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    Fake super fake.

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    Jane Kim

    Met this little MILF today very nice easy to talk too. Nice MILF spinner body for her age. Not rushed GFE enjoyed my time with her. As always YMMV but I will definetly repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JwBooth2007  [View Original Post]

    Been thinking of trying this one. I've looked a few pages back, but not seeing any posts. Any info?

    I just saw her she is the girl in the photos. She was clean and not a clock watcher good service overall. She took a few minutes to reply and then around the agreed upon time she texted me something came up so I was worried she was fake or not reliable but we rescheduled for a couple hours later and she showed up. Started with covered BJ, then her on top and doggy. I would repeat.

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    Extra Fakes Today

    Dang, there are always a lot of fakes on STG but seems like today is a lot more than usual. Enjoy the pictures though.

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    Wants payment only by PayPal upfront LOL.

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    Anyone know her?

    Saw this post. Says she's cheap. Want to know if she's real deal.

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    Been thinking of trying this one. I've looked a few pages back, but not seeing any posts. Any info?


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    Finally (Ohio) Chloe

    This is about Chloe who visits from Ohio, not local Chloe.

    After probably six months of my schedule never lining up with when Chloe is in town it finally happened. OMG, she is worth the wait. This is one high octane lovely lady. Exactly like her pictures and I was at ease the moment I met her. She is a sweetheart. I am not going into details but she stays at very nice locations and provides an awesome GFE. My only regret is that I am too old to keep up with her, hell probably couldn't even when I was younger. It is said that the secret to life is to figure out how to enjoy the passage of time. Well passing time with Chloe is very enjoyable. She is without a doubt the best that I have met in this area. I travel a lot and with just one visit she is in my top five best hobby experiences. I hope I may see her again. She comes to town every couple of weeks. She will normally post a day or two before she gets here, so do yourself a favor and watch for her ads. Be a gentleman, clean and courteous and you are sure to enjoy the passage of time with Chloe.

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    Dreams of Chloe

    I had a dream of Chloe ( She seemed really tired. I'm sure she's nice, but I either caught her on a bad day or she's burnt out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregAnderson22  [View Original Post]
    It would probably be magic if you actually got to meet with the lady in the pictures. Based on the terms of payment I doubt that the ad is a legit. Too bad though.

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    I hope this is real

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    Ft waynes favorite playmate

    Is the headline of this likely fake or misleading ad on stg. I love how so many ladies try the"your favorite is back" routine. Does not have a name in the ad. The pictures look enticing. Too bad they were likely lifted from ads in New Jersey and Sacramento.

    I call fake or at least bait and switch on this one unless someone knows otherwise.

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    Here you go

    Quote Originally Posted by JwBooth2007  [View Original Post]
    I second what Lloyd said. She is very high quality and time spent with her is relaxed and fun.
    Looks like the lovely vixen red will be making an appearance in the Fort - If you are frustrated with our lack of quality providers, this is a good opportunity to see a nice lady. I'm not sure I will be able to visit her on this trip so I hope you all can pick up the slack. Please treat her right gentlemen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LikesToPlay74  [View Original Post]
    I seem to remember this one being reviewed in the past but cannot find them. If I remember not very well reviewed but if anyone has recent or past experience with her, can you fill the rest of us in? Donations too high IMO. 100 qv, 175 HH and 300 H. She was responsive to texts and said she is an upper scale location.
    I remember her being reviewed not very positive but most of the negative comments were about her in all location in the trailer park I don't remember what was said about her services.

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