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Thread: Massage Parlor Reports

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    Patroits owner got caught in jupiter / vero beach AMP sting

    Billionaire Kraft was allegedly filmed buying sex acts at strip mall massage parlor.

    Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

    He won 6 superbowls, maybe he was giving his razors to the poor chinese girls to shave off their hairy bushes.
    these young chinese girls love old white rich guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBob69  [View Original Post]
    Seen abby few weeks ago. As all have stated great massage and head game. Very easy to talk to. I did not see all the sweat I have read about. Can't wait to go back. Highly recommend go see this gem and take care of her.
    I met Abby once and she was lovely but the place reeked really badly of cigarette smoke, which nearly caused me problems LOL. That was a different location, though. Is her current place smoky?

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    South of town

    Visited the AMP south of town after doing some shopping. Two girls working and both greeted me with a smile. One was tall, slender and maybe 30. The other, short, kinda dumpy and probably 50's. Guess which one I got!! I asked to use the restroom first hoping that they would separate from each other and I could run to the cuter girls room. They didn't. Came out and the dumpy older lady was actually kinda blocking me from the other room pointing to her massage room. Felt like she was landing an airplane the way she was pointing. UGH.

    She asked what kind of pressure I wanted, medium or hard. Fearing that I would leave sore as some mongers on here have reported after saying, "hard" I opted for medium. Felt about like a back scratching. This went on for a while with some light teasing between the thighs. On the flip the cover was never placed and she seemed impressed with my showing. She leaned in and whispered something with smoke filled breath and grabbed my hand placing it on mr. Happy. I told her to do it herself. She leaned in again and smiled and said she can't. I wasn't interested in a DIY h. E. She kept trying to put my hand on it but she wasn't going anything for me to even excite things. At one point she even tried to lay on the bed beside me thinking this would help I guess!? Who knows, I paid for a good massage, possibly a HE. Not paying for a back scratch, DIY and for you take a nap. Probably not going back here. If I do, I won't' go down her runway. Might try the other girl but need to time things right. Better places in the area I'm sure.

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    Abbie Normal is a great sport medicine rubber

    Had a sore knee and hamstring so I called Abbie. People forget she's an amazing masseuse and knows sports medicine techniques. After applying her technique she began a slow teasing touch that got me going and on the flip made me scream. Go see her fellas she's ALWAYS fun safe and straight.

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    Near the Greene

    AFter multiple visits to this new place I can say they give a great massage. First visit I posted about was during the grand opening price and was well worth it. The second was the full price and still a good massage. My recent visit I was able to control the heat that mentioned in my original post. The damn heated bed and blanket are just too much! However, after another fantastic massage I will say that is all there is to be had. I will go back but only for the massage.

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    South of Dayton AMP

    After reading some reviews I decided to give this AMP a try. It is little out of way for me since I live north of Dayton. Not going to tell the name of this place cause I believe Uncle LEO is lurking this site. Massage was good, asked for medium and she delivered. Younger masseuse maybe in her late 20's early 30's, very cute face and seductive voice. On the flip she was playing dumb since this is my first visit, so I gave a hint and she started the he, she never haggle for any tips which is refreshing. Couldn't tell how good her boobs were until I reach under her cloth and grab them, nice pair cs and sensitive nipples. She started fake moaning while she stroke the little man, and kept complement how hard and big I was. She was shy letting me suck on her tits since this is our first meet and I'm been Asian that made her little uncomfortable, but she made some hint there are more on the menu and promised me there will be a better service next time. I was shorted about 10 mins cause she was there by herself and couple mongers came in during my visit. She kept apologize as I getting dressed. Will def repeat on their slow days and may sample other girls. Stay safe!

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    Robin. Columbus

    So due to current dry spell in cincy I widened my search to columbus. And found this good gem who is 1. 5 hrs from dayton. She was very nice and professional. Charming attitude. Nice body. Texting and seting appt was simple.

    150 for table and 250 for nuru (both hr time).

    I opted for half hr table since it being first time. 100. The massage was good not plain rub but a sensous rub, with teasing in between. OTC roaming allowed. More menu open based on conversation. PM for details.

