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    Westside Information

    I liked Tungsten99 posting. Decided to follow suit for the west side (where my mongering roams). So here's my fantasies of places I've visited so far in 2019. Gave a HSR (Happiness Success Rating) for each.

    128 & Allen in Beaverton.

    First visit, stopped by and met CiCi. She was busy, but I thought she was hot, so I made an appointment and came back an hour later. She showed me to a nice room and I got ready. When she came back and asked the standard hard / medium I mentioned I did have a pain that ran from my butt down my left leg. She definitely knew how to take care of that. Not sure exactly what was going on (I was face down after all), but I "think" she was using her knees to work my gluts to my ankles. Whatever it was, it sure fixed the pain. CiCi was fairly playful as well. On the flip, she kind of roamed around the area, but I took her hand and guided to where I felt it should be and much happiness ensued. HSR 100% (1/1).

    110th by Home Depot Beaverton.

    I have been here a few times and never been disappointed. Have never had the same girl twice either. This time I got CoCo. Cute little thing. She led me to the room, I got ready, and on the table. She came in and we had some friendly chat as she began the massage. Here massage skills were better than average, which I found both surprising and enjoyable. She let me roam a bit, which I found pleasing, and on the flip allowed roaming and took care of business and finished with a very nice head massage. Left happy, tipped appropriately, and will be back to see her if I can. HSR 100% (multiple visits).

    A Sunny time in Tigard.

    Another place I frequent, and have never been disappointed. This is the one place that depending on the girl and the rapport built up, have gotten just about every service: from HJ to FS. Others have reported lack of joy, but I have found them all to be responsive to flirting and teasing. Amy definitely has the best rack of the crew! HSR 100% (multiple visits).

    Downtown Tigard.

    Been here a few times, and if I am in need of some seriously good massage skills, this is where I will go. A very friendly lady at the front desk, leads you to a nice room where you get ready. When the masseuse comes in she will cover you and give you a really good massage. Have tried hints, outright offers, and nothing extra. But like I said, if I'm in need of some healing, this is my place to go. And that friendly lady up front? I fantasize about her. Probably 1/2 because of her looks, and 1/2 because I realize it probably will never happen. But she makes me smile. HSR:0% but 100% therapeutic.

    Spring in Tigard by FM.

    Been here a few times and it is hit and miss. Visited twice in a month, got 2 different girls and 2 different results. HSR: 50%.

    Hong Kong by Jesuit.

    Been a few times, and almost always leave happy. Roaming varies. Massage technique is generally good. There is a young cute busty thing, no roaming allowed but she will finish you off. No touching can be painful. LOL. Su Mei gives a good deep massage (don't bother hard or medium. You get hard) and allows roaming and will leave you refreshed. HSR: 90%.

    Sun by Barbur Transit.

    Another place that all depends on who you get. Almost always requires some coaxing, but you won't always be successful. HSR: 70%.


    Been a few times, and have always left with a smile. Massage techniques ranged from pure crap to decent. But like a race, the finish is what usually counts and I have to rate HSR: 100%.

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    3rd time charm

    First two visits in the 160 neighborhood of Div. Put me in with Wendy. 50's lady with good massage skills but severely lacking of flip skills. HJ only and tried to bleed. 80 for it. Got an attitude when I held firm at half that. Wouldn't allow roaming even OTC. After two experiences with her, I had decided not to go back. But recently gave it another shot during a different part of the day and found LuLu. Mid-late 30's, decent looking with a good figure. Massage was terrible but was offered an oral option after the flip. Quoted an outrageous fee for covered, but I was able to negotiate to a "reasonable" yet still inflated number for bare. Dropped the panties and encouraged me to roam as long as no insertion and then she went to town on junior. Very good DT skills. But no CIM. Inquired about a "fuller" package but that's not available. YMMV.

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    Useful information

    I would like to pay back the community for all the information they have shared here and relay some of the fantasies I have had about AMPs in the area.

