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    Utr redhead

    Got in touch with her the other day. Easy communication. She had a fun personality and helped me feel right at ease. As reported the BBBJ was amazing. Cute, clean, and seems to enjoy what she does. Will most likely see her again when the mood hits, was a great time. Will leave referring her digits to her trusted friend who I received her info from.

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    Got the connection from Ton; what a guy!

    Met south of Dayton for a fun filled hour. This girl is fast tracking to my all time favorite. Great communication, great visit. I can't share numbers since I got from Ton, check with him. But she's a height / weight proportionate provider who seems to be clean of demons. I will certainly repeat, and look to expand her role playing. Initially saw her on SA, but she shared better pics. Mid 30's, great real tits. Enjoy.

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    They are real

    Quote Originally Posted by Workie  [View Original Post]
    Anyone visited these two ladies? They post on Dayton skip the games offering duo only. Have not seen any reports on them.
    I saw them a couple of times now and they are real. They always seem frazzled and never have their stuff together though. As stated by someone else, hygiene wasn't very good so I haven't been back for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Workie  [View Original Post]
    Anyone visited these two ladies? They post on Dayton skip the games offering duo only. Have not seen any reports on them.
    I saw them both; absolutely terrible hygiene during my time with them, I had to hold my breath the entire date. They say that they're just friends that so happen to fuck each other from time to time. But I think they're a couple. Derby was a lot more into it, and if it wasn't for her foul smelling odors. I'd easily repeat. The other duo partner was hesitant to take off her clothes, and smelled every worse than Derby. Was not into it ALL.

    Afterwards they cleaned up in the bathroom, and left a empty package of vaginal wipes in the trashcan. I'm sure that's what they did before they saw me, too. I guess they don't believe in taking showers. Just wipe out the gunk, and onto the next guy!

    Will not repeat.

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    Sparkles 2

    Had a second dream of sparkles. Same good communication and another excellent visit. She is a pleaser with good GFE and that body is just great.

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    UTR Redhead

    After close to a month of communication, I was finally able to run into the UTR Redhead. I know that there was some controversy with how he wanted you to send your number to give to her and I was kind of miffed at that too but I figured worst case scenario I can just dump it since the only numbers I really wanted to keep were Gabriella, Savanah and Dawn.

    So I met her and she is a cute girl. She's very girl next door, but she has a lot of tattoo's and piercings on her to the point that she can pull off bombshell also. You can tell that she isn't a seasoned pro as she told me her real first name accidentally within twenty minutes of meeting me. She also told me that she wanted to stay as far under the radar as possible and didn't want to mess up her post college life (she's 22) by ending up in a bad situation that will ruin her life and wanted the senior poster to filter out the people who contacted her to make sure they weren't trouble. Made sense to me and after hearing some of her stories about seniors who HAVE contacted her trying to lowball her, been rude to her or in one persons case offer her money to deliver him food I can understand why having a filter could be a benefit.

    So then when it came time to have fun we definitely did. When you kiss her she won't use her tounge but she seemed to really enjoy the attention paid to her. She really enjoys being pampered and pleasured and giving back in return. The nipple piercings were fun to play with and she's very vocal when going down on her. When we were done I had a lot of fun and she seemed to enjoy it too.

    So overall I don't really see providers often anymore but she was well worth it in terms of going to visit and see her. She is a legitimately nice girl who works a lot during the week, and is trying to just make extra money while she is in college. She is a very refreshing young girl who I will continue to try and see whenever possible and if you are lucky enough to see her, make sure you treat her right and treat her well. She is really a gem and should be treated as such. Due to her not wanting to see many people I do not have permission to share her digits. If you want them that is up to Tony to give them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Workie  [View Original Post]
    Anyone visited these two ladies? They post on Dayton skip the games offering duo only. Have not seen any reports on them.
    I saw the redhead solo in January very sexy good skills, have not repeated but would.

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    Derby and Leah

    Anyone visited these two ladies? They post on Dayton skip the games offering duo only. Have not seen any reports on them.