    Over all a good session. She is very well reviewed in Columbus forum. So if you have spare time or no issues in driving bit, I will recommend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBuckNut  [View Original Post]
    Where is Green Leaf? Might like to try it out!!
    According to the sign in front, the 'new' Green Leaf was formerly known as Sparadise. Not sure if there was a change in ownership. But the signage is new.

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    Tried the new place across from Greene twice in the past two weeks. Each time got different girls. First time I asked for the hour. Nice looking girl took me back and lead me to the room. I did my usual wait on the bed with nothing covered when she returned. She was very comfortable with this but did end up placing the cover over me. This is where I have to agree with the other posts on this place. Not only was it a cover but it was also a blanket. Oh, did I mention the bed was heated? The massage took place and was very good but I had trouble even relaxing to enjoy this because of how hot I was becoming. And not in that way! Heated bed under a blanket was just not enjoyable for me. There was no teasing and she kept me covered the whole time. Damage was 45 for the hour which was awesome for that long of a massage even without extras.

    Second visit a different girl lead me to the room and I asked for the hour. I did waited in my usual manner for her to re-enter and she immediately made a sound and came in with her hand over her eyes to put the cover on me. Again sheet, blanket and heated bed. Very nice looking young girl with large breasts. I had my mind made up that I was going to fight through the heat to see if there was more to the massage. There was no no teasing and I tried some OTC but she backed away on each attempt. On the flip there was nothing to be had, not even DIY. Also with that much weighted covers it was difficult to let her know I was at attention. Damage increased to 69 this time for the hour. I asked about the price from past week and she said that was for special grand opening. Also had to complete some paperwork this time that included name, addr and phone number so that they can track visits. Said 10th visit free. All in all the massage is great and at least one of the girls is pretty good looking. Nothing extra seems to be had.

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    Green Leaf

    Quote Originally Posted by GiDaddy  [View Original Post] there the other day. HE is there if that's what you're looking for. It was on a weekday but still busy. Don't know which girl I got since I only saw one but she's the one with long nipples. Probably won't return since the place seems busy lately and I kind of got rushed. When I left there were two guys sitting in the lobby waiting awkwardly. Also need to mention that neighboring businesses were watching people go in and out of the back entrance.
    Where is Green Leaf? Might like to try it out!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexyMale1  [View Original Post]
    Well if that is going to be their standard they will go out of business.
    The owner lost her Montgomery AMP due to repeated prostitution arrests, her Kettering AMP to code violations. You would think she would be trying to keep this one going. She has a strong customer base, but it seems like that may be dwindling.

    I understand if she wants to try to go legit, after 4 busts in the last 2 years, but the AMP market is flooded right now.

    Trying to raise the standard for tipping for extras may just be the final straw.

    I used to be a very regular customer due to location and reliability, but their recent attitude has caused me not to go back again.

    Hopefully they have enough loyal customers to keep the doors open.

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    I had my second visit to her now.

    Good massage and excellent ending!.

    Recommended for those who are seeking for nice teasing and HE.

    Her ad is in USAAC.

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    Does anyone have a decent LMT that gives extras?

    I am tired of being pressured into paying a big tip just for a HJ.

    If anyone is willing to help me out please PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SdayTonReviews  [View Original Post]
    The owner is getting a little greedy lately and have told the girls that the standard $40 to $60 tip should be the new standard for tipping. If you want DIY their new standard is $80 and $100 for prostate massage or some sound effects.

    If you are an established customer, they will just hint the standard, but said they want to "eliminate the cheapskates" within the next 2 months.

    With the current abundance of HE available so many places, they are going to have to set up their game. I personally like that they have some girls that are a little older, usually the older girls need the money more and are willing to do a little extra.

    It seems like the majority of AMP are going with girls as young as they can find.
    Well if that is going to be their standard they will go out of business.

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    For the money

    Quote Originally Posted by HPMassage  [View Original Post]
    Consumption is in exchange for massage services, this is a normal transaction. It has nothing to do with money laundering.
    Most just do it for the money. Some don't need a bunch of it. Just enough to spend and send home. Some also want to stay in the us. So they have to eat h what they do. Just my two pennies.

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