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    Jen II: The Perfect Afternoon

    So I don't typically double review girls but I think have to here.

    I had so much fun when I did a half hour with Jen that I just had to have a full hour. Set up was a breeze and she has an air bnb in a nice apartment complex near the air port.

    Setting the Scene:

    On the way there she tells me her door is unlocked and that I would find her in the bedroom waiting for me. I arrived and I heard her greet me from the other room. I walk in to a candle lit bedroom. She has her phone out watching porn. She's rubbing her pussy. She's dressed in lingerie with black stockings with the seam running up the back.

    Act 1:

    She orders me over to her. "I want that hard cock. " I stay dressed and just pull it out. She immediately arranges her self on the bed to start sucking me. She enjoys it. My hands explore her body.

    I undress. She stays in the sexy lingerie. She gives an amazing blowjob with a great mix of slow care and aggressive blowing and gagging. I move in for some daty and dato. She tastes great. She eventually begs me to fuck her. We start in missionary and ramp up to hard pounding. After I slow down to avoid popping she says "I want that cock in my mouth again". I order her to her knees. She eagerly complies. I sit on the bed so she can work it. She loves on my balls and taint, her tongue never still. She deep throats and licks my balls while staring up at me. She jerks my shaft, wet with her slit while her tongue gets busier all over me.

    "Ride my hard cock" I say. She smiles with anticipation and hops right on. She eases me in and begins grinding and bouncing while I play with her beautiful tits and put my hand around her throat. She slows down and says she doesn't want to cum. I tell her I want to feel her cum on my cock. She speeds up and I feel her eventually shiver with delight.

    She slows and rolls off of me. I get up and flip her over and bend her over the bed and begin pounding. She grips the sheets and moans. I get ready to cum and order her to her knees. She sucks and jerks me until I pop on her face and in her mouth. She loves it.


    She brings me a bottle of water. We chat. She catches her breath. I ask for a back rub. She eagerly agrees. I enjoy that for a bit and then flip. She immediately puts my cock in her mouth.

    Act 2.

    She sucks me up to attention and mo es to the end of the bed and gets on her knees again. She takes her time this round. She LOVES giving head. And she is excellent at it. I lay back and enjoy at least a 20 minute love fest between her mouth and my cock. I tell her to 69 with me. As I tongue her ass she says "Your tongue in there is making me want my ass fucked. " I get her motor going again and mounts me reverse cow girl and enjoys that a while. My thumb finds my ways to her ass and she rocks back on my cock and thumb simultaneously. She hops off and says "I want a good hard fucking. " She lays flat on her front and I mount her, spit on her ass and insert myself. As I ease in I reach around and grab her throat. I slowly ramp up my pumps until I'm giving all I got. She loves it and asks for more. I pound harder and faster until I bust.

    We chat a bit about the hobby. And other stuff. I dress at my leisure. She sees me out. I was there probably an hour and 15. A perfect afternoon.

    On another note, I guess some guys enjoyed my last review so much they went to see her. She is happy with the up tick in business. But some guys claimed to be "buddies" with me. I don't know anyone on this board. That is intentional. I've advised her that no one can claim to be friends with me here. So don't try that. I also advised that I would be happy to give opinions based on usernames. So feel free to share those with her if you have a decent reputation here.

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    Miss Ivy

    Ivy will be in town over the weekend contact is email She would love to see some old friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyMF  [View Original Post]
    Can someone please tell me if Miss Ivy League is still in business and available?

    Thank you in advance for your help!
    Last I saw anything she was taking a trip out west, New Mexico was her last post.

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    Miss Ivy League?

    Can someone please tell me if Miss Ivy League is still in business and available?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Update on Jen

    So after some additional communication with Jen about the original ghosting and some conversations with some trusted long time members on this forum, I decided to give her another try honestly with no expectations. Well after a few texts back and forth we connected and I will say she's the best GFE that I have seen in a while. Great attitude and conversation and if you get her going she will rock your world. Not often in this hobby does someone completely surprise you, but she certainly did.

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    Late night dream with Brooklyn West

    Luckily I was able to link up with Brooklyn for a dream. Knowing how it can be at times with her, it was worth it. All I can is that it was a good BBBJ and cim. Hopefully I can see her again soon.