    Part 1:

    On 181st, south of Stark: This place has been here forever. Run by ZZ. Good massage with relatively tame HJ finish-- strictly OTC roaming. ZZ and QQ and a third woman (high turnover for the 3rd) have worked there for years. All old. Appt. Only -- need to call. Number ends with 3900. Happiness success rate (HSR): 100%.

    On Stark near check cashing: Jennifer and Coco. Both old. Similar to first place in terms of service. HSR: 100%.

    82nd and Foster: Saw three different ladies (only remember Linda's name). All old. Standard HJ finish with OTC. HSR:100%.

    Powell and 75th: One recent visit. Didn't get name -- early 40's. Standard HJ, but with full nude and free roaming. HSR: 1/1.

    Across from USPS on Stark: Two visits with same 40-50-ish lady. HJ w / OTC. HSR: 2/2.

    Past 130th on Sandy: Two visits due to misleading reports here. Cindy was cute, 30's, all tease with no ending (not even DIY). Anna was OK looking, 40-ish, decent massage, DIY only. Door has a hole where the deadbolt should be. Don't recommend this place. HSR: 0/2 (I don't count DIY.).

    Above dentist on 82nd: Joy is cute as hell, 30's, great massage, but no joy offered with Joy. Saw her three times and will see again for massage. Wendy is a large 50's (maybe even 60's) woman, HJ w / OTC. Luna is a fit 40's woman, decent massage, DIY. HSR: 20% (1/5).

    Near Tobacco Town on McL (Milwaukie area): First visit w / Camila (30's) was good even though only practically DIY -- actually, as long as a kept my hand on hers she did the work. Second visit was with Yoyo (50's, not the Vancouver lady I will get to later in Part 2). Same experience, she did the HJ as long as I moved her hand. Third visit was Camila again. Things opened up nicely. Full roaming (shirt and bra up, tights down around knees). Excellent HJ. Only visit Camila now. HSR: 100% after first two semi-DIY experiences.

    I'll end Part 1 there. Part 2 coming soon.

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    Diving back in

    Planning on hitting whatever the most recommended spot is. I'll give a full report afterward to share with you all.

    Let me know where you'd most like a in depth report of.

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    Hillsboro AMP

    I'm new to this forum and to Oregon! Would someone help me or PM me with a AMP in and around Hillsboro.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeeLikeeAsians  [View Original Post]
    There are plenty of references to AMPs in those locations scattered throughout the thread.
    Can you please PM me AMP in Hillsboro. Thanks.

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    Regular Member

    Posts: 19

    Rae Rae

    She will not see people without references on TNA. Not newbie friendly. But great to see after you are established on TNA. Sarafoxx is newbie friendly.

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    Vancouver vs Beaverton

    Just went back to a place in Vancouver to see if it's changed and I have to say the massage was better and free table shower but it's still diy as to the places in Beaverton which is a little more and HJ. What should the tip be?

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    What to tip.

    Just wondering what to tip. Went to a place in Beaverton and the girl told me right off the bat that I need to tip 40 then she said I can touch her if I tip 60.

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    Rae Rae.

    Quote Originally Posted by SnAppleMgfm  [View Original Post]
    Okay, but which AMP is she at?
    Not an AMP puts up ads on tna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodon198  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone PM with any suggestions for a good AMP in beaverton or hillsboro.
    There are plenty of references to AMPs in those locations scattered throughout the thread.

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    Suggestions for good AMP on westside

    Can anyone PM with any suggestions for a good AMP in beaverton or hillsboro.

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    Looking for AMP on westside

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good AMP in beaverton or hillsboro? Can you PM with any suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoonNowGit  [View Original Post]
    Its in the same strip mall. Anyone had any luck there?
    The one across from Sunset club. I've been tempted. It's always better after 8 at strips and I'm never around there late. At the teriyaki place there's the cutest nicest counter person. In my fantasy, I show up late for the first AMP visit and she's still taking orders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneOldFuck  [View Original Post]
    Full service good rubdown, BBBJ for me and CFS was my goto for a long time. Not asian. Reasonably priced.

    Restrictions on positions. Need to see her again.
    Okay, but which AMP is she at?

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