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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Has anyone seen Amanda from Adultsearch?

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    Columbian girls

    Are the ads on Megapersonals for beautiful Clumbian girls legit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RamButt  [View Original Post]
    Try giving Tiffany a call at Saigon Spa in Ferndale. She has a few non asian women there.
    Thanks brotha for feedback.

    They young and pretty? Non Asian gals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rg0794  [View Original Post]
    Has nothing to do with anything they did at Bella. They've obviously been in cahoots with local PD for years. Someone didn't get their money. It'll all be cleared up soon. They've been shut down before and I'm sure they'll be shut down again in the future. It's all about the money. Be careful fellas.
    Someone thought this would be cleared up soon, simply a bribery issue.

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    Yammy 69

    Anyone seen this one? Was quoted $180 nuru, $280 FS. This pics are clearly fake, but if she looks anything like that, goddamn.

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    Been a while since I've been on here. Called Bella touch, no answer but I got a text from a different number talking about lightbulbs tomorrow morning then they text again said sorry maybe 10 more days. Anyone know what's going on with that?

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    Saigon Spa & Nails

    Quote Originally Posted by ActionPacker  [View Original Post]
    Any recommendations on massage parlors that are not Asian women?

    Looking for nice hottie that will massage and give a

    FS not needed, just BJ.
    Try giving Tiffany a call at Saigon Spa in Ferndale. She has a few non asian women there.

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    M Spa

    Little known fact with M Spa. It was my go to back when it was a "Massage School" I remember posting about it here out of curiosity. Then one day I just went had no clue that place was an FS joint. Weird tho because it gave me trafficking vibes at the time so I stopped going. I say that because whenever FS there was always another woman in the room just to watch or the door would be left open during FS sessions. Meanwhile the "class portion" was near the front but the FS "students" were in the very back using the last two rooms to the left. Two of the providers at M spa were "students" of the massage school. Never heard or saw anything about a raid with them don't know why they closed up shop so I guess it was a "legit" school. I definitely had a lot of fun there.

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    Sunshine is no more

    Quote Originally Posted by SandersNut  [View Original Post]
    Try Eastern (Diy) on Auburn Rd East of Rochester rd in the plaza next to McDonald's or sunshine massage (he) at big beaver and dequindre. Just let them know how much pressure you want. They will oblige..
    Unless they have reopened, Sunshine closed up several months ago. Too bad, I really enjoyed their good massages!

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    Busty Providers?

    I know it's been discussed but does anyone have any point of direction for a busty provider who doesn't rush sessions?

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    Any recommendations on massage parlors that are not Asian women?

    Looking for nice hottie that will massage and give a little extra.

    FS not needed, just BJ.

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    M-Spa, Novi Natural Health

    Business trip to Detroit last week and I came prepared to have some major fun at the AMPs. Thank you HeeJunk for the FSLIST. It was very useful.

    First stop was M-Spa on Wayne Road in Westland. At first, I thought I was at the wrong place. There are no signs or window decorations to indicate that this is an active business. It looks like a storefront in the shopping plaza that is under construction. Opened the door and was subsequently greeted by Tina. She is a friendly late 30's or early 40-something with plump tits, reasonable English skills and she was dressed in a short mini-skirt that revealed a thong underneath. Took me to a sparsely decorated room with what appeared to be a massage table made from 2 x4's covered with foam. Not very comfortable. You could hear children screaming and playing from behind the walls. I asked Tina about this, and she said there was a daycare business next door. The massage was mediocre. On the flip, there was some negotiation and then she started with an enthusiastic CBJ, followed by CFS in various positions until I popped my cork in mish. She gave a good GFE performance. I will repeat.

    Second AMP visit was at Novi Natural Health. The dcor was the opposite to that of M-Spa. Very clean with a lot of fancy lights in the room. I was met by Candy, a cute 30-something girl who was dressed in a seductive short dress and tank top. Massage was nice and relaxing with just the right pressure. On the flip, we had some brief negotiation and then started with a nice CBJ, followed by CFS in various positions. Filled the bag. Only negative was that she shorted me 10 minutes no matter, I got what I came for. I will repeat.

    Tried to visit at Lily at Farmington and 6 Mile in Livonia. Last time I visited, they were closed and had an orange sticker on the door. I had hoped that they would be open this time. Unfortunately, it looks like they are gone for good as the shop was locked up and a For Rent sign was in the window. Also tried to visit AM Healing in Sterling Heights, as there has been a lot of action talked about on this forum but the parking lot was full and I didn't want to wait in line.

    Looking forward to my next visit to the Detroit area. . . .

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    M spa westland

    Went to visit the m spa in Westland. First things first, there are cameras that track motion and are on the front desk. The girl I saw came out from the back as there was no one at the desk. Probably around 30, shorter, thin with a very small amount of extra belly. Overall very pretty. She too. Me to the room and I paid the house fee and then got on the table. She came back and started a nice massage, asked for medium pressure. She missed absolutely nowhere on my back, arms, legs, and butt. It was a very well done massage. On the flip she spent a while doing a very light massage, then asked what I wanted as I was already hard. I said everything, and she asked me something I believe it was if I had paper, which I assume was asking if I had more money. I just said yes. Eventually we got up, I paid her 180, then she left to grab a condom. She came back, stripped down, then wet a paper towel with alcohol. She wiped down my nipples and my bits, then started kissing my chest. She licked and kissed my nipples while I played with her ass, then she shoved her boobs in my face. I sucked and licked on them for a bit and then she kissed down my body and put on the condom. She sucked me for a bit, then got into cowgirl. She grinded on me for a while, then kneeled down and started riding me really fast, and that was it for me. All together I got the full hour, and was very satisfied. The location has no signage out front and you just have to look for the white address number out front to know which building it is. Also don't push on the push bar when trying to get out, it locks the door.

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    Any thoughts?

    I'm wondering if anyone has check this one out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wylieeg  [View Original Post]
    The CL map says she's near Berkley. Is that correct?
    Not sure exactly, metro Detroit. She's outcall only from my understanding.

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