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    Tucson AMP's

    What's up Gentlemen? I am new to Tucson from Southern California - moved out here for work and love the low housing prices. I just bought a brand new house in Continental Reserve for 1/3 of what I would have paid in Orange County. Anyway, I have read through the posts here and haven't really seen anything on the AMP scene. Driving around, I have seen a few massage places, but from the outside, and judging by the names, they all look pretty legit.

    To cut to the chase, can anyone post if there are any guaranteed rub and tug places around here. I know there are a few places in Phoenix, but that is a ***** drive, and those guys pay outrageous prices there. 2 bills for FS?? Whats up with that - in Socal, I never paid more than $40 for 1/2 hour and $60 for FS. Anyway, can someone please post or PM me if they know of a good rub and tug place around here - it doesn't have to be an FS place, just a good HJ works for me. In return, I can help with numerous spots all over Southern Cal, including Orange County, L.A., and San Bernardino County. Thanks guys and keep it real!!

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    Angel's Heaven

    Seing Elite get closed down the other day (view previous post) made me get to wondering how Angel's Heaven is since their bust and I went over and visited. Twice in the the last week as a matter of fact. Well they still have gorgeous young females there to be certain. I met with Heavenly Angel; because I didnt make an appointment I could only get a half an hour as she had an appointment coming and on other angels were working. Ok the Massage wae GREAT, one of the best I have had in years. Even on my back and when I flipped she was hitting all the right places and she didnt balk at me starting to feel her ass and tits. I thought we had the plan in motion and then BAM sorry our time is up. Well I figured it was only a half hour and the first time I had seen this girl so we will leave it at that.

    I made an appointment to go back two days later when the online schedule showed the same very lovely girl would be working. When I arrived she greeted me and said oh I remember you, sorry we had such a short time the other night. Again I was starting to feel like she was sending signals and since the difference is only 20 bucks I decided to stay for an hour and a half. Damn even that time can go fast. Any how again all the rigt areas are being hit during the massage in fact she get a little extra oil on her hands and reaches up between my legs to work my balls while I am still on the front.
    Once I flip I was getting a straight on ball massage with seeminly inadvertant cock contact. All of a sudden BAM sorry our time is up. At this point I figure all the signs are there, which of you other mongerers wouldnt agree to that, so I straight ask her if I can get a happy ending. She tells me they are not allowed to to do there. She also said something about her conscience...LOL. Overall good no GREAT massage, hot girls and unhappy ending unless your car gets way better mileage than mine.

    D Dog

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    Massage Elite

    Just a note for those of you who might still visit this establishment: was returning from Phoenix last night driving up Ft. Lowell Rd. and they were getting busted. It was just before 11pm when I drove past and there were 3 TPD cruiser outside the place with lights on and an officer holding the door to the place open. So just beware. I would imagine that they will be closing shortly if they have not already been shut down.

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    Massage Parlor Reports

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