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    No Tyrone visible, but it looks like the bottom ***** is mentoring two others.

    2 BSW.

    1 ASW.

    All three have been camped out near Eastport for the last three days. Curious to know about the ASW.
    Edit: the ASW just got picked up. Share info
    Also I just saw Michigan get on a bus going towards Clackamas. Some may remember her. WSW from Michigan. Always died hair, always glasses, multiple tattoos, chest tattoo. She blends in well on the track. Looks like a Punk rock Civie. Fucking dick fiend. Cheap, will look for her again when I'm South.

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    Girl on sandy

    A few years ago. Found a nice spinner with a great body on sandy. I digress. But the last few weeks I have seen a larger girl with black tank top big boobs. She has thunder thighs but not fat big but still firm looking. She is not my type but for you others. Someone might be interested.

    I keep getting bugged by a kind of regular but she is not the best service and complains some. So I ignore her. Not worth it. The girls need to learn customer service is the best.

    I see the girl in the mornings on sandy usually. Anywhere between 105 and 122.

    Always keep your eyes pealed On 162nd and burnside I was sure I saw a SW. But had friend with me in the car and could not swing back around to check her out. She did look like a nice spinner.

    You never know where you meet them.

    Chao for now. Any where at a bus stop or any girl walkkng slowly is likely working. Over time I have found them on glisan powell. 181st anywhere where a girl follows you with her head as she sees you looking at her.

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    Lowball her ass made me laugh. That's where I'm at with her too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lshulkcb  [View Original Post]
    Which one is Sara #30 ?
    See my post #2619 for a picture. Or search EB using "Sarah".

    Hell, if you hurry, she's prowling between Stark & Halsey as of ten minutes ago. Black shorts & striped top.

    She's not getting much business from I observed.

    That'll learn her ass to start walking in.

    I actually tried to scoop her once since it was very slow on 82nd tonight & I was feeling fucking lazy after too much food & drink. Was going to lowball her ass & bring her back here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZaviJava  [View Original Post]
    As long as I've assigned another Sarah a #, here's a few more w / photos to help in avoiding (or not).
    Which one is Sara #30 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuscleThick1  [View Original Post]
    I believe is shortwide.
    When I get her to finally get her back in the car, I will get her number. She's got a great ass and she knows how to bounce it. She's also short so maneuvering her around in the car offers a couple positions, that aren't optimal for others.

    Roxanne was out yesterday and I got her in the car. She's so cute man. Her attire was straight out of an early RUN-DMC video. Black runner shorts, hoop earrings, dayglo patterned top, shell tows and crazy hair (wig). She looked like all of my Middle School girlfriends. I finally got to ask her what up with her phone. Long story short. Number works (when her phone is charged) and I got to go to her place. Just finished railing her, completely naked, bunch of girlfriendy type shit. Needed that.

    She'll be out tonight, but she changed into some denim shorts and a small top. Get her ZJ, She's a loopy one, but I bet you'd have a good time with a proper white girl.

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    Need help!!

    Finally found something worth picking up this morning around 10:30 am In front of pho van. I believe is shortwide. She's short black or Latina with colored hair Wearing a short black skirt and colorful top she looked georgus. By the time I turned around some silver charger was picking her up right on the corner where the truck dealership is. Any info pm on this beautiful would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Wendesday Night 82nd

    The copilot & I didn't quite make it out Tuesday night. Tonight, were invited to dinner at my back forties clients place downtown. Since we were already out & presentable decide to check out 82nd. Been thinking about that redhead I couldn't scoop from Monday's report. Alas she wasn't out but there were a few of varying interest between 10:30 to 12:30.

    Right at Division saw the younger blonde WSW from my report #2659. I wasn't sure she was walking that night. She had just crossed Division & was heading South, looked cute in jeans & heels. Flipped around to intercept by truck place only to see her getting into some late model panel van w / graphics. Knowing she's a walker only slightly eased the sting of getting out scooped by Kelso from the 70's show.

    There was the younger really cute LSW looking good in some pink shorts & white top at the Boo Han market. I've seen her once before & as always she had a shit load of mongers doing all kind of maneuvering to scoop her. I went around block & where she walked in had at least four cars waiting for her. She passed on first two & third must have been the charm because she got in. Saw her again on my last lap getting into a car near Stark.

