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    Quote Originally Posted by OlReliable  [View Original Post]
    Curious to find out if this is the Teri that used to be a nurse. Great attitude and rack if so. Man-made DD's.

    Thanks in advance.
    Not the same girl, these were not man made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickMann  [View Original Post]
    Anyone recognize her?
    No, but if you want I'll toftt if you PM me her contact info.

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    Anyone recognize her?
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    Rae between those two hands down. She can't keep a phone, nice long hair to get a good handfull while she is doing her thing is always nice. Saw her this week.

    Jamie (bottoms blond) is a good little work horse if you catch her in the right mood. Glad I did today, ass still feels good from her toung job on it.

    Speaking of that, kayla (hilltop mariah) would be right up there as well, best deep throat, rim jobs and attitude. Been looking for recently, probably my 1st chouce overall.

    Abby (tall blond clev ave) ok body, long long legs, great rimming. Looking for as well.

    Alex (blond hilltop area) great body and attitude, hard worker. Also looking for again.

    Quote Originally Posted by FootballJohn  [View Original Post]
    Dana, Rae. Or someone else.

    Consideration needs to be given for appearance, body type, personality, performance and location, if she has a spot / place to go to.

    Make your pitch!

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    Who should I choose?

    Dana, Rae. Or someone else.

    Consideration needs to be given for appearance, body type, personality, performance and location, if she has a spot / place to go to.

    Make your pitch!

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    Redhead Cici

    Found my ATF street girl. 22 yo 5-5 ish redhead with beautiful lips, cici. Picked her up by the Sunoco on Sullivant. Wearing sweats and a blue coat. Very chill, but even better head game. Those puffy lips were put to good use. Standard rate plus an extra 10 for swallowing. Wanted to get digits for future endeavors but she didn't have one. Said everyone steals her shit. Was very bummed because I would call her up all the time. I'm also a sucker for young redheads Anyone else run into her?

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    Thursday night

    I called Dana H. She was obviously sped up. Picked her up the drug house at Racine and Whitehead. We went to a secret location. BBBJ followed by BBFS was 40. Her pubic hair has grown.

    Out. Most of the sperm was in her. I think I'm tired of her. Have digits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumer  [View Original Post]
    Found Rae tonight off Breman. She is a WSW, 31,5'7" blonde, and was willing to do whatever. Very nice attitude and she provided digits. I would see her again.
    Rae sounds like a solid deal! Can you PM me details, what's her phone number and what did it cost you?

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    Found Rae tonight off Breman. She is a WSW, 31,5'7" blonde, and was willing to do whatever. Very nice attitude and she provided digits. I would see her again.

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    Lexi. Broad and Hague

    Quote Originally Posted by MwJrp  [View Original Post]
    She was at Broad & Hague. Lexi has a no kids, fat giner, with lips on inside, and she is orgasmic. She sucked me all the way to my suite and stroked the boys. In the room, she washed up and provided a lot of DFK, more BBBJ, and I finished in her no-kids tight giner CFS, CG. She pushed her bra up, exposing her firm C titties, and kept her shirt on to hide her arms, which she said had scars. But for an orgasmic girl, I'm not sure what her monkey is.

    Along the way we 69 and that's where she nutted. She also rimmed me, and continued DFK off and on from start to finish. She exhibited a great deal of patience and seemed to enjoy the "date" as much as me. LOL.

    I dropped her about a 1/2 mile from the pick in a neighborhood I had never been in before. Lexi is a very hot piece, IMO. Be safe and good hunting. MW.
    My date with Lexi wasn't as pleasurable, but YMMV. Lexi definitely has a pleasant personality, and is pretty decent looking for a girl on the streets. She stands around 5'5", has jet black hair, a noticeable hump on the bridge of her nose, and has a healthy thin build. You'll recognize her from her camo winter coat, hunting toboggan and book bag that she's always carrying. She states that she's 22 years old with no children. She's originally a Bottoms girl, and has moved around a lot from the Westside, to the suburbs, to Mount Gilead and on back to the Hilltop. Her drug of choice is fentanyl and heroin (she says that the fentanyl has a shorter, yet bigger high), which she's been using since she was 16 years old.

