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    Rainbow and Thai Places

    Anyone know if these places are all strictly legit? They look like they could go either way since some of them have public tables and others have rooms. I have always considered them legit, but am not convinced.

    Also any info on the thai places around upper state would be great cause they look legit also but one looks like it may offer a menu.

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    Old Town.

    My visit to Old Town started with a buzz at the backdoor. A nice older gal named MiMi answered and waved me into one of the rooms. I would say she was late 30's early 40's. I noticed the table shower on the way in and asked if I could partake. She was thrown off by my enthusiasm for it and asked if I have even been there before. I said I have had massages but not at her location, and have never had a table shower but wanted to try it. Her demeanor changed dramatically because I think she thought I was LE. Whatever! I got my table shower and a slap on the butt on the way out. Got a forgettable message for the 45 minute session I purchased and finally got the flip. I got a mediocre happy ending. She raised her dress and I got some tits and ass to grab during the HE. She ended up warming up to me, but I don't think I would be back to see Mimi. Paid. 4 for the HE and. 5 for the 45 minutes.

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    Right on. Which of those would you recommend based on girls and service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiceGuyyy  [View Original Post]
    Any table showers in the SB AMP area?
    Old Town and Noble both offer TS.

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    Table shower?

    Any table showers in the SB AMP area? Google is inconclusive. Can anyone recommend a place that has the magic trio of massage / shower / fun times?

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    Answered My Own Question.

    About Butterfly.

    Paid a visit not long ago. Saw 'Amy', no too old, okay looking and very nice. Paid for the 30. Enjoyed a decent massage with minimal contact of 'those' areas. On the flip, massage continued for a bit and then she noticed that I took notice. Amy said I should take care of things myself. I told her I wanted her to. She agreed and I left happy. Not a real captivating story but not a bad experience either. Normal fees made it all possible.

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    Coming to town this week for work from an AMP desert. Any recent recommendations since these places turn over so fast?

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    Mia at Chinese Dragon

    I've visited Mia twice now, and will probably go once more before she's gone.

    She does a decent light / medium massage.


    Good CBJ, BBBJ (YMMV), DATY (YMMV), CFS (obviously).

    Prefers miss. And doggy position but will do Chinese CG if you ask nicely.

    Tipped 1. 80 for this session: BBBJ / DATY / CFS.

    She leaves at the end of the month.

    Lily is also popular, but in my two times there I've seen older guys gravitate towards her. I don't know anything about the other woman working there this month. This place can get congested at times, so I can see why they have a couch at the entrance.

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    Anyone try this new place?

    Web site pics make it look like they may be legit.

    May have to give it a try, chime in if you've been there.

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    Up state near Arco

    Really weak massage. Lasted about 10 minutes. Then the flip, quoted at 1. 2 for mouthie but talked it down since that is very excessive. She agreed to. 8, she was in her 20-30's. Cute too. Nice c cups. Didn't like nip play. Might return if no other young ones are suggested.

    Anyone have updates on a good massage before the flip? Been striking out on the massage. Also tips on young masseuses are appreciated and looking for non asian if possible to spice it up.

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    Smoky on state

    Out of towner on way upper state out of the way but not really shady. Easy parking. Don't confuse with foot massage chain down the way. The care was there. . 4 entry Very cute twenty something open locked door. Chain smoker. Couldn't use the pisser cause another one was showering she didn't even try to hide when I walked in. Older kind of cute hairy Bush. Young one awkward no English. Pretends for a bit then the hand sign. 6 fingers pay in advance. Probably worth the $ for more except I couldn't handle the cigarettes. HJ and out. Short and a bit rushed. Weird place but might repeat if there's nothing else. Where the college girls working?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcath  [View Original Post]
    One of the few places Inhave not hit in the area is the one in Goleta next to the paint store. Saw a report a while back but wondering if anyone has been there recently. Do you recommend? Looking for a decent massage and a little something after.
    I went recently and massage was okay but nothing too out of this world. On the flip I decided to cut my losses because it was mamasan and I wasn't feeling it. Kept her night gown on the whole time. BBBJ is on the menu because she offered but I stuck to just the massage so I am unsure about damage.

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    Chinese Dragon

    Went by Chinese dragon. The provider was like desperately trying to get me to FS two girls for 2. 2. Decided to go with only one since both weren't too great to look at. . 4 + 1. 2 for FS. Massage in the beginning was decent but the FS wasn't that great. She tried to rush through stuff and no CBJ before FS. Wouldn't visit again.

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    Hey! New to the scene, mainly interested in any tips vets may have. Particularly interested in taking a trip to Greece, but not sure if that is available at AMP or if it is what the damage should be. Also any tips on where the bests parlors are more recently would be appreciated as well as non Asian ones if there are even any in this area (most seem to be AMP). Most of the reports on this thread are kind of outdated at this point so I was looking for more guidance. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackHall  [View Original Post]
    What was the damage?
    Standard + . 4.

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