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Thread: Escort Reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma2015  [View Original Post]
    Any details?
    I haven't dealt with her myself but several reports here have told me she's bad news.

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    Fun Size

    Haven't seen anything for this one so I was bored and took a chance and in this episode of smash or pass I will definitely pass. Pics are accurate and she her communication was great and her apartment was clean and she was showered fresh but she's not my body type. Just wanted to let everyone know she real and legit and a sweet lady just not for me.


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    Petite gilf

    Had another awesome visit with her dressed in a dress an heels when I arrived looking good as usual got on the bed and started caressing Jr, un zipped and pulled me out for BBBJ once I was ready pulled dress up to her hips and enjoyed doggie till I was done such a wonderful lady, she still looking for more friends if anyone is interested pm me.

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    Forgot the link. Sorry

    Quote Originally Posted by LurkerNomo  [View Original Post]
    Just a little reminder, this girl is a thief and rip-off artist. You can read my and others previous post for further details. In the meantime, fair warning, STAY AWAY!

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    Psa thief in the neighborhood

    Just a little reminder, this girl is a thief and rip-off artist. You can read my and others previous post for further details. In the meantime, fair warning, STAY AWAY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long8  [View Original Post]
    Tanya Delight will be visiting Cincinnati in the near future wondering about the experience. Pm if your prefer thanks in advance.

    Saw her a few times, hey body is legit like photos. GND, pretty much a fit southern barbie. Standard GFE, no BBFS. Worth it when she was in the $300 range, but at the new rates eh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerJohnson47  [View Original Post]
    Why did you proceed? I've walked and called the handler to let them know the situation was unacceptable. They immediately sent me to a better situation.
    Never thought to do that, thanks for the advice.

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    I completely understand this. I will do more posting and just try prove myself. Sorry again but I completely get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge1969  [View Original Post]

    Every once in a while, I will have a wonderful dream that I visited Asia without having to leave town. These dreams typically take place in the Cedar Bluff area. Yesterday, due to lack of options, I decided to revisit Asia in the hopes of repeating my previous trips. This was unfortunately not the case. What I was met with in the dream was a cranky Asian woman in her 40's or 50's, both physically and emotionally cold as ice. I made sure that her time was taken care of, and she proceeded to mechanically rush through every step of the dream. There were several instances that I clearly heard her mutter foreign curses under her breath due to the dream lasting more than five, ten, twenty minutes. Then proceeded to rush me out the door while on the phone in a foreign language. She and the room lingered of cigarette smell, and I was generally disappointed and unsatisfied. I would highly recommend refraining from a trip to Asia in the next few weeks, or at least until next rotations.
    Why did you proceed? I've walked and called the handler to let them know the situation was unacceptable. They immediately sent me to a better situation.

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    She is "thick". When I saw her before, maybe a year or 2 ago she was bigger so she has lost some weight since then and she seemed to be in better health now.

    Quote Originally Posted by AcquaDeJim  [View Original Post]
    If this is indeed the Lizzy from a few years back, can confirm that she was buddies with Kali.

    I don't remember a vaginal piercing though. I have small nose piercing in my notes from back when I saw her, but that's all. Either she had taken it out by that point or I was focused on other "assets" and just didn't notice it.

    I do remember that the last time I saw her she had put on considerable weight.

    @connieringus-whats her current size like?

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    Brown bag special

    Quote Originally Posted by WholeThang448  [View Original Post]

    Has anyone tried thus little ugly woman. Looks decent from behind.
    Calls herself Jess; stays at that econo dump on lovell road. Sketchy sitch; two guys sitting in a car staring at the entrance. Everything's covered, mentioned that she doesn't take a chill pill so that's prolly for the best. Conversation was extremely rushed, but YMMV. Looks better in person than in the photos, room is decently clean with no smoke smell. Wasn't worth the bill, wouldn't repeat.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MTIyODYzMDAyYmEyYzY5ZDczMjA5YTMyNDNhZDE5MzUzNWRjZjEx.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPimpn33  [View Original Post]

    Met this little gem on SB the other day. She was in a bad way needing money. I hit her up and had some small talk and told her what I was looking for. She agreed and sent some very nice pics so I invited her over. She was very nice and looked good. After about 20 minutes of us getting to know each other, I invited her to the bedroom. Guys I will say. Very nice if you like short and a little thick. We just basically got down to business. Tight and very good. Head game could use some work but when I tell you she's new, she don't have many miles on her if you know what I mean. She's in a bind and doesn't do this regularly so my best advice to you mongers is get it while it's fresh and low volume. I GOT DOME GREAT PICS BUT FOR PRIVACY I couldn't SHOW DUE TO HER FACE BEING IN PIC. She has a regular job and life, she's just in a bind.
    Saw her last week. Can confirm she's legit.

    No signs of demons, works a regular job (she says).

    Was prompt, on time, did a car date at a reasonable rate.

    Will see again if I see her ad and am in the mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripJ  [View Original Post]
    Will 2nd what WheelerJim said. This lady is definitely hot and service / skills are excellent as well.
    I will take her number if still taking on new clients.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack691  [View Original Post]
    Hey fellow mongers, long time no see. Been taking time off but have recently had an itch to hang with Madison. Read some reports on here that say her pics are heavily filtered and she looks different on her socials. Can anyone DM me the tea?

    Also, be careful with Kayla on Merchants. I got an "accidental" call from her the other day, and it sounded like her and the boyfriend were dealing with some demons. Slurred speech and the whole 9 yards.
    I would love some lowdown on Madison as well.

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