    Sarah #00 was near the Glisan Art place wall. I was slightly disgusted that she actually got scooped. She did quite the sprint to some poor unknowing fuckers' car. I think she dove in his open passenger window. Hope you got some upholstery cleaner handy buddy.

    A few fat and / or ugly WSW's & BSW's of all ages from Powell to Fremont.

    Alica from my report #2235 was near the pet hospital. Still a hard nope.

    Saw Horseface / Forehead in a cute black dress all the way by Fremont. Her Tyrone was unhappy w / her & she him. When I passed after turning around at Sandy the argument had gone ballistic & moved in front of the HS park. Skinny sweaty Tyrone was on one side of 82nd & she was on the other as they screamed "fuck you" & the like at one another. She's got a set of lungs on her for sure, I could her clear as a bell over cd player.

    Light PPD all evening but a somewhat heavier Clackamas presence at Flavel areas, which likely explains why I saw none tonight from JCB to Foster.

    Rammer, I call that LSW "Low Wider". I've not seen her that far South or out in a while.

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    The short, thick one. Always in a dress. Braids her hair, no dye. Camps out between Stark and Glisan. She does travel the whole run. I've swooped her down Foster way before.

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    Wendesday Commute 82nd Recon

    Quote Originally Posted by RammerRammer  [View Original Post]
    The LSW that ZJ mentioned that picked up on 82nd was by Sunny Mkt.
    Knocked off job a little early & since I had to do an errand near Burnside. The panting copilot & I did one lap JCB to Fremont & back.

    Except for one younger BSW w / long orange wig on North of Division, not a sweaty walker to be seen.

    Maybe better tonight?

    Rammer: what LSW I mentioned? Only I can remember is the young one w / reddish hair that tends to stay near Duke.

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    Wednesday Morning

    Cali and her Tyrone were walking quarters from Division to Stark.

    Another WSW and her Tyrone (With a skateboard) were by Powell.

    And a NSW was with her Tyrone by the closed down 7-11.

    Crystal WSW was by McDs Fremont.

    The LSW that ZJ mentioned that picked up on 82nd was by Sunny Mkt.

    Layla was by Taboo.

    Sammie called needed a ride. Pumped her and dropped her in the Hood. That's a great piece of ass. Worked out a nice deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RammerRammer  [View Original Post]
    Advice to the dumbfucks that pick up directly on 82nd. Watch that clip and realize you're the young bull with your childish ways.

    You are creating bad habits for some Walkers. I think you've oermently fucked up Sarah#30. She flat out won't walk in. Your behavior has been mentioned recently concerning her, and I'm holding you responsible for me missing her with 4 great pickup spots. She don't give a fuck, she won't walk in and there's always going to be the young stupid bulls that pander to this shit. I'm done with that chick, at least I smashed it a couple times.
    Good analogy & movie. Some of the life lessons contained relate to 82nd some, especially how a succession of minor indiscretions could turn into something else (such as a crackdown on 82nd again).

    Yet, infuriately I think it's going fall on deaf ears for a couple reasons.

    For some mongers out there, the big head just shifts into neutral when they've spotted some fine specimen walking.

    Fifteen even ten years ago, on 82nd that dumb ass move was rare, not so much now from what I observe. I tend to think it's the ones who don't / haven't read the forum or ever heard of the 22 Rules.

    Also since Craigslist CC & Backpage went away, 82nd sure seems more crowded than ever with mongers.

    As far as the SW's, some SW's just aren't the brightest in the rules department. It seems to be the traveling SW's who are the main offenders. Which might explain Sarah #30, isn't she from the Vegas area?

    Link to the scene:

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    SW and adult shops

    I think I saw someone posted here that they saw SW around Taboo and wanted to ask how often does that happen. I've been there a couple of times, but never found anyone inside or out. Is there a best time to find them on the prowl?

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    You know the bull joke from Colors?

    Advice to the dumbfucks that pick up directly on 82nd. Watch that clip and realize you're the young bull with your childish ways.

