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    Saw that coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snobaldone  [View Original Post]
    Photos from better days. Very dirty and rundown incall. If you like slumming it, don't pay much more than SW rates. Don't fall for her sob stories. Oh, and some drama too.
    Been philandering about 8-10 years and I figured she wouldn't be one of my conquests. Just doesn't look like it's worth the price of admission. Thanks for the heads up bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmittLion69  [View Original Post]
    Anybody have any info on this lovely lady.
    Photos from better days. Very dirty and rundown incall. If you like slumming it, don't pay much more than SW rates. Don't fall for her sob stories. Oh, and some drama too.

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    Anybody have any info on this lovely lady.

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    Does anyone know what happened to the light skin black girl named Carly? She used to provide out in riverside and hung out with Marley, the light skin black girl with big tits and a lot of tattoos? What happened to both of them?

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    Ask her sister; she might help.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeBogus  [View Original Post]
    Link? Or digits? PM if you like.

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    Great visit to your fun city!

    I was able to visit your city two weeks ago, to check out the USA Air Force Museum. It was an amazing experience. After checking out the museum, I checked out what was available on this site, and on skip the games. I went for a ride on one of the more popular streetwalker strolls, and didn't even see a human being, never mind a streetwalker. After finding my way back to the Wright University area, I decided to text a young red head, and see if she was available. She currently has an ad up,, but they don't seem to stay up very long. Her phone number ends with x6334. That is her face in the ad, but the pictures are a little old. She has a bit of a paunch now, to the point where I thought she may be pregnant, but wasn't going to ask. I dreamt that I picked her up at a local convenience store and brought her back to my hotel. She was extremely G. F. E. , to the point where we spent more time kissing than anything else. Everything was available, covered or uncovered. In my dream, I had an amazing time. As I was taking her back to the convenience store, she had a bit of drama with someone on her cellphone, but beyond that, she was friendly, outgoing, fun to joke with, and a really good time. Thank you to everyone in this forum, you guys gave lots of useful information in the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limber223  [View Original Post]
    I see Cali is back in town. I'm assuming just for a visit. Has any one seen her?
    Link? Or digits? PM if you like.

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    Cali Sparkles

    I see Cali is back in town. I'm assuming just for a visit. Has any one seen her?

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    I'd drive from cbus to Dayton for a killer blow

    I'd love to give her a try.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ladder69  [View Original Post]
    Please pm me with info.

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    For those that have her number, she told me she has a friend with her and could use some company. Her friend pics are pretty hot. She doesn't look familiar to me, but she may have been around before. If I get a chance, I'm going to check it out. Seniors PM me if you need Kay's contact info.

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    I got a text from Lauren, was a BP regular back in the day, had been a while since we hooked up, asked if I would like to. Well yeah baby, I would, is now in an older notel s. Dixie, kettering. Roon is lived in, but still decent enough to play. Got naked, same good service she gave on our previous encounters, good bit of foreplay, paid attention to the twins as I fingered her kitty. She went down, good BBBJ, asked if she could ride me, yup! Covered up and it was ride them cowgirl! After a bit, she asked me to get on top of her. Mish is one of her favorites, so, she got a good ride till I lost it and blew in the cover. Cleaned us up, sent me off with a smile and a kiss. Good service, good rate. Will repeat, have always had good sessions with her stay safe! Dawg.

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    Little Kit Kat Bar

    Had a long day at work. Figured I deserved to treat myself to a good orgasm. So off to STG I GO!! Now I speed past psychos and lame ducks and I see a little cute thing. With doe in Bambi eyelashes and a cute smile. Let's check this out it say.

    Text. Response in minutes and it's 3 am! So we're in business. Drove deeper into the west side of Dayton (NEVER SCARED I GREW UP THERE) and park my car where what the GPS says in bear her house.

    Wait a while and out of the shadows comes and little cute specimen I had to sample.

    Started out marginal so I got to coaching. Then she got into it. Only wanted skull demon to begin with usually I don't like to work up a sweat. But after she set a timer for 17 minutes I said " oh shit! I'm in for it now ". What if she's trash at chewing?

    Began with the way decent lip farts and tongue lashing. THAT GETS ME EVERYTIME. This is car play and even the most exceptional mouth may not make me reach climax sitting. Open the car door. Stand up let the level 2 of guidance begin.

    Next thing you know. Splash! Well before time lapse.

    Tipped 10 extra dollars because she did her thing.

    Worth the price of admission and will repeat.

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    Pm me. I'm interested. Please

    Quote Originally Posted by PimpDaddy83  [View Original Post]
    So I had some free time again, and I dialed up K utr, set up a time place, then tells me a friend older guy is dropping her off, I guess it spooked me a bit, so I told her I'd reschedule. Then little mamma text me saying I'm free I'm right down the road, so 30 min in in the little house, I ask her are we alone. Says 2 friends are up stairs I go up and its a couple just sitting there weird, but she's very down to earth and I felt fine, smoky incall, we walk to the kitchen and I ask why only place avalible, I sit down on chair and to my surprise I get one of the best bbbjcimws didn't miss a drop couple and all in the living room, window half open, kinda exhilarating, I mean a great BJ no doubt, she said, new something everyday I guess soo, if I was walking by abd seen her giving it all I would be jealous, but I was the ONE taking the fabolus head game of hers, seeing as much as I can I like the service, always something different I will say, any more info pm me, stay safe.

    Please pm me with info.

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    Steph, 30 yo, spinner, nice C tits, enjoyable visits

    Recently, I have reconnected with Steph who used to have ads on Backpage and at one time lived near the Dayton/Oakwood border. Steph is about 30 yo, 5' tall, 120 lbs, brown hair, and C tits. I enjoy my visits with her. In the past, some might have met Steph as Audrey. Steph is interested in meeting a few old and new friends, but currently does not have an ad. She might have access to an incall, but will do car dates, and outcall if you provide transportation. I will provide her number to a few senior members. As always YMMV.

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    Miss Ohio

    Quote Originally Posted by TMeister  [View Original Post]
    I saw her way back in spring 2013 when she had an incall at one of the Miller Lane motels. Seemed friendly enough and even let me enjoy some BBFS with her, but the room reeked of ciggies and I think there was a slight odor problem down below.

    Overall, I didn't see any reason to go back, and I highly doubt 6 years later she is any better.
    I saw her and will not repeat she tried to get her sister involved and her performance was about as lame as a streetwalker Never Again.

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