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    Anna THE BRAT

    She rocked my world yesterday!
    Quote Originally Posted by SnowHawk  [View Original Post]
    After numerous failed attempts to meet one of my favorite ladies, I decided to contact Anna the Brat after researching her more. Gents I'm horrible at writing summaries but I'll do my best. It was late at night my ass should have been in bed considering the fact that I had to wake up just a few hours later, but it was WELL WORTH IT! She answered the door in this sexy night attire and fellas I'll say this, she looks way better in person I was kind of shook for a moment. She was shy at first but keep reading, we introduced ourselves she treated me to a drink and then an awesome full body massage, I've never had a massage before so this was quite an experience. She was then fully warmed up to me and her shyness went away at that point she was on fire, meanwhile I was still shy and haven't opened up much yet, not her fault though that's just how I am. She then turned me on my back and massaged my legs then slowly leaned to give me one of the best BJs I've ever had. Just the right amount of spit, plenty of tongue and DT action I was really trying not to blow right there. Then she actually wanted me inside, so we started with k9 on the massage table she's orgasmic but man, I ain't seen anything yet. The massage table was troublesome so we moved to the couch, then she got on top and that's when I saw, she's REALLY orgasmic and a squirter. I put her back on the massage table for mish, she just wouldn't stop coming, I had to give my girl a break LOL. We talked for a little bit and then she massaged me more for a few minutes. She then wanted me back inside, we did k9 on the floor, I was able to really go in at that point due to not worrying about a table LOL. She felt amazing, I was holding on for a long time but I finally gave out and blew one. After that we cleaned up, I took a shower and we talked a bit more about the hobby. We hugged then I left. After my hour with Anna she has completely knocked my number one off her throne. Anna was wonderful, she loves what she does, she had a great personality, I need to warm up more but like I said that's just me I'm still shy after this awesome hour. You don't have to take my word for it just go see for yourself, and remember please treat her well, don't be an asshole the world already has too many of them. No need to be one at someone who doesn't deserve it. She does however deserve a 5 star rating, and it's going to be difficult for someone to top her performance. I'll be seeing you again babe, I cannot wait!
    This days it all! I concur 100%! Great Review!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnPanda  [View Original Post]
    I look forward to your review. That girl looks smoking hot.
    Did you end up seeing Amora?

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    Visiting on vacation this weekend and looking for a little entertainment. Been looking at some ads but am skeptical of a lot of the providers. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Agreed Creepy house and Hr become 15 minutes because of family

    Quote Originally Posted by BallsDeep1  [View Original Post]
    I saw Rain once, and the service was very good and she is very sexy for her age. But I would not repeat due to the circumstances. She is in a nice 70's outdated high end house in a good neighborhood, the story I got was she is taking care of her grandmother. The house is so dated it was actually creepy for me! LOL. While I was enjoying a very good BBBJ her phone rang and it was her aunt calling to ask if she needed anything and to say she was 15 min away, I could hear both ends of the conversation so I know it was true. She said we have to hurry and finish, on with the cover and racing for a pop! My $. 5 turned into a QV and she promised to make it up to me, I texted her a few times and she would always say I can't this time I need the cash, I will make it up next time. That was my experience, as always YMMV.
    I agreed with this report. I should have know better when final call to verify with her voice. It is old lady voice with heavy smokers habit. Big nice house but fuck weird inside. I believe she told me quiet because her grandma was there.

    BBBJ and DFK were offer but her stinky smoking breath was so bad. I kept her face of my face to avoid this smell.

    BBBJ was rush and she was nervous constantly check on sound out side hall way. I was glad it over quickly so I could get out quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingTat  [View Original Post]
    General rule for all newcomers or lurkers. If you're asked to provide a gift card, go ahead and keep it moving because it's going to be a scam. No legitimate provider will ask for a gift card.
    Yeah, that's right. I once fell for that, in a different city alone in a hotel room, thinking (with the little head) "who knows? It may work. " Of course it didn't. And then I thought: put yourself in their position. Someone who doesn't know who or where you are has just sent you $100 anonymously, with no way to recall it or follow up, and for something they probably wouldn't tell their friend about, much less the police. Now, honestly, would YOU bother to call an Uber and head out into the night to find this person and provide a service? Or would you keep watching the Game of Thrones rerun and spend the money tomorrow? So even if they're "legit" it won't work. And it's almost certainly a scam. That's true of all prepayment in this game.

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    Beautiful but dangerous

    Quote Originally Posted by BaconBacon  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for your imput on personal experience. Reading all the reviews on her including on sg websites, she has ripped many guys off, that's ridiculous. She and the guy she was with looked homeless and the low end motel she was at had odd people just hanging around, didn't feel safe.
    She could be a great provider with her looks. She could work with someone like Ms Rockefeller and be outstanding. I guess she hooked on a drug and it's ruling her life. I was going to see her a few weeks ago but not going to do the low end hotel. She really does have a beautiful face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavaliers  [View Original Post]
    Thicker I would say. Thick in a good way. Nothing you will walk away from. Have seen her before weight gain and since and no complaints at all. If you have very small hands then maybe you can't grab as much LOL.
    Best thing about Angel eyes is that she is professional and calls back and makes her appointments.

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    General rule

    General rule for all newcomers or lurkers. If you're asked to provide a gift card, go ahead and keep it moving because it's going to be a scam. No legitimate provider will ask for a gift card.

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    Looking for a nice African girl

    I had a dream about this one.

    I had a hard time connecting. I get the impression that she was not the best at taking and keeping appointments. Once I was there, very procedural, all covered, and intense clock-watching. Needless to say, not a great dream. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will take any suggestions on pm.

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