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    Anna at One Massage

    TL; DR.

    Can confirm Efurufe's report: FS is available at One Massage. I visited within the last week and got a decent massage as well as extras including CFS. I might repeat. I paid. 4 for 30 minutes and $. 5 gratuity. Didn't ask about BBFS.

    Have been looking for a reliable, good FS place within Seattle city limits. Seems as if the best places are north beyond Shoreline or south beyond SeaTac. Neither of those commutes is appealing. When I saw the address of One Massage--on Stone Way (specifics in the RR ads) --and read that FS was an option, I wanted to give it a try.

    I arrived on a weekday evening last week. No doorbell or awkward waiting outside while somebody comes to the door. Inside there were two women. The older of the two is Anna. She provided my massage. Anna is friendly, smart and very customer-oriented: seems motivated to build repeat clientele. She wore a sexy dress, sort of a lace nighty on top of less revealing clothes. Not quite the whole underwear on the outside style but close to it. I estimate that she's in her 50's. Long black hair, nice smile (when the mask came off), magnificent and smooth soft full breasts, pudgy, wrinkled butt cheeks, some cellulite.

    Entering the room, I noticed that curtains hung in the doorway. However, there was also a door, and she quickly closed it. She sidled up to me, and mimed a handjob, asking, "You want?" I said "Yes!" She asked whether I'd been there before and I lied, yes. She asked when and I said a couple months ago. Anna said, well, I'm going to take care of you so that you come back sooner. I had trouble understanding her English and she seemed to have a little trouble understanding mine. However, her command of English is strong, it's just the accent that threw me.

    She left the room as I stripped and lay face down on the table. She returned shortly and turned on some music, an inoffensive musical knockoff of George Winston. Anna began a thorough, diligent massage with oil. Anna has a firm touch and worked out some of the knots, definitely not a perfunctory, half-assed body rub that ends abruptly with the flip. She worked my back and shoulders well. Had I chosen 60 minutes instead of 30, I think she would have done equally proficient work on my legs and front side. She asked again if I wanted a handjob, and I requested FS.

    Anna requested a tip, $. 7. I countered with $. 4. She asked how much I had. Cringe all you want, but I showed her what was in my wallet. She readily accepted $. 5. Had I brought less, I imagine I could have paid less. Bring with you only what you're willing to spend.

    She left the room to fetch a cover. Upon returning, she peeled off some but not all of her clothes. And she removed her panties. She asked me to lie on my back and I propped up my big head to watch her use her mouth to affix a condom to my little head. I was only partly erect but the condom stayed on as she began oral on me. Anna stood at the side of the table administering French. My hands roamed all over her body, including between her legs. I got off the table and motioned for her to lie down on her back. I climbed on and began in missionary. Penetration was relatively easy, though she gasped when I fully entered her. I built up a rhythm while I massaged her breasts and licked her responsive nipples. From below, she tried to meet my thrusts. And she seemed genuine. That is, she's not a provider who says, "Oh my God, baby! You so big! How you get so big? Because let's face it, some of us are average.

    After missionary, we moved to doggy at my request. She readily and quickly obliged, and we spent some time in that position. Very, very sexy. She pushed her ass up against me and met my thrusts. When she flexed those va jay jay muscles, it felt good and tight. Unflexed, she didn't feel as tight.

    However, she didn't smell so fresh down there, not as bad as others have described with some providers but it wasn't nothing either. And the scent was sufficient to quell my interest in intercourse with her. I told her it wasn't going to happen for me, and I wanted to finish with a HJ. She gave me a friendly smile and quickly got off the table, instructing me to lie down, and she began what turned out to be an amazing HE. Her manual skills are top notch. When I climaxed, it was an eruption. I squirted everywhere. I don't know how she got that kind of volume out of me. Anna looked at the amount and said matter-of-factly, "You cum a lot. ".

    Would I return? Maybe. The massage was good, the handjob was great, but the intercourse wasn't my favorite.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harryyy  [View Original Post]
    Reviewed One Massage a couple months ago. Unless they changed ownership I wouldn't recommend. I doubt it's a FS shop but would be happy to be wrong if someone has had a good time there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Efurufe  [View Original Post]
    That's the address for One Massage, but a new phone number. One massage is a FS place, so it might be worth a shot.

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    Visiting Kona soon

    Going for a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii. Anyone have any suggestions for entertainment there? Don't seem to find many options online. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaRubMonger  [View Original Post]
    Everything. Will be returning for sure.
    Sent you a PM.

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    Jun at 10 E

    Quote Originally Posted by AussieFury  [View Original Post]
    I see two reports of Jun at 10 E on River Rd. That name is new to me. Any RM prem guys who can tell us what RM says about her?
    Mid to late 40's with B tits. Offers BBFS and BBBJ for $200 total. Does not care for BBC due to size.

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    Jun at 10 E?

    I see two reports of Jun at 10 E on River Rd. That name is new to me. Any RM prem guys who can tell us what RM says about her?

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    I Spa, Report

    I went, I saw, I had an excellent massage. And that's it. My clinician if you will have a very relaxing table shower that was very nice and very professional. The massage rooms are well appointed and comfortable. The staff appears to be Chinese and while clear that English was not her native language there were np barriers in communication. Massage was on point and she is a strong one being about 120 pounds. Or half my size. Now. I did not make any advances and just let her do her thing. Overall, this is 100% legit but. Here is why I think the YMMV may apply.

    Unlike all other 100% legit I've been to there was much more body contact in regards to hers on mine. The fact that more sensitive areas of her body were placed not just near my face or head, or say my hands as they lay on the table makes me say hmm. They do offer 4 hand and she asked if I've had. I say no and she said, her words, not mine " I think you like a little better". Hmm. Also there was a roll of paper towels discreetly on the bottom of a little table thing. Hmm.

    Really, it may be wishful thinking and she was an excellent masseuse and likely highly skilled in giving some illusion of possibilities. I think likely after a repeat visit and mutual trust is established it may be a diy thing or maybe they go hands on. If so I think that's likely as far as it goes. And hey. That's fine and really IMO would be kind of awesome.

    I'll go back for sure. TS and thorough 1 hour massage set me back with tax 115 and a 20 tip which was received with a genuine thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AuroraGuy69  [View Original Post]
    Not me, but this does not look like the Alyssa talked about here. That parlor is 4 years old. That would predate Alyssa's original appearance in Everett. It is also rated as non-erotic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnaryi  [View Original Post]
    Whats on the Menu?
    Everything. Will be returning for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuroraGuy69  [View Original Post]
    Recent reviews say legitimate only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaRubMonger  [View Original Post]
    Yes. Had a very nice experience with Michelle.
    Whats on the Menu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talboy2131  [View Original Post]
    Anyone been to Lake serene lately? Drove by the other day and it looked busier than usual. Wondering if that could be a good sign, last time I was there I wasn't to impressed but would like to try again. Thanks.
    Yes. Had a very nice experience with Michelle.

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    Alyssa massage shoreline

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    Alyssa massage shoreline

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    Lake serene

    Anyone been to Lake serene lately? Drove by the other day and it looked busier than usual. Wondering if that could be a good sign, last time I was there I wasn't to impressed but would like to try again. Thanks.

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    Chinatown Favorites

    What are you Chinatown favorites?

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