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    Passion + Pleasure

    I saw her a few months ago, right before COVID19 slowed everything down.

    She told me her name is Stephanie. Thought I did a review back then but apparently not. It was a QV incall at the Days Inn in Kodak. Cheap, 2 Jack's for about 20 minutes. She's a nice enough lady but her pics are far more flattering than her current looks. A trip to the dentist is definitely in order but no signs of demons that I saw and I was looking.

    Skills could be better. Not a dead fish but not really into it. Started with BBBJ, moved to doggie and busted in mish. Allows bareback and creampies if that's what your looking for. No upcharge but YMMV.

    Repeat worthy if your close to her location, low on cash and just want to bust a quick nut. Now that she's in Knox, not really worth it for me. Better options exist IMO and that should speak volumes considering the current lack of decent kitty for rent. Reminds me of Christa, who used to advertise on LetGo. Cheap and easy pump and dump without any hassle.


    Quote Originally Posted by Yurengr  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have intel on this 40 year old?

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    I just saw with my last post that I'm now a Senior member. Thanks A2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandleMaker  [View Original Post]
    100% Fake as far as being here in Knoxville anyway. Pics and ads are all over the net. Someone is scamming, using the girls pics to get your money via Cashapp PayPal or other means Guarantee.

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    I say fake. Totally fake.

    Quote Originally Posted by CandleMaker  [View Original Post]

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    One long night

    Hey if you had to pick one Knoxville women for one night for say a overnight who would it be and why. I'm looking to do this Friday night and I'm going to be willing to pay big but I want a girl that needs it and is clean. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Passion + Pleasure

    Anyone have intel on this 40 year old?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the board but been in the hobby a long time. I moved out of Knoxville in 2014 but recently came home. I e. Of iced the provider market seems to be less than it was a few years ago. I remember back in the day I had lots of fun with some quality providers, none of which I've seen are still around. I loved Alexis's company and am really sad she's passed. Always sweet and was always a really good time. Then there was a girl named Harley. She was a favorite but she's on longer around either I see. If memory serves, didn't she take a forced extended vacation? Anyone know if she's out? The. There was mount Honey. What a set she had! Don't see her around either. The last time I was in town was around Christmas 2018 and I ended up seeing a lady off Chapman highway. Who worked with her two "sisters. " That was a good visit. Before I left out I ended up with the hat trick! Unfortunately I don't see them advertising either. The young brunette out of that bunch really hit the spot. But so far all I e seen of interest so far is Sadie. I e hesitated though because all the varied reviews. I may pull the trigger anyway because that body is smoking!

    It's good to be back and happy I found this board. Looking forward to reporting my adventures!

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    Text Me Blonde

    General reports #11804.

    A good review with some pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlipAndSlide  [View Original Post]
    I was just about to ask same thing.
    She's been reviewed recently, as I recall the review wasn't very favorable. Hygiene issues and possibly some concerns of demons in past posts. She relayed to me she was homeless and living pretty much in her vehicle when I made contact several months ago.

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    Wondering also

    I was just about to ask same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyMahoney69  [View Original Post]
    Text Bentley tonight and tried to set up incall. She could not remember me so she wanted a picture. I finally sent her one and its been crickets ever since.
    I texted her yesterday around 3:00 or 4:00. Woke up this morning and seen where she texted me back late last night asking when I wanted to see her. LOL. She could be like that at times in the past but she was always on time when a appointment was set up.

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    Text Bentley tonight and tried to set up incall. She could not remember me so she wanted a picture. I finally sent her one and its been crickets ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butch234  [View Original Post]
    One of my favs! Haven't seen her in a while tho. If anyone happens to get her a room for incall please let me know. I'm working near Morristown but travel back to Knox every night from 6:00-7:00. So I wouldn't have a lot of time. If I happen to get her a room I'll return the favor.
    She has a nice place so you can see her there.

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