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    Drove by today and Green Township had 2 units sitting in the lot outside the old salon next door. The po-po were outside their cars. Just an FYI.

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    E Galibrath

    Quote Originally Posted by Golden3  [View Original Post]
    Do you mean D&P, near the entrance to I-75? I never got more than a standard HE there, and, the last time I visited, I didn't even get that. The lady was indignant that I would ask such a thing.
    One reason she probably acted that was is they got busted last November.

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    Ms Jones

    Quote Originally Posted by TheStigyEh  [View Original Post]
    Ms. Jones paid me a visit a couple months ago. Tall and quite thick. Nice enough lady. Mediocre massage, not good, but didn't suck either. At the end you will need to provide direction. She left me happy. I'm glad I tried her service once but I probably won't repeat.
    Yeah. She just visited me. Nice lady, thick, but she has some great tits which she will let you play with but not suck on. Kinda killed the buzz for me. Not a fan of the navel ring either, but then I have this belly button fetish and the navel ring kind of does not do it for me. I am tempted to try her again to see if I can get more than a happy ending. It seemed to be on the table. She had a driver, but it was not an issue for me. He stayed in the car and did not get out. Just happened to see her pull up. She is not able to do incall at the moment, but her communication was spotty. I tried to meet up with her all day yesterday and part of the evening on Saturday.

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    Haven't seen a whole lot of info on this place could someone possibly PM with info. Thanks.

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    E Galbraith

    Quote Originally Posted by Happi21  [View Original Post]
    Anyone know if e Galbraith offers anything more than the standard he? YMMV?
    Do you mean D&P, near the entrance to I-75? I never got more than a standard HE there, and, the last time I visited, I didn't even get that. The lady was indignant that I would ask such a thing.

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    Anyone know if e Galbraith offers anything more than the standard he? YMMV?

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    Because I received a text from Assol, I had a dream about visiting there. Met two new ladies, one told me her name was Lucy, didn't get the other's name. Opted for the hhr for 3 so I could evaluate without too much invested. She looked a bit older and shorter than the other. Took me to Jenny's usual room. Massage was mediocre but she was friendly, fun, and playful. I left happy but wasn't able to coax her into anything more. Tipped the usual 4 and was on my way. YMMV. If anyone draws the taller one, let me know how she is. BD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkStallion  [View Original Post]
    Even I got a txt. It was from their old number. I indulged in some more convo. Ladies are cici and lily. And no its not that lily which was there earlier. No jenny either. So if some one tries please let us know. If I toftt then will share.
    What you have to watch out for at that place is neighboring businesses. They're the ones writing down your license number and filing complaints with LE. With that plaza being so small and sort of out there it's easy to spot whose going in and out of there. I'd advise staying away.

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    She is back.

    For those of you that have been at this for awhile Katie is back.

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    Loveland is back

    Stopped by 405 Loveland, new girls, ok massage, amazing teasing, Tipped. 4 and got satisfied. You need to argue and promise tips.

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    Looking for a girl. I met her in Columbus At aamp. I was at the Chinese store and seen her with older guy. Dm I should have talked to her. She loves wearing skirts. She is 22-27 very young looking and long light Brown hair. Trying to see where she working now. Thanks for any info.

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    Back to Assol

    Stopped in last night for some much needed stress relief after learning on here that it had reopened. I did not leave disappointed. Be warned that both ladies working were new and seem very cautious though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Observant  [View Original Post]
    Yuki. My fav is gone. However, I had a good time with Natasha. Funny thing. I have never experienced this before. She was literally wearing a net skirt with slits all the way to the top and of course the panties were clearly in the out. Had to dial her down on pressure couple of times but overall had a good time.

    Sad to hear Yuki is gone. Was definitely my favorite. Beautiful with what looked like bolt ones but never know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastCincy  [View Original Post]
    I'm curious too, that was my go to spot but been staying away with all of the Facebook activity by the housewives. Been going there since the day they opened and am ready to go back if they are open.
    I'm curious also. I'm not in town often but that was my go to also and will be back in Cincy in 2 weeks looking for a place. Was planning on visiting there but didn't know they had closed for a bit?

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    Nicole LMT

    3rd that. Can't even get a text back.

    Quote Originally Posted by SDotCarter23  [View Original Post]
    I'll second that. I've had zero responses from her as well. I've called and text her as well. Wondering if anyone has seen her recently? Last time I saw her, over a year ago now she wasn't a BBW by any means, she was very nice and easy to talk to.


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