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    Seye BSW

    There's a lot of new talent wandering around Sully.

    Found Seye (pronounced Sigh), 5'6" dark skinned BSW. Athletic build, 24 years old. Very good BBBJ, can't really go deep, but doesn't choke on it either. After our first meet, set it up to order some take out. Very enthusiastic after she got into it. BBBJ, mish, cowgirl (she can ride with the best and never tired out or complained).

    No phone, she's a little shy / skittish at first, but worth the scoop if you like dark skinned girls now and then.

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    A 37 yo WSW smallish brunette after midnight about the time the site went down

    I can't remember her name but she caught my eye in the bottoms last April. She looked much younger probably because I was the 2nd person she ever had sex with; most of her work was BBBJ and I think she was new to SWing. She was a very compliant and cooperative gal. I knew I had struck gold. She sucked me all the way to my hotel suite, dropped her pants for FIV, and did everything I asked for in my hotel. I donated. 50 for a $2. 5 time. LOL.

    She even rimmed me several times and I absolutely love that! I did not get her number as there are so many fish in the Capitol. LOL. Be safe and good hunting. MW.

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    Stacked up

    I'm not sure what everyone else has experienced, but the streets are jammed up with escorts on the stroll. It's a little nerve racking because they clearly don't belong on the streets but damn! Hopefully the USA advertiser section will get moving again, you got to tell the girls to come here and place an ad though. Admin got us a site to come to again so spread the word!

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    Saturday morning cruise

    First, it's good to see the site back. I dutifully checked each morning for what seemed like a month before today's successful login. Good to see that A2 got 'er done.

    Did the back and forth on Sully Saturday morning about 9 am for a couple of hours. Zombies. That's the word that comes to mind. More than a few of them. Nothing I'd even care to look at, much less scoop. Yeah the AM cruises are much less successful, but I had some free time on my hands just then.

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    Stroll Picking Up

    Was out last night between 9 and 11, lots of questionable choices. Scooped Kitty for quick blo and go. She is an older spinner, kind of chatty. Bbbjcimws. . 20.

    Saw a cute blonde with her man at wendys on broad. She gave me the look, but I don't scoop SW's with their BF's close by. Weather's warming up.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    Lets not ask bloviators to expound on their notions


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    Quote Originally Posted by MidwestDude  [View Original Post]
    I don't get it.
    For the love of Christ. LOL, at the top of this page!

    Given the events of the last couple days we though giving you guys an emergency place to reach us might be a prudent thing. If you have Facebook click this link.

    Click here for the secondary communication channel.

    And A2 links a FB page.

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    Directly above where the posts we read are you find the following message:

    "Given the events of the last couple days we though giving you guys an emergency place to reach us might be a prudent thing. If you have Facebook click this link.

    Click here for the secondary communication channel.

    Thanks, A2".

    Quote Originally Posted by MidwestDude  [View Original Post]
    I don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBobber  [View Original Post]
    A lot of us just come here on autopilot, I suggest we all read the banner at the top.
    I don't get it.

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    A lot of us just come here on autopilot, I suggest we all read the banner at the top.

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    The hammer is coming down! A site than rhymes with "Becky" is gone. Craigslist personals and backpage, gone! But like Elton John, USASG is still standing!

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    Thanks for posting and the heads up. Teansvestite under covers. LOL that awesome. Which Brittany was it? Little blondish, tall mixed w lots of dark hair, or medium build brown hair?

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    Uncle LEO might just be Aunt LEO now.

    LEO in Columbus has moved to dressing as transvestites.

    I picked up a gal this past week and had someone trying to get in the car.

    Right away she jumped in and I went down the street only to get pulled over.

    I was easy going. They had nothing to charge me with. I told Brittany she better drop anything out of the car before we pulled out of the alley because we were going to get pulled over. And she did.

    LEO demanded to search my vehicle. To which I asked a number of simple questions:

    1. On what basis do you have to request permission to search my vehicle: they stated because the vehicle was in a known drug area. I told them that this is NOT a good enough reason and refused. I would not only NOT give permission.

