now $5. The same low end dancers but I can almost always find one that I like. I can usually get full contact even on the floor, just have to keep an eye out for the bouncer watching.

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    Bandaid wed.

    After some positive reviews went to the remodeled (I can only imagine what it must have looked like before if that's an improvement) Bandaids. Got there early evening shift, pat down at the door (which I don't mind but that's not usually a good sign), and at the bar a cute Latina came up to me before I could even get a drink. She must have been drunk or really on something strong as she was slurring words, got lost in her own sentence, and just dropped her attempt at conversation and nibbled my ear to ask if I wanted to go private.

    Before that even got a response, a management person said it was her turn on stage (again, not a well run place to put someone on stage for all the 0 people by the stage if a dance to earn them money could have happened), and she went off.

    Now, girls making poor life decisions are definitely my type at strip clubs, but as there were literally zero other girls in the club I wanted anything to do with, called it an early day and just left for Christies.

    I do get the vibe of Bandaids, and probably will give it another try. Doesn't look well managed, but poor management tends to lead to better mileage.

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