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    Livonia new locations

    2 new locations in Livonia along Middlebelt going to have to try them out and report back but if anyone has any info feel free to PM. I don't want to give the exact locations until I know what is the deal with them. But figured if someone knows the are and where I'm referring to then they'd already know the exact locations. One has a review that says they recently moved from Farmington if that rings a bell to anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmd7765  [View Original Post]
    Went a week ago, paid the hour house fee, saw lady in her 50's average weight acting as both Mama and masseuse. Good massage not teasing before the flip. Told me to flip, no discussion went right to work, got dressed left 40 tip.
    She's the one a previous poster said is leaving for NY.

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    Sunny Massage 8 Mile

    I've been seeing a bunch of posts about an AMP that does full service now that M1 has been shut down. This place is another option.

    Went there today, you're not going to get a good massage at all but it's the type of place where that's not the main attraction. Gave Mama. 5 for an hour, got a half assed massage from a 40 year old who was on the chunkier side. Her English was bad so I didn't get her name. Negotiated. 8 tip for a BBBJ and cfs, it took longer than usual because she kept asking for more, but if you stick to your offer at these places you almost always get it. BJ was solid, did mish, cg, and doggy all covered. Her body wasn't the greatest but the tits were nice and natural, and she had that soft Asian skin. It's a decent place to go if you want guaranteed full service but it's nowhere near the quality of Saigon.

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    A-ACU Telegraph

    Went a week ago, paid the hour house fee, saw lady in her 50's average weight acting as both Mama and masseuse. Good massage not teasing before the flip. Told me to flip, no discussion went right to work, got dressed left 40 tip.

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    You need to decide for yourself

    Quote Originally Posted by ProCheck  [View Original Post]
    Who is better Tiffany or Celine? Tiff good on CBJ but not perfect on massage skills like Celine. But Celine got slurping CBJ not best like Tiff. Next time need to try Ebony. How she is?
    All the ladies you mentioned have their strong point. All that matters is which one appeals to you the most. It's like going to Baskin Robbins. Best advice I can give is book a HH and don't show a tip until given your options. BTW, I am NOT Ebony as some may have suggested, bark for Saigon or get freebies like Mr. G. I was one of her regulars when she worked on her own in Southfield. That's where she was at her best. Her own music etc. Always offered a shower before leaving. She gives a good slide and has the tightest body of them all especally if you're an ass man. I'm the one who called her Chatty to a monger who PM'd me. She will chat as much as you let her. Another favorite of mine at the Ferndale bordello is Jenny. I have not had the pleasure of seeing Tiff's sister or her friends that come by weekends. Since M1 closed, where's the place? PM the Guwman. You may want to try Bonita or even Tokyo. I'm not into CBJ. Hate unloading into a wrapper. It's your decision.

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    DT Health Schaefer, south of 8 mile- UGH

    In dire need of some pussy and wasn't able to stop recently for some action in Lansing or Jackson.

    Thought about seeing if that AMP at NW corner of 13/ Mound is open but stayed west. Stopped at DT, haven't been there in atleast 5-6 years. Apparently I must have forgotten how bad it was there. When I parked I did not feel good that my parked car was still only about 10-15 feet away from the main road w / no curb or anything to prevent sideswipe, potential for an accident, etc.

    Older lady, like late 50's or 60's answered the door, but she looked like those sexy older Asian ladies who are done up while walking around at Somerset or something comparable. I acted like I knew her, insinuating that she should remember me. I wanted BBBJ and FS bad so just wanted her to feel at ease. My actions seemed to put her at ease but in the long run, I didn't get anything good.

    She gave me a so-so effort massage for about 20-25 minutes, then as she said she was tired as she commented my thicker body made it harder for her, I turned the tables and told her I would massage her. This move ALWAYS helps segue my efforts. Not so much. As she took her top off to hop on the table, she ASKED for a TIP. Which I thought was fine as I thought things were escalating. I gave her 100 on top of the 60 when I first came in. She seemed content, and I thought we were going to ready to party as I begin with a massage. UHH NO. I massaged her shoulders and back and tried to get into her pants and as she objected, I said I thought we were cool. She stated she gets 100 for a HJ, $120-140 for BJ and $160 for FS. I said bullshit and told her no one pays her in her hoodrat environment $100 for an HJ. I told her I wanted me $$ back after all I did so far was give her a massage- that should constitute a fricken discount! We eventually agreed on $100 for BJ, which was lackluster and I had to close my eyes and think of a hot chick that had enthusiasm sucking my dick. This dream lasted about 50 minutes. Will NOT repeat.

    Need to head out to Jackson. BAD!

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    Open house?

    Quote Originally Posted by BBInTheD  [View Original Post]
    Bonita had a open house style party at her new place.
    Would you please elaborate?

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    Who is better Tiffany or Celine? Tiff good on CBJ but not perfect on massage skills like Celine. But Celine got slurping CBJ not best like Tiff. Next time need to try Ebony. How she is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HughJorganJk  [View Original Post]
    Sure wish I knew what you were talking about.
    Bonita had a open house style party at her new place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PieBoy  [View Original Post]
    I got there around 2:00. I had a priority pass so got some preferential treatment. I'm a bit older, so after three SOG I was done. Didn't get home til 2:00 am, and slept well.
    Three shots and 12 hrs, I think you did just fine. I got there around 330 and left at 430. Didn't really have time to play but wanted to check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganDetroi  [View Original Post]
    I went to the place at telegraph and 59 last winter and there was only one old lady, literally pushing 70, I thought, "well maybe she gives a good real massage", NOPE!, after ten minutes the massage was so awful I told her to stop, got dressed and left. Cost me the door fee which wasn't much. Weird how the place stays open.
    I had a dream of sun spa, it was my first dream at an AMP. It was 2016. The girl I had was smoking hot, got there just after opening. She was in lingerie, gave a shitty massage but dropped her clothes on the flip for a HE. Said her name was sunny.

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    Comfort No More

    Had been to Comfort a couple weeks ago and had a good time with Ni Ni so I went back on Thursday around 8:00 pm. Looks like they've been shut down. Any reports on what happened?

    So, I went to Bloomlin because they are open until 10:30. Went in and got a middle aged Chinese woman with glasses named Annie. Got an average back massage which was only 30 minutes and was asked to flip. I figured it might be ok if I got the next 30 minutes on my back. And I did. And it turned out to be pretty good. Got a nice body rub while on my back which turned into hugging and kissing, which is unusual. And then the top came up and I enjoyed her nice set of naturals while she finished me off. And the best part was there was no negotiating or haggling like the Korean places. I will return.

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    Jenny is my girl

    Quote Originally Posted by MardanAmaratha  [View Original Post]
    Had a dream about visiting SS and to meet Celine. Nice body and smooth talker. Opted for 30 minutes for. 4 . Decent massage and tease. Did lackluster CBJ for 1 tip. While walking out, I was told cfs is available for another. 4 . Will repeat.
    Thought I had a HH booked with Celine when I showed up at Saigon. She was already with someone else. Lucky for me Jenny had just walked in and was happy to cover for her. Has that old world look to her even though she claims to be Viet. Cute face and great rack. Massage better than most I've had from others here and the HJ and Russian were the treat I wasn't expecting. Her English is not very good. That's okay with me. If I want a Chatty Cathy I'll book with Ebony again. I know there's a lot more on the menu with Jenny. That's why I'll be seeing next week. I'm a long time monger who finally decided to share.

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    Getting to it

    I've had the opportunity to visit two different locations recently:

    1. Famous on mound. 80/ hr & 40 tip. I saw a woman that went by Mimi. Looking on this board after I left, there is / has been a woman or women named Mimi at several of the AMPs in the area. Not sure if she moves around to different locations or if there are several Mimi's in the area or both. She was I would say early thirties. Nice body relatively speaking and decent looking. She has a tight firm ass. I know this because she allowed me to fondle her ass through her clothes on the flip. The massage was good. She did a good job of paying attention to detail on my body. Some teasing when I was face down and then the flip. The flip was unique, at least for me. She motioned to inquire if I was interested in a handshake. I let her know I was. She started with good technique. Slow and soft in the beginning and increased her speed as we went along. What was odd to me was that when I was getting close to the holy grail, she stopped for a few seconds. I was thinking WTF? She then started again. I'm not sure if this was some kind of edging technique or whatever. I'm not the spring chicken I used to be so once that train is moving due north, not a good idea to stop the train. Anyhow, she did a good job of getting the train going again. Then just as the conductor was getting ready to pull the horn, she stopped again. This time the horn went off, kind of muted though. I guess to each his own. For me, I don't stop my swing when I make contact with the ball. I find it best to swing through the ball. Anyway, it worked out ok but I just felt I had more in the tank that should of played a part in the whole experience. She seemed quite happy as if she did an excellent job and everything was perfect. That being said, she was very nice and fun with good massage skills and I was there about 75 minutes.

    2. I went to this place in a Canton hotel

    The add says BBBJ. Well, I tend to be a big fan of the BBBJ. So off I went. I arrived on time. After I knocked, I heard her through the door spraying some sort of aerosol product. It took a few for her to open the door. Once she did and I entered, I noticed the door to the bathroom was adjacent to the entry door and the door was pulled almost shut with the light still on. Now I typically feel more comfortable when I enter somewhere if I can see in other rooms to ensure there is no potential danger lurking. I entered and did not check out the bathroom. Probably not a smart move. However, no harm, no foul. I was deterred because I kind of figured I rushed her through the steaming pile she just laid and I was in no mood to confirm my assumptions. Just not interested in getting a whiff. It went down hill from there. There was no rub. She asked for the 1. 6 up front for the hour and I obliged. Again, not smart. Obviously, the big head was sleeping at the switch. She immediately had me get undressed and she did as well. I laid on the bed and she laid across me so that I could not see her face. She started with BBBJ. Or at least that is what I thought for a few seconds. Then, I could tell that she had a cover in her mouth and was putting it on my shaft. Again, due to my spring chicken status, a CBJ is just not going to cut it. So I said "uh I'd really like the BBBJ that was mentioned in the ad". She replied "uh hu" and kept on. Then I said "no really, a CBJ is not good for me". She half took my dick out of her mouth and said "no cover is not good for me". Then almost immediately and predictably, junior began to lose steam. I gently nudged her away and finished on my own while she played with the boys. 20 minutes in and I was done and she put her clothes on. I did as well. I mentioned to her that I should receive a refund due to only taking 20 min and I payed for an hour. I also mentioned the ad said BBBJ and I wanted that and did not get it. She then was having a hard time understanding my English. I was disgusted and frustrated. She kissed me good bye and I wished she had not. Her breath smelled like she took care of that steaming pile in a way that a dog I once had used to do. She was 30 ish, way too skinny and nothing like the pics. I unequivocally do not recommend and will not repeat.

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    Visited last week

    Quote Originally Posted by JayTwo21  [View Original Post]
    Still looking for info if anyone has any on this location. Here's another ad.
    I called and visited last week. It isn't an AMP, it is in a condo or townhouse in the area. Typical BS, pics and claims in ads aren't real. No GFE, BBBJ, shower, etc. Very restricted activities.

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