    2. I was then informed they had probable cause to search my vehicle as I was misleading in my answers. I asked them to notify a supervisor and let them know at this time ALL conversations were recorded and that my vehicle itself has an external and internal recording device. Furthermore I would challenge ANY search as up to this time I was only asked 3 questions.

    A: Identification / name / address / dob.

    B: What I was doing in the area.

    C: Did I know that it was a uniformed officer dressed as a Transvestite I just tried to pick up.

    3. I informed them the questions they asked me were answered within my 5th amendment rights. Period and I would not only challenge a search in court. But would also pull ALL other arrests as well as their officer notes and record for any other searches performed within the last 5 years. I also let them know that I was able to, along with my dash cam able to prove I did not attempt to pick up anyone dressed as a transvestite as they knocked on my window and I waived them away. When they knocked again I told them I was not interested and it was at this time the person who I was picking up got into the vehicle. There is No Law against picking up a friend and driving out of the area. Especially if I was going to drive the friend to a treatment facility. If there was. I would like to know the ordinance as I would personally challenge it in court.

    4. When asked if I was a member of the Bar Association I politely told them as an officer of the court. They should need not worry about my position, my career as well as any camera or recording being used as well as broadcast to or servers in real time.

    5. When a supervisor. Along with the Helicopter etc arrived I was asked to get out of the vehicle. My answer was as follows: "I am willing to comply with your lawful orders, however, I need to know Am I being detained and if so is it for a lawful purpose. ".

    6. The supervisor let me know I was being detained so they could investigate a crime. I told the Supervisor what transpired. And also I repeated my request to know what charge if any, as well as giving him notification I was not only recording but also transmitting the recording online. I asked the Supervisor if he was able to define the legal term entrapment.

    It was at this time the supervisor handed me back my Identification and wished me a good night.

    During the entire incident I was polite as possible. I was stern. I did not raise my voice. But I did remind the original officer that his language in the incident, cursing and such was more than just uncalled for and I would be requesting an entry into his personal file. I asked permission to reach into my glove box to grab something. And was told that was fine.

    I handed the officers a few bible tracts. Their faces were very confused.

    With backpage shutting down, Craigs list also going offline. I expect sites like this perhaps to follow.

    In the meantime. LEO is really starting to crack down.

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    I have the same problem

    Quote Originally Posted by TravelerTwo  [View Original Post]
    If you're going to spring for a hotel room you need to get your money's worth. Make a day of it, offer 50 for a half and half. When done go out again until you bang at least three of them.
    What I have done in the past is take about 90.00 with me and do three of them. I tell them I have prostate issues and don't wet cum. I let them go until they get tired, and go find another one. By the second or third one I am ready to pop. Every once in a while I'll get a good one first time, who really gets into it and she gets it done, but usually it takes two or three. It's the hunt, and luck of the draw. We have been discussing what it going to happen with BP and CL down, and if the streets get busy LEO will too. Things are starting to get real interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankCastle09  [View Original Post]
    I was thinking about my problem, most of the time I pick up a SW and I take a while to bust, and they start complaining and really killing the mood which makes it even harder to bust. Would it make sense to get a hotel, and maybe offering 70 for an hour, that way I can take my time and drop them off when I'm done. Is this plausible? Should it be more? Less?
    From my experience, the ones that complain and rush you will always do so, regardless of how much you're offering up. And honestly, if you're springing for a room and willing to spend $70 on top of that, you're probably better off finding a girl from backpage. It would be considerably cheaper than a hotel room + $70. You can find a girl from backpage that already has a room, won't rush you, and is a lot better looking than the girls walking the street. Just my two cents.

    I've tried bringing walkers back to a hotel room, and it usually doesn't go fantastically. If they rush you in a car, they'll rush you in a hotel room, cause they're craving the needle / pipe and they just want to get their money and go. Once in a blue moon I'll find one that doesn't mind staying for longer periods of time. Not often, though.

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