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    Q town

    I decided to go for a ride last weekend.

    Ended up at hancock 2nd fl. First time visit for me.

    Thought I would see Lisa wanted to have a taller girl but not there. Got Lucy.

    Early 40's maybe. Good looking girl, hotter biker chick vibe. Tat across her panty line had good Cs on her.

    Very little English, her teeth not so good maybe too much coffee or tea.

    She was a little playful at the start which was fun. Then about 10 or 15 mins in she asked me what I wanted. I couldn't understand what see said but didn't have much doe on me so opted for CBJ for 8.

    Got shorted a little on time but I was ok with it. Had a good time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetailWorker  [View Original Post]
    Was patrolling RM and saw that it said that Boylston is closed. Can anyone confirm this?
    Yes definitely closed. Passed by the other evening, no neon lights on the 3rd floor, even Boloco on the first floor was gone from the space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plemo  [View Original Post]
    That couple is facing some pretty serious charges. First offense is five years. They must have known they would eventually get caught. Was the handjob expert willingly there or just another Chinese lady who answered a classified ad. No offense but the people who answer these ads really think they are headed to a better life. It's almost 2020. This bust was easy. These places always need to ask if this is the first time you have been here. If they say yes, then it's a no go. If you say no then it's on. Who was the informant? Why did the masseuse just go and grab the guys junk. It seems as though right then and there game over. What's interesting is the informant angle. I wonder who it is? The masseuses were pretty dumb, the elderly couple thought they could get away with it. In certain towns they just let it fly. Others they care. Who knows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetailWorker  [View Original Post]
    Was patrolling RM and saw that it said that Boylston is closed. Can anyone confirm this?
    Walked past last week and there was a sign that said they were moving to an address on Newberry St. Forgot the number but thought it was in the 200 range. Haven't checked it out yet.

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    Complete joke

    Quote Originally Posted by Ridgid  [View Original Post]
    Waste of resources but it makes LEO stay on the front page. Pay no attention to the epic drug problem.
    The fines are nothing with the amount of cash that goes through those places daily. They are like a few grand. The jail time if convicted is minimal as a first offender. A guy in Massachusetts pled guilty to human trafficking and got probation. The lady who worked with him only got five years. All they would have to do is start giving huge fines like 500,000 to 1 million and mandatory 10-20 year sentences and believe me these business owners would not ever do this again. Pandering in Rhode Island is a weak charge. The business owners know this. If the punishment is going to be minimal, and not put fear of long jail sentences and.

    A dent in there finances it will continue. The husband and wife duo should be severely punished. But again the punishment doesn't fit the crime. I'm sure mrs whomever would love to suck like 100 dicks a week and get slammed as well. The punishment should be Th e owners work as the talent, know just kidding.

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    One of the ladies names

    Quote Originally Posted by Ridgid  [View Original Post]
    Waste of resources but it makes LEO stay on the front page. Pay no attention to the epic drug problem.
    Is OK bang? That's hilarious. She's clearly guilty but in the right profession with that name. One of the guys who is an owner or co owner is pretty ballsy saying the consensual aspect is not illegal. This guy is clearly a moron or has so much money from this enterprise already laundered it doesn't matter the fines he has to pay. I mean it's 200 an appointment. So if 20 customers come per day that's 28,000 a week. What is the fine for practicing massage without a license? The amount of money these places make you would think they could at least get licensed. They need to get the money collector but obviously they are way way too late. The fines are nothing and the jail time is minimal. If it's first offense these people have zero to worry about. If it was human trafficking then the owners would be shitting there pants. I'm still curious about Ronald keplin. She gets five years for doing this. The judicial system is really flawed. I can't find anything on the keplin guy's sentence.

    That fools lawyer probably got him off.

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    Was patrolling RM and saw that it said that Boylston is closed. Can anyone confirm this?

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    It makes the front page.

    Quote Originally Posted by WayTooNice  [View Original Post]

    Far East Spa, Harmony Spa and Pleasant Street Massage.
    Waste of resources but it makes LEO stay on the front page. Pay no attention to the epic drug problem.

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    Hello guys,

    I am visiting Boston this weekend in the Seaport area. I think this is pretty close to CT. I was looking for intel on AMP with great massage and HE. Massage is important. Could be indy or non-Asian (in or out-call) if you have a gem. PMs welcome.

    Thank you.

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    Not again!!

    Far East Spa, Harmony Spa and Pleasant Street Massage.

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    Mimi of 195

    Was at the Waverley again and it's amazing how they still use those pinkish robes, inherited from 195. By any chance, do you, gentlemen, know where Mimi of the 195 fame is now? They had many great providers over the years but Mimi (and Grace) really stood out.

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    Blue Harbour

    Welp another waste of tine and money. This time at blue harbour on the south shore. Was told young fun new girl. Got Sophia. Cute 5 out of 10. I'd say 30. Long story short. Zero tease. Massage was terrible and hurt. At end was offered standard. I denied. I asked if there is any other menu. She said no no speak English. If any one knows of a place that girl is in good shape. 20-30 years old. Fun teasing. Roaming under top and bottom access. Standard finish is fine but needs to be fun with complete roaming. Pm me please. Sick of wasting money and time. Also FYI did 1/2 hour for. 40 left no tip because she was no where to be found after.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    South shore report

    1x47 - Q, 2nd floor, always seems to be someone different, typical haggle negotiate what you want. Never have asked for or done FS. Always have done 30 min, basic hands running up and down for a bit until a tease, a flip, negotiating and finish. Have done 4 for HJ, 6 for Russian, a revolving door kind of place.

    Eastern. B Tree, nice massage, full hour, woman wasn't bad, average Asian. Methodical massage kind of compartmentalized, upper body, lower back, one leg, next leg etc, occasional tease in between. Standard finish, no negotiation just pretty much built in. Nice place, would repeat.

    Fu Shen. Q in and out, 10 min. Ugly lady, quick HJ with some prostrate play and out. Not worth it.

    Clinical. B Tree, used to be my go to, ladies were meh, but it was a great massage (ranked Tracy, Evie, then Jenny) standard finish, but always the full hour. Jenny would give you a two pop if you made it known early. Since then though they've really laid off, massage isn't as good, kind of got old getting it with the same women. Not a bad place don't get me wrong, but not the place to go if you're looking for hotter and better.

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    Jade Asian Weymouth

    Dropped into this random place on the upper end of 53. Plenty of parking in the rear off the Main Street. Greeted by Yoyo? Short, way too much makeup, Black tank top with 3 cute little star tattoos on her upper chest neck. Kind of ugly but flirty so I took the 30. Room was cold and she didn't even dim the lights. Ugggg, so not worth it. I figured she would be open for a little roaming because of her attitude but she was having none of that! Very good massage but not very fun. At the flip it was pretty obvious why I was there but she pretty much stayed at my head and ankles LOL. I made a few recommendations with hand gestures but she politely declined. After my time was up, left her a 20 tip and got "the look". She said "I pay more" I asked for what? I paid my 40 and tipped 20 for a very nice massage. I told her I would come back if she were more friendly and she just laughed. Too bad, convenient location for me but my search will continue in this neck of the woods.

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    Montvale Stoneham

    Checked the this one (for the 2nd time) over Dunkin donuts. Very standard spa, decent massage, uninspired jackhammer ending. 40+40. I remember it being better a couple of years ago.

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