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    Any experience with this?

    Has anyone has any experience with this provider?

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    Jump Street

    Been out of the game for awhile but it looks like things are still going down hill. I did notice the "Massage" sign lit up on 21 Jump Street. Has anyone stopped in? Sometimes when these places close and reopen, they can go from a great place to a waste of $.

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    UTR on County Line aka Kevin Bacon

    So, had a unique experience this afternoon. I had some out of office hours to run errands and felt a familiar urge to roll the dice and made an appointment with Chi Chi. When I showed up ten minutes early, Chi Chi was busy for another half-hour, so I almost left because I drew the older masseuse (never caught the name) that was sitting in the front working on needlepoint or something. She was my first massage there and I knew that there were no extras with her. But, I didn't have extra time to wait and I knew her massage was decent, so I thought "what the hell?" and stayed for the 60 minutes.

    They gave me one of the three adjacent curtained rooms, which aren't as private as the other side or back areas. Someone else was in the middle of a session on the other side of the curtain, and I thought I heard the giggles of Chi Chi. Now I'm burning with envy. But oh well, here we are that's the hobby for ya.

    The actual massage from my older girl was again pretty good for "deep pressure," no hint of teasing despite a hail-may attempt at signaling. One Chi Chi session ends without any panting about 20 minutes into mine. So, ok cool at least we'll have a little more privacy from here on out? Wrong. Chi Chi is back one curtain away within 5 minutes with who I can only assume is one of you fellow monger-hobbyists. He led off early with some flirty small talk, denied the hot stones like he'd been there before, and from what I can only imagine got her to be touchy in a hurry. At this point I've flipped and am lying there getting a head rub while the sounds are getting interesting next curtain over. With 10 minutes left in the massage, I'm lying face up and she finishes my shoulders and arms, and exits the room. My eyes are closed, and suddenly there's a tap on my shoulder and I open my eyes to see a different girl. She's not bad, good smile, maybe late 30's / early 40's, dark very curly hair, named Lisa. She touches me under the towel, and looks to me for the nod. I give it, and she pumps it a few times and goes to work on a smooth, ball-massaging, slow pumping two-handed HJ. It was a lovely thing. Only thing is, I can also hear the shenanigans happening the next curtain over, and a clear moaning from Chi Chi who again I think at this point is getting mutual touching into full swing. So, the monger next door is having a great time, I'm on the other side trying to be quiet, biting my lip and getting pretty bent out of shape over the situation, and *POP* big fountain finish.

    Lisa in a classy move cleaned me all up and massaged my legs for a textbook vanilla ending set to the sounds of our neighbors continuing to have fun. I couldn't stifle my ears-wide grin. Tipped the standard tip to Lisa who was waiting in the side hall after I got dressed. Paid the house fee to the MMS on the way out. I am at this point unsure of whether this closing pitcher Lisa tips out to the MMS, as it was the first time it happened to me. What a great afternoon.

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    East Side

    I've continued to sample the East Side. Found Sofia or Sofie at Ben's Rd. I thought I had read that she had left. Anyways, she was there and offering the same old fun.

    I also visited BB. Those girls are fun, but not exactly my preference. I like Ben's place better. I'm heading to U SPA tomorrow. I think I'm ready to head back to Dallas.

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    Hobbyist45 Clean out your in box. I tried to reply but it said it was full.

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    Besides downtown massage any other places in the area? Looking for more than a HJ if possible.

    I am visiting and can return the favor about chgo info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarryDeepwood  [View Original Post]
    Are they hot. I know the pics they have are fake.
    I guess that's a matter of opinion. Both are short and petite. Lucy is a little cutie but Lisa is probably a 6/10, maybe 7. The good thing is you can set an appointment with whichever you want but only Lisa usually works on the weekends.

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    Blonde Bombshell

    Does anybody have any experience with the Blonde Bombshell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonBurgIndy  [View Original Post]
    Too bad she's gone for awhile? I hope she comes back, I'll have to check in with Sunny.

    I agree Ron. She looks classy. I will have to see for myself I guess. Anybody else got any reports with this gal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanes9021  [View Original Post]
    She's got a great attitude and is very playful, but there's not a bit of a chance that she's in her 40's. If I had to guess, she's pushing 60 or possibly older.
    Yep I tried her out too. As soon as I walked in I knew what was going to happen because I had seen her before. The cutoffs kept me there. Lots of utc roaming but I wasn't interested in anything else besides the usual. It's not a waste; I'd go again if the others down 10 blocks south were busy. Parking is great BTW.

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    Are they hot. I know the pics they have are fake.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeast72  [View Original Post]
    They give a very good massage but it is self-service only.

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    Blue Island

    Quote Originally Posted by BarryDeepwood  [View Original Post]
    Anyone tried this place in Carmel. I see they have table showers. Got a apt there tonight is it worth it.
    They give a very good massage but it is self-service only.

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    Blue Island Spa

    Anyone tried this place in Carmel. I see they have table showers. Got a apt there tonight is it worth it.

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    I like!

    Too bad she's gone for awhile? I hope she comes back, I'll have to check in with Sunny.


    Quote Originally Posted by RubGuy80  [View Original Post]
    Here you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonBurgIndy  [View Original Post]
    I was checking out the Models Massage website and apparently they have a new manager and assistant manager. If you look closely at the photo, you might just get a chuckle like I did. Also, I wish it was really her title, and that she did, indeed, manage mine.

    Ron, I went in there a few weeks ago during lunch,had massage from Jazmin. Not very friendly,I did see the message when I zoomed in on picture! I may try again.

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