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    Baddie and Miss Thiccness

    I've seen Baddie a few more times recently at her place. I love a tiny spinner with a bubble booty, and her kitty is always shaved and feels magnificent. I can never last too long. She doesn't rush, but is a little bit more on the "business side" if you know what I mean. She always makes sure I get there in no time. Recently she's started developing a bit of a dental issue, with some fairly obvious tooth discoloration. It's not a deal breaker for me, but it might be for you.

    I saw Miss Thiccness a few times recently, at a room up north of Dayton. Her skills are decent, and she's a classic PAWG snowbunny type. The first time I went to see her was not good. I got there and she had a passed out buddy sleeping on the bed. We tried fooling around on the couch, but it was awkward, so she suggested we go to her friend's room. I usually take the cash out as we start doing the deed, so it had already been put on a table and scooped up by that point. I wasn't thinking too clearly. When we got to the other room she couldn't get in. She told me to hang on for a second while she went to check her friend's room around the corner, but after a few minutes I realized she left with the money and wasn't coming back. I sent her some messages letting her know I was disappointed, and she replied later that night promising to make it up to me if I came back another day, and said she would give me a discount for future visits as well. I considered just ignoring her, but went to see her again later and somewhat to my surprise she did indeed come through as promised, and seemed genuinely eager to make it up to me. I don't know what went wrong the previous time, but I left satisfied on the second visit, so I won't hold it against her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sid63  [View Original Post]
    Anyone else see this one?
    I have been seeing her for a while. Always a good time. Can be a little busy in the late evenings / early mornings.

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    I met camy tonight. She was nice, on time, and gave a good BBBJ. Will see again.

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    Olivia and Tarzan

    Quote Originally Posted by Dazhiba  [View Original Post]
    She had an ad on the Cinci board with a guy that said they wanted a guy to join them?
    Yeah I saw that too. It's a curiosity for me to say the least. Just don't want it to be LEO trap or a rip off con.

    Was hoping someone may have had a recent encounter to shate.

    Thank for the follow up Dazhiba. It is appreciated.

    Stay safe,


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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMarv40  [View Original Post]
    STD? What did you catch just curious cause I missed my appt with her tonight and never had any issues in the past .
    Why wouldn't you wrap up in the first place.

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    Happy 4th of July

    Stay safe be careful out there and remember that in life whatever path you choose, ALL LIVES MATTER and should be respected as long as how we conduct ourselves are respectful, safe, and do not include violent and destructive behavior. JMO.

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    She had an ad on the Cinci board with a guy that said they wanted a guy to join them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Niknella  [View Original Post]
    I know she was legit at one time, is she legit now?

    Real deal? In kind of an odd location.



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    Olivia. Legit?

    I know she was legit at one time, is she legit now?

    Real deal? In kind of an odd location.



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    Someone new?

    Has anyone called or seen this one yet? I don't find much searching the phone number?

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    Does anyone have any info on Alesha?

    I'm fairly new to the area and I've seen Kimmie once, she's a little bigger than her pictures but it was a good visit. It seems like most offerings here are either fake, scams or not interesting / worth it.

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    Anyone have any info on Alesha?

    I'm fairly new to the area and have only seen Kimmie so far. Not much interesting around here that don't seem fake.

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    Southern Belle

    Setup something last week flaked out on me, got there boyfriend was wandering outside parking lot. Called her for directions and started cussing and stuff so I left, time waster!

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    [Message to Admin deleted]

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    Memorable afternoon with Southern blonde

    I had the opportunity to dream with Southern blonde recently. My experience was in line with what's been discussed before. She is unlike anyone else on STG. Good communication, completely present (no usage), pretty and above all a great attitude. Location was safe and tidy. She was completely into it and not rushed at all. Had me play with her with toys she furnished and was very responsive, O'd several times. It's always great when everyone one has fun CBJ was on point and didn't even notice the cover. Overall a great time and I will repeat. I hope she moves a little closer. Treat her well, finding someone like her is a rarity in these parts. Also, unlike an earlier review her teeth are fine. Appears she had already planned to get it fixed a week later.

    Be safe people!

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    Breezy PSE

    Wednesday, I had found some free time and needed to burn off some extra energy. I hit up Breezy who gave me the Green Light. Now, this was going to be my second visit with this young lady. She was the one whom I thought that she good give me that PSE!

    She didn't let me down. She had that look like she was ready and down for anything! She had some booty shorts and a tight white T. We got undressed and embrace which led her to kiss on me and everywhere.

    I grab her. Sat her down on the bed to assume the position, but she kept kissing on me. So, I started kissed her neck and biting her earlobe while grabbing her head. She wrapped her leg around my torso and started to grind. I push her back to lay her down to spread those legs to work that clit (DATY). I massaged and squeezed her breast and pinch her nipples til see climaxed.

    She popped up and spun around to engulf, lick, suck on my unit (BBBJ) like no tomorrow. She was buckling me. I saw her ass perched up. I licked my finger and went at it (FIV / FIA). She was tight and enjoyed those fingers very much. She spun around a second time to assume the Doggie Style. I was throbbing at this point. I spread those cheeks and went to town. I pulled her hair with each thrust. I grab and squeeze her breast here and there. She squirted all over me to where I climaxed as well. If I had more time + stamina + energy I would tried for Round 2.

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