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    Paris legs legs

    Quote Originally Posted by Swartzs  [View Original Post]
    I had an appointment with Vera setup for the following morning text the night before and all good next morning text and all was good to go I had a 45 minute drive and about Half way got a text and saying her landlord needed to visit / look at the house and needed to delay our visit for 30 or so minutes 6 hrs later she text to say she was free. The address she gave me was close to Alcoa but later text was for car date only but never attempted to see her again.
    I scheduled a date with this one, and finally met her early this morning, at her place where Vera and Shell are staying, met me at the door in bra, panties fishnets and heels, was taken aback slightly by her in person, pics she sends are dated, months to years, slightly heavier in person still not bad didn't get inside before I got a DFK then led upstairs where she undressed me push me back on the bed, kicked off her heels and started a BBBJ dt that took me by surprise, after a while I flipped her for some daty, cover went on with Mish then k9 ,back to Mish where she wrapped her arms and legs around me when she came with me, she layed back for a few on the bed, started rubbing junior as I started fingering her juciness. She leaned up. Smiled and started a vigorous deepthroat BBBJ and helped myself to her ass and pussy. Finger banging both as she worked her magic. She tensed and came again. Another cover on as I moved behind her for k9 again to finish the second time. We cleaned up and she walked me back downstairs. Very nice visit. Very into it.

    I'd recommend based on performance, wish she was more forthcoming about pics but I may repeat.

    Damage was $. 2 for HH.


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    Amber & Amber's Mother Plus Ashley

    I am very late with this post.

    The tittle is a little misleading, this was not a four way.

    Saw Ashley in October of last year. Really was looking forward to the meet based upon the board at that time. Big thanks to Mustangsal who graciously provided her digits.

    Had Ashley come to my hotel after a very light screening (she asked me to text a photo of myself, which I reluctantly did). She showed up at my door looking very nice, and after some very fun prelims I was ready for the main event. Asked Ashley for a cover and she said she did not have one, but was OK going BB. I was not, and asked her to finish me off orally, which she did very happily. Nice lady, but bareback was not a great idea. Hope that is not the routine. Would not repeat do to that alone.

    Now to Amber and her Mom. Sure I am going straight to hell for this one. Saw them in December (I think) on another visit to Knoxvegas. Screening was very light (really all I had to do was tell Amber that Mustangsal gave me her digits) and I was off to the races. Did an Incall for this visit. I am a little skeptical (not really) that they are mother and daughter in that who does that?! But have to say that I can mark that one of my bucket list. . . OMG! What an experience! Thank you!

    Need another visit soon!


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    Amber and mom


    Can someone help me set up with the duo? Pm me please with details.

    Quote Originally Posted by EasttnnFun  [View Original Post]
    I had a very similar experience with Amber and her mom as described by DiverJames (great post BTW). It was late afternoon this past Friday.

    I was originally planning to see EChelle but decided to pass for a variety of reasons. Reference the General Reports section that A2 had to intervene on. Anyway, I'm friends with both Amber & Missy and when I contact either, they respond pretty quickly. Amber and mom had a room on Merchants available and when I heard that, I was all over it. Met face to face within no more than 30 minutes of my first text.

    My experience was pretty much a mirror review of DJ's and I had a really enjoyable time. The only difference was that when I busted, it was with Amber and the two ladies were not side by side but stacked one on the other so I could rotate K9 between both openings. What a fine sight that was. I've done my share of FMF 3 somes and this one was in the upper 80th percentile. They both definitely are, IMO, pleasers. No rush, chill environment, behind a locked door in a cheaper rom but not many others around so it was fairly quiet.

    Attached pics are posted with permission, as long as their faces were obscured. Both have A cups but make up for it with sweet little backsides and overal above average/experienced skills.

    Treat them with respect, kindness and dignity and they will return it 2 or 3 fold.


    FYI - reference the post by Milfman a few months back on Amber. He posted some really classy pics that do Amber justice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJJ44  [View Original Post]

    Dang auto correct LOL.
    Interesting. I know what that means literally now. One of my regulars has upped the take homes by 50%. Just cause I reviewed her well here.

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    I agree

    My orayers to all her friends so sad.


    Quote Originally Posted by diverjames  [View Original Post]
    this is a shame. One of my friends is a park west nurse. She told me they had to prepare and keep her on life support. They did what they call a walk of honor when she was wheeled down the hallway to keep her fresh to donate her organs. This is a tragedy and was my atf. Thanks for all the great memories and many great nights. May you rest in peace.


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    Looking for FooT Worship provider

    Would like provider of footdom / fetish / worship with he, possibly FS, or fj.

    PM please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma2015  [View Original Post]
    What's the word on this one? No number is listed.
    Total waste of time. You might as well just burn the donation fee, and save your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma2015  [View Original Post]
    What's the word on this one? No number is listed.
    There seems to be one review and one seeming rebuttal. Search on "Kandy".

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    I didn't know either

    Quote Originally Posted by SexyCharly  [View Original Post]
    Thanks. What does gps mean?
    I had to look it up on urban dictionary. Haha. Going to have to start using it though.

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    What's the word on this one? No number is listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJJ44  [View Original Post]
    The dreaded Golden Pussy Syndrome!

    Dang auto correct LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexyCharly  [View Original Post]
    Thanks. What does gps mean?
    The dreaded Golden Pussy Syndrome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravass  [View Original Post]
    Post #6797, she's getting a bad case of gps now.
    Thanks. What does gps mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VolBoater  [View Original Post]
    Ok I was ready to pull the trigger on this one and she put up some new pics. Hmmm the pic with her white pants on shows she's either a very careless seamstress or all those needle marks or from something else.

    I mean look at her hands and arms - lots of bruising . . . I'll pass
    Bottom of the barrel that one is. Soon to be worm dirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexyCharly  [View Original Post]
    Post #6797, she's getting a bad case of gps now.

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