    I swooped her up in my truck for some car fun in the back seat. She appeared and smelled pretty clean, prefers to lotion herself up before she gets started, and is not shy about showing off her young, kid-free giner. Her BBBJ was slow and sensual, but nothing to brag about. She did try to DT and would roll her tongue around the tip, but she simply can't hang with any of the better head doctors out there. She stated that mish was the best way to slide inside her, because she was so tight, and she carries a bottle of KY that she generously applies to herself and the condom before you stick it in. I let her guide me inside then proceeded to get on to work. I don't claimed to be the biggest, thickest out there, but she's clearly used to smaller dicks. She didn't last QV time before beginning to squirm around and show signs of discomfort in her facial expressions. I never got to truly go tot own on that giner, because she would only lift up the one leg, preventing me from getting in a good position for a good stroke or deep penetration. The couple of times that I would get in a decent rhythm (without deep penetration), she ended up moving or doing something to slow me down. Long story short, she tried to please but clearly isn't a good candidate for someone packing a larger the she's used to sized dick. I couldn't finish because she couldn't handle my dick size (again, I wasn't penetrating deep or going to town like I do with many of the other girls out there), so I ended the session and dropped her off at house on Haldy, close to the pickup location. She may be a better time in the bedroom, but not being able to handle my dick size makes her a non-repeat for me. YMMV fellas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrStubby  [View Original Post]
    Saw her out about a month ago, but had no time so l went looking for her two weeks ago and found her on Sully and Avondale.

    She is 51, enough weight on her that she has a very nice size chest. Fairly long blonde hair, great attitude.

    No kissing but fiv, BBBJ and did not care how long it took. Probably spent between 5 and 10 minutes feeling and sucking her tits before doing anything else. It was very nice not being rushed. I will see her again for sure. Made sure l got digits before l dropped her off.
    Curious to find out if this is the Teri that used to be a nurse. Great attitude and rack if so. Man-made DD's.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nikki H WSW strawberry blonde thin but looks healthy

    Picked up nikki H twice over the past week. Strawberry blonde. Usually found west of Hague. Drops near Warren house. Good bbj technique. Follows direction. Usually has to stop and change positions. Doesn't like cim but follows direction really well and pleasant attitude.

    Anyone have FS insights? I'm select on taking that plunge. Thanks for insights.

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    Less than spectacular time with Kari K

    So I got into town. I had a date with Kari K (WSW 30) a week ago and decided for more. On my way over to her place, on cleveland by Windsor Terrace. I was hoping to pick her up and take her to a place I had picked. I was super nervous, and I had a bad day. I dropped a steaming bowl of chocolate pudding on a. Side street, wiped off with gym socks. Then picked her up. I can't believe she convinced me to go to her place at 16th and Cleveland. She screwed around forever trying to get into the house. Then we went to her basement "apartment" which was cordoned off by a curtain. Her mom Barb was there getting high. Kari asked her mother to hit the road. Barb was pussyfooting around forever but finally left. Then Kari was screwing around with her phone, looking for her paraphernalia / personal effects / whatever for a long time too. This entire time I was worried about having my car busted into. We got naked. Then some random black guy arrived in the basement and opened up the cordoned off area without knocking. He immediately ran back up the stairs. Last time Kari did BBBJ. This time she wanted to use a condoms got some wet wipes, screwed around and wasted even more time. Then we attempted cfs but I couldn't get much of a boner because of how nervous I was. She was about to give up. I asked if I could beat off on her face. She said no, but I could beat off and cum on her nice petite ass which I did. I put my clothes on and to my surprise my car was still intact. Going to tall Rachel's house was a walk in the park compared to this. I told Kari I was never coming over there again. She understood. Despite me not getting robbed or shot, it was an unpleasant experience. I always regret ignoring my own rules that I preach to everyone on this board.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

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    Lacey 29 yo WSW 5'-0", brunette, tiny gal on Hague at 12:30 am

    I found her, again, on Hague walking towards Sullivant, last night. She sucked me half way to my suite, then jacked me the rest of the way. Lacey sucks a good dick and did more in the room. I asked her to rim, but she refused. So I tried some DATY, but she was not fresh enough, even though she washed up. So, I finished in her CFS mish.

    She was patient, but seemed distant compared to Lexi. But that is the difference between a new gal and a seasoned vet. LOL. Lacey has a kid so the giner is not quite as tight as Lexi, but she does have a nice looking cvnt, IMO.

    Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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