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    UTR redhead

    Anyone willing to share info and let a fellow in on the action? She sounds like just what I'm looking for! Thanks.

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    Catching up on reviews 2-UTR redhead

    It took some time to get the contact info but everything I was hearing kept me encouraged to stick with it in hopes it would be worth it. Well boys was it ever! I arrived at her incall which is an apartment in a decent area so I felt safe. She had set her alarm for PM instead of AM so I was left waiting a minute or two and after a few texts she quickly apologized and welcomed me in. From the moment I saw her I forgot all about the wait. I was totally sucked in by her look that to me was a mix of innocent and sexy.

    She had some interesting tattoos and the previously reported nipple piercings but they all added to her exotic nature. We took some time just to chat without the meter running so we could both be comfortable. Her pets kept trying to say hello before she put them away which didn't bother me. Then it was time to see what everyone else was talking about.

    The kissing was believeable, her sounds were a turn on. She wasn't a huge fan of DATY so we forwent that, but she popped from fiv. She showed me how good her head game was and I was in bliss. Then I covered up (bring your own) and she showed the flexibility that blew my mind. It was everything one could want in a first meeting and then some. We joked a bit and discussed some common interests and hobbies. I will be going back soon a HHR wasn't enough but it certainly wasn't rushed. Was worth it on all counts. No signs of any habits. Just a girl making some extra to get ahead in the world. She's a sweetheart treat her as such.

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    Catching up on reviews-Sexy Sparkles

    After a number of scheduling near misses in the past I finally got in touch on a day when my scheduke lined up with hers after this new round of folks talking about her and seeing her.

    She was at a south hotel that I'd been to before with no issues. She defiantly has an amazing fit body and a bubbly personality. She put me at ease rather quickly and had a fun teasing outfit on. Before long layers were coming off and she showed she could take direction and gave a nice Oral pregame before I covered up for the main event. She said all the right things and had good flexibility. I enjoyed myself and would definitely recommend.

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    I have been trying to hook up with Sexy Sparkles for a couple of weeks, to no avail. There is still hope. And a lot of frustration. After this morning's date fell through, I contacted Angel.

    Angel was in Dayton for the weekend rather than Springfield so it made the pick easy. She was not wearing a bra so her t-shirt drew attention to her small but erect nipples. She was wearing jeans, but at my request she will switch into a skirt and heals for a reprise performance later tonight. This first visit today consisted of chicken nuggets, Marlboro Black 100's, and little light car date. The second visit later tonight will involve the swapping of more bodily fluids. I can hardly wait.

    After having been disappointed by Daisy, the contrast with Angel was remarkable. Attitude was number one. Firmness of the (little) tits and ass was number two. The leisurely no-rush tempo that has always characterized my sessions with Angel is number three. It has been a couple of months since I've seen Angel. I've had a few others in the mean time and still enjoy Angel, her body, and what she does for me.

    Angel is available for car dates, or she will take the room fee (some of it) out of her stipend for time and companionship. She is still a giddy, fun, svelte young girl.

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    Need a little help

    I travel up around the Dayton area a lot and I am looking for a friend one that's mobile since I know nothing about the area utr would be great not too picky on looks as long as they are half way descent any help would be great just inbox me thanks fellow mongers.

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    Very hobby inexperienced and pricey UTR

    18 or 19, can't remember exactly which, 5 ft3 140# C cup. Pretty girl, with good communication skills, and other skills to match. She is priced outside of the norm, and for most of you this is not value. Don't ask for her number if you are just going to try and haggle her down. She's firm with her price. I have tried to convince her lower it, but she won't budge. She's very straightforward, and prefers to the point conversation. She is only a realistic option if you don't mind paying higher for variety. No incall, but I have played with her in the car. No CIM, no facials, no Greek. PM for number.

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    Seen her various ads, just wondered what a visit with her is like and the surroundings or if there is a handler or just anything out of the norm.

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