    You are creating bad habits for some Walkers. I think you've oermently fucked up Sarah#30. She flat out won't walk in. Your behavior has been mentioned recently concerning her, and I'm holding you responsible for me missing her with 4 great pickup spots. She don't give a fuck, she won't walk in and there's always going to be the young stupid bulls that pander to this shit. I'm done with that chick, at least I smashed it a couple times.

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    Monday Night 82nd

    Copilot & I hit the stroll around 10:45 for a little recon. Wasn't expecting much for some reason & how wrong I was.

    Pretty much out of the gate saw this late twenties +- out of a bottle shoulder length redhead walking past Flavel near cedar furniture place. Matching red shorts & top. Thicker w / not much chest. Never seen her before yet passed since it was early & I still had to stop at bank to replenish my mongering piggy bank.

    A couple of the WSW / BSW that you don't bother with were between Powell & Stark.

    Shorts wearing Hermiston was right in front of the 4 wheel place waving at all passing by. When I was passing had a fully loaded PPD SUV cruising next to me. Didn't stop her from waving at my ride. When stopped at Division light, glanced over at the two male officers & they were laughing their asses off about something. Suspect it was Hermiston. I'm 'kinda still amazed they don't at least spotlight her once & a while since she's the most blatant of all the walkers out there.

    Sarah #30 was at Stark MCD's grass looking doable in some booty shorts & belly shirt w / her hair up. Getting lots of attention & saw her get scooped twice, once right on fucking 82nd.

    Not much from Stark to Sandy, except for Horseface / Forehead in front of Utopia.

    Just Past Burnside, saw the brown haired cute & young pale WSW from my report #2675. Had her hair up & was looking good in some white capri pants & flowered (sleeveless top. Went around block & she had walked in to waiting fucking PT Cruiser as I came around block. I really have to look for her more, she looks cute.

    Standing opposite Fubon was a 'hella fucking cute & young ASW, 5'3" +- w / matching black shorts & tube top. Black hair past her shoulder & just enough baby fat for some cushion. Asian woman really doesn't do anything for me & I passed her by, only to think of how much Zizix would probably like this one. Flipped around block to see if I could pull a # for him only to see her hopping into some minivan in pot shop parking lot.

    Susie from my reports #2306, #2226 & #2369 was in pigtails wearing a clingy mini showing her leg tats & ample chest in front of the restaurant w / bears outside. Anyone ever cruise so long & get so fucking tired that you mistake those bears for a SW fixing her face in the glass? It can't be just me.

    Just before Flavel 7-11 saw the younger brunette spinner WSW from my report #2685. She must not have been walking as she was more interested in catching up with some criddlers in 7-11 lot.

    Slowed down some after that & as I was passing Fremont noticed a PPD SUV was parked in Arco lot & another in MCD's. Of fucking course, I see the WSW of the night. Early thirties redhead who was just a fine, fine piece. Shoulder length hair w / a skintight knee length white dress in ankle boots. Think Christina Hendricks w / o the huge chest, she was that good looking. She was coming up on the Subway & I figured I'd park in HS park lot to intercept as she gave me a little wave in rearview. Parked in lot & as she must have missed that I parked. She got up to Siskiyou & she fucking crossed 82nd & headed North!

    Rolled around to maybe catch her attention at street by 7-11 there to only find another PPD SUV parked there. There was really no way to intercept her without scooping right in front of several PPD & as much as I believe prostitution is a low priority for the city, I don't want to test my theory on myself. As I turned right & headed down 82nd, she gave me a gorgeous red lipped smile / wave & something inside of me downright died right then. I thought options & going around a third time to catch her further down 82nd but figured I'd been seen at least once & had pushed exposure for the night w / all the PPD concentration in that area. Of course, hardly saw a LEO on several JCB to Sandy run & then a shit load when it mattered the goddamn most.

    Was so fucking sick about missing redhead's two squirrels in sack ass, I didn't even pay any mind to the semi cute 30's Blonde WSW w / the obvious baby bump near the States Motel that waved at me. The redhead was that hot!

    Called it after that & checked if there were any naked Christina Hendricks online that I could PornHub to (there isn't damn it).

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