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    Quote Originally Posted by MacAdamia87  [View Original Post]
    Sounds like Blue Harbor might be on their way to being as good as they were before the departure of Kimmy. How was Coco as far as appearance?
    There a back entrance, or just the front one?

    Walk-ins ok? Masks mandatory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DimSum21  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone had luck with extras that involve taking off the mask like DATY or BJ? It seems most here are getting standard finishes, and that's been my luck as well.
    I seriously doubt any extras, especially skin to skin contact. Most of these girls are from NYC and if they catch it, they wouldn't know how, where or what to do. Seriously doubt the mama san will even help. And their insurance, if they have it, is most likely in NYC and not here. I wouldn't even make an attempt as you may end up catching it yourself.

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    190X Beacon

    Went back after a long hiatus and got myself back into business. New girl (obviously), couldn't get 4-hand as wasn't enough girls. She wore a mask, no gloves, good massage, flip and went to work. A bit of a fantasy to see the girl w / a medical mask jacking you off. She was thin, cute, older. But, she didn't have the stamina. Started wheezing after 15-seconds. It takes me a good 3-4 minutes. Depends on her technique. After she was finished with me, she was sweating. I made her earn her tip. Didn't get the name as I didn't bother. This place switches girls every 2-3 weeks. Not bad place, good parking, right on the Cleveland circle line. Afterwards, good places to eat after you spent your calories on the table. Happy hunting.

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    Battle On Pond Street

    Decided to try out both the Pond St AMPs to compare. I found the older 158 A Angela to be uninspiring. She was the only one working. No younger one in site. Rubdown fair, ending technique could not even get me to completion. Edges of the drapes that are their doors, seemed to cover the opening. No interruptions by phone calls or walkins during my time there. Left there and drove directly down the street to 136. I drew Kelly who didn't seem older, but was not young. There were 2 or 3 providers working, no 136 Angela on duty. Pleasant enough, massage not bad and thorough, excellent ending. Edges of the drapes that are their doors, leave clear view on both ends so not fully block view from the hallway. Tons of phone and walking interruptions, which negatively impacted my session because Kelly had to keep leaving. My votes are in, 136 rated a six out of ten, 158 A rated a three. I have a feeling that others may share the feeling that 136 is a go, and 158 A is a no go. It was a rare opportunity for me to have been able to make a comparison by visiting one place right after visiting the other (vs visiting them days apart and trying to compare). I got the feeling that there was upside opportunity for services at 136 with repeat visits but not sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniMan  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried AnKang massage in Cohasset? I am curious about this place.
    How about TOFTT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amppro95  [View Original Post]
    I just don't do it, I say slowly and clearly, I tip very well depends on what you do. If they ask, how much? I say, you will be happy, and that's the end, if they ask again I say just HJ and they get 40, if they do extras, they are compensated, I have found it to be about 50/50. Sometimes they will ask. What do you want? I say full sex. Sometimes it happens, sometimes its a BJ. That's one of the things I like about AMPs, it's like a box of chocolates.
    Cum, Forrest, Cum.

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    Stoped into see may in Marshfield The other day. It was nice to see her again. When I got there she was masked up and took my temperature. Went to room to get ready I thought to myself how funny I must look standing in my Birthday suit with just a mask on.

    As always massage was fantastic She covered the bases, nice tease before the flip standard finish good cleanup followed by short but good foot rub to finish my time.

    I will be back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniMan  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried AnKang massage in Cohasset? I am curious about this place
    You've asked this question a few times before. Just go already and report back.

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    AnKang Massage, Cohasset

    Has anyone tried AnKang massage in Cohasset? I am curious about this place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyPratt  [View Original Post]
    House fee is still $60 for an hour. I usually tip them 40-50 because they know me. But for Kelly I gave her $60 since it was my first time back and she gave access to the top.

    I usually give to providers more if they know me.

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    Amy was pretty good!

    I literally got back from 986 a couple of hours ago. Was driving past it, stopped and called to see if they could take me for a hh. Temp check, sprayed my hands and feet (Amy. Little stocky, limited English.

    Made small talk with her during the massage, had to use Google translate a few times to get the message across. Made her laugh a few times and she gently slapped my ass and ran her hand through my crack. That was nice. She said she was in NY and only got to the Boston area in March.

    She worked very well with me, finish was really good as well. Not too much oil, very soft hands.

    I'm wondering if her name really is Amy, or if that's some generic name they use, because my experience was very different from yours.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyCrouton  [View Original Post]
    I made the mistake of going there recently. I was greeted by Amy and she led me to the room. She is short, stocky older with huge cans and zero sex appeal. She spoke good English and did a halfway decent massage. That is the only good. I turned over at the halfway point to see. What was offered. The answer to that is nothing. She started with the compliments. This followed by her drenching my lower body with oil. She then proceeded to unromantically flick my nuts. Yes, flick them with her finger. She would do this off and on to the point where it became uncomfortable. I finally asked her to stop. When she did it again I couldn't take it anymore I stood up, dressed and left. I did leave a small tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sounds  [View Original Post]
    Has happened according to a friend. He is a reliable source. I knew the girl and was not surprised. But she is long gone.

    Not something I try for so do not know how readily available it is.
    Yeah, anal probably isn't a good idea at most AMPs (even if it is on the table).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacAdamia87  [View Original Post]
    Sounds like Blue Harbor might be on their way to being as good as they were before the departure of Kimmy. How was Coco as far as appearance?
    Coco is 45-50 I'd guess. Pretty enough face but a bit matronly looking the day I saw her. Tried for FS as well and was denied.

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    Lee from Lotus

    Anyone know where she is now? Went to Lotus. She not there any more. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firedog069  [View Original Post]
    Been there and done that a cpl of times. First time around, about a year ago I had Tina. Not bad 40 yo or so kind of a spinner but could use help in the face department. So so massage and I gave her one too. Made me promise not to tell anyone. Finished me with a HJ and when I tried for some pussy she got a little cranky. Flash forward to a few weeks ago. Called first had to come up the fire escape through the back door (pre phase 3). I thought I had a new girl as she looked cute as hell with a mask on, nice eyes. Turns out it was Tina. Not a bad massage, gave her a good rub back and front with sexy red panties which didn't really get in the way but she wouldn't let me take them all the off. Had her flip and gave the front side a good going over. Small Bs with flesh colored silicone pasties on her nipples. Looked odd, at first I thought she didn't have nipples LOL. Anyway not a bad experience but Its not new and it's the same girl even though they claim "New Young Girls".

    I did get a chance to go to Blue Harbor in Rockland recently. Got Coco, great massage, very, very sensual from the start. Big tits and dropped her pants after the flip fingered her soaking wet pussy and ass. She was blowing at my dick, her way of asking I wanted BJ I said ok how much, she tells me $ ummm hell no I say. 80 she says no so I tell her forget it. She relented and says next time $. Yah, whatever. I tell her no rubber she tells me I'm crazy and get the saran wrap LOL. I don't know why I agree to blow job at these places they always suck (pun intended). Anyway, good sexy massage, I'll go see her again. There's another younger girl there too, very cute Coco says try her next time.
    Sounds like Blue Harbor might be on their way to being as good as they were before the departure of Kimmy. How was Coco as far as appearance?

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