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    New to Dallas

    So I am new to Dallas, Having been in Orlando and Vegas prior to. Vegas is Vegas and Orlando had a plethora of options in terms of AMPs, south american beauties and others with affordable rates. I'm not having the same results here in Dallas at all. Is this just how it is or can someone help point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance and of course can help with any questions regarding Orlando or Vegas.

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    Still hoping to find any reviews

    This girl is bigger than what I usually allow. But the way the ad is written gets my attention.

    Really hoping to find some info on her before I TOFTT.

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    Iranians =

    Quote Originally Posted by JuanPachanga  [View Original Post]
    Dude you beat me to it. I saw that too. Was wondering if any one has taken a ride on that magic carpet?
    In town for a cup of coffee. In my dream, she was cute, fun, everything's covered. Older than her pics, but still a smoke show. No GFE, very mechanical. More intimate than the asian switch and bait, but not far from it. TOFT. , no regrets, but won't repeat. $$$

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    Squirt queen

    Squirt qeen lexi is back in dallas.

    I saw her in Houston a ways back.

    Pics are fairly recent and 100%.

    I thought at first I wasnt going to like her attitude but she's actually really fun. Good sense of humor and easy to talk to.

    Decent body GREAT tits.

    Def worth the time if you want to have some real fun.

    Stay safe my fellow mongers!

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    Fun and flirty

    When I googled the number it appears to have been in use by another provider.

    It has always been a fantasy of mine to find a provider that was willing to wear a particular outfit. I asked this nice young lady if she would wear it and she said of course, I am a stripper. She ended up meeting me at the door and took me to her room. She put on some nice music and had the cover out. I was planning to be there for a while so I asked her to slow down and she did it's for me a little bit. I think the only thing that would've made the experience better would have been seeing her in heels and stockings. Everything was covered but enjoyable.

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    I had a dream with Miss Love last night.

    I found her tattoos rather amazing. They were very unique and while some may not like them, I really did. Those breasts are nothing short of amazing.

    I caught her right now after she finished bathing. That was extra nice for me as there are never any unpleasant smells. I got all the way to the door when I received a text saying please stop by and bring covers. That is always offputting but decided to go for it anyway. When I came in she was ready to get right to work. Received a CBJ. And then pounded her in mish. If I'm ever in the area again I will definitely make another visit.

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    This girl gets down. She got a snap so you can preview her ways. What she lacks in body she makes up for in sloppy head and slippery juice box. She does Greek too but I didn't pursue. Got her at 150 plus extra love. What ever your into this chick will make it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BossStang302  [View Original Post]
    Dude you beat me to it. I saw that too. Was wondering if any one has taken a ride on that magic carpet?

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    Holy SHEET! Spinner mia kalifa wannabe in dallas

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    Anyone seen krystal?

    EVERYTHING about this ad screams legit or too good to be true.

    The numbers and same pics are on a few sites, all checks out so far. This new site seems to do a good job of keeping the spam and shit ads off of it.

    ANyone seen this girl krystal? That ass looks magical.

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    Destinee in Addison

    Any one ever encounter this sensual brunette? Says she's on P411 so shouldn't be a question of legit or not. Just wondering if its an experience or just a pretty face?


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    Olivia Moore?

    Anyone seen her?

    Looks bigger but DAMN that's how you wrrite an ad! List of DO's is like a dream come true!

    Wondering if anyone has any personal experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xccess  [View Original Post]
    That look like two different girl.
    Here are a few other sites she is on. Huge chest piece is pretty notable. Enjoy.ȴ6583;42173;42173;1231;128166;1407;11533;42228;1231;5511;11431;s /.

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    Tatted down experience

    Ms. Lisalove was certainly a unique experience. Heavily tatted edgy look but I made her my bad girl for the night. Looking like the tagged side of a Deep Ellum Building, Seasoned and professional (mid 40's) she knows how to work her angles. Had to take advantage of those fake tits and lay it in between her tatted chest. Pse to the fullest gag reflex non existent.


    Her personal site.

    Mslisaloveofdallas. mslisalove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BossStang302  [View Original Post]

    Is this her? How much damage to the wallet?
    That look like two